Murasaki Baby Out Today Exclusively on PS Vita

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Murasaki Baby Out Today Exclusively on PS Vita

Hey everybody, it’s Massimo Guarini here from Ovosonico! To celebrate the launch of Murasaki Baby today, I’m bringing you another developer diary. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Murasaki Baby, which is out now exclusively for PS Vita for $14.99. PS Plus members can pick it up for 20% off / $11.99 during the first week only!

During development, our main focus has been on the interaction with Baby, wanted to make her feel alive to the player so that they could form an emotional bond with her and want to protect her from harm. The simple act of leading her by the hand is one of the areas we spent most development time on, with our focus on making it as believable and lifelike as possible.

We all are passionate about bringing craftsmanship to making games and not just relying on technology. The game has a strong hand drawn style, but this isn’t just an effect, almost everything in the game was hand drawn on paper and then scanned. Our amazing artist, Paride Bertolin spends more time drawing with a pen on paper than on a computer, and we think this is one thing that makes the game so visually unique.

Check out the video to hear about how I got the idea for the game, and more about the development of the uniquely styled Murasaki Baby.

We truly hope you enjoy this little adventure as much as we had fun creating it!

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  • Interesting, looks pretty nice, I’ll try to grab it this week with plus :) thank you for making this great game for vita :)

  • Just waiting on reviews.. but it looks gorgeous.

  • thank you so much ovosonico !!!

  • Kotaku posted an excellent review. Can’t wait to grab this when I get home!

  • Grazie, Ovosonico. Will definitely get when the store updates today.

  • I still believe Sony should put more focus on retail games for the Vita than indies but Murasaki Baby genuinely looks like a good game. A game created with the Vita in mind, utilizing its unique features in interesting ways, I can respect that.
    This looks like a quality game. If all indie games are like this, I’m all for it.

  • Briano Casotto, what a character.

  • I have been looking forward to this and will buy today. Thanks for the Plus discount.

  • Just checked the store…What happened to the PS Plus discount?

  • *Refresh* *Refresh* *Refresh* No PS Plus discount is showing up!!!

  • Yeah, at least on the desktop store the PS+ discount is nowhere to be found.

  • oh…never mind…discount shows up when it’s in your basket! *downloading*

  • Murasaki looks really great…thanks for bringing it exclusively for Vita.This is the type of game we need.

  • I am very excited for this game. How long is the game? I am asking because it is $15. I buy tons of digital games, but for some reason I thought that this would be a retail game. Sorry for the rant, I am still excited for it.

  • @2 why do you need other peoples opinions in order to like a game? There are games that I like that got terrible reviews ie Street Fighter x Tekken it is a great fighting game but got terrible reviews but still a great game

  • just got it :)

  • Well I will get this before the discount is over such a amazing game for the PS Vita the handheld has come along way since when it first came out.

  • @#17 I wish I felt the same as you but I enjoyed my Vita more in the beginning than I have the last six months. Freedom Wars and Tales of Hearts R are the only thing I’m looking forward to right now.

  • Wow!! thanks for the plus discount! I was debating it and that just pushed me into getting it day 1. I have a 2 year old daughter myself so I really connected with the character and found my heart breaking several times as the poor thing got scared or bullied but It felt great to protect her on that journey through her nightmare. My only wish is that it was longer, but I have wasted a lot more money on huge games that didn’t keep my attention for more that an hour so I feel it was money well spent. any chance of DLC with new nightmare lvl’s in the future?

  • really like the art direction here. i will be grabbing this.

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