Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.12 Released; New Cars, Tracks, Game Modes

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Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.12 Released; New Cars, Tracks, Game Modes

Hello GT Fans,

We’re happy to announce that Update 1.12 is now available to download for GT6. This update brings a host of new features and content. Here is just a taste of what’s now available:

Toyota FT1 Vision Gran Turismo

The “TOYOTA FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo” has been released on “Gran Turismo 6”, available exclusively on PS3. The design concept FT-1 is honed to perfection in this rendition to enhance its features and designs required for pure racing competition. The designers’ original intention in designing the FT-1 was to unabashedly appeal to the die-hard car enthusiasts. This car can be earned by completing just one lap (regardless of lap time) in the new limited time FT-1 Seasonal Event.

Gran Turismo 6: FT-1

Online Quick Match

Quick Match is a simple online racing mode that lets you take part in events with pre-determined regulations. When each individual event is entered, player matching takes place automatically, followed by the race itself. By selecting “Quick Match” from the My Home screen you can now quickly and easily join a race with players around the world.

Gran Turismo 6: Quick MatchGran Turismo 6: Quick Match 2

Sierra Time Rally at Circuito de la Sierra

In our first original long course “Circuito de la Sierra” modeled after the Ronda region of Spain, players will attempt to complete a lap around the course within the allotted time. The time remaining can be extended by passing through checkpoints in the 12 different sectors of the course. During your drive you can raise your score and combo level by successfully overtaking vehicles and passing through speed traps along the way. Be careful, any impact to the barriers or other cars will cause your combo to be lost.

In addition to the new game mode, the Circuito de la Sierra track can be played in both offline single player and online race modes.

Gran Turismo 6: Sierra

Nissan GT-R NISMO edition

The GT-R NISMO is the ultimate articulation of the R35 GT-R. First released in 2007, Nissan engineers have been meticulously honing the GT-R’s performance with each version of the car that has followed. This latest version has set the fastest volume production car record at the famous Nordschleife (North Course) on Germany’s Nurburgring with a time of 7:08.679 with its retuned suspension, updated turbochargers and increased downforce. The new GT-R NISMO edition will be awarded as a free gift to everyone who participated in this year’s GT Academy online event.

Gran Turismo 6: Nismo

For more info, check out and the official GT Facebook page.

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  • Is there gong to be a GT6 for PS4 or a GT7?

  • Looking forward to buying DriveClub and Project Car’s come October 7th and November 18th. Can’t wait to play these two beautiful masterpieces on my PlayStation 4.

    Gran Turismo you got allot of catching up to do with weather dynamics and night and day cycle’s. Racing games is about to hit a land mark in setting the bar high. You best be making Gran Turismo 7 with all these system’s in the game or you’re in for a bag full of none fluffy stuff. ;)

    Keep up the good work.

    Oh and one major thing you need in GT7 on day one on PS4 is photo mode. Kid’s want and need it ;)

  • Since GT7 is probably years away, I hope you guys will bring GT6 to PS4. With Cross-Save of course!

    Other PS4 Remaster recommendations:
    1. Uncharted 1-3 Collection (PS3’s biggest franchise)
    2. God of War 3 and Ascension (GOW3 is arguably the best action game of the PS3 era and Ascension’s multiplayer was underappreciated)
    3. Puppeteer (Should have been a PS4 launch title, deserves a bigger ‘Next-Gen’ Audience.

    4. Gran Turismo 6 (Again :D)

  • Nice! That rally looks super fun

  • Can you guys PLEASE add an option to upload replays to youtube or an external storage? , I would like to watch and share my GT6 replays to friends , instead of turning on my PS3 to watch them .

  • 10 months too late, sorry. You’d better not screw me like this with GT7, I’m already considering to wait and see before buying, and probably buying it at a discounted price after being totally disappointed by GT6.

  • Yup. GT6 is the most disappointed I’ve been with a Gran Turismo game.
    It was pretty much a clone of GT5,and the only reason I play it over 5 is because you crippled the online seasons on 5… such greed.

    GT6 should’ve come out 2 years after 5 (2012 not 2013). Bringing out a subpar game to compete with next gen consoles was an awful idea, and you’ve put many off buying GT again in the future.

    I’m far more excited about DriveClub than anything GT7 might be.

    If you want to save the franchise do what GT5 should’ve done. Make GT7 Prologue with next gen graphics and 12-24 newly rendered cars and 10 maps or so, and have all the licenses. Charge whatever you want. Maybe add 2-5 extra cars tracks as DLC, but leave the big releases for GT7.

  • (contd..)
    Many of us want a better looking GT for next gen, and will be happy getting gold on all the licenses and playing splitscreen/ arcade/online season races while GT7 is completed for another couple years.

    Don’t sell GT7 based on the number of cars, we’re not putting up with any more low res cars in high res games. Aim for 100-500 get the sounds right, and the visuals right, add damage. If you do more after release you can do game updates and DLC releases for car packs. I’d rather buy 25-50 hi res cars 6 months after release than just had them low res on release.

    The tracks and lighting are already gorgeous in GT5, just redo the trees and if you must, get rid of the crowds, no more obviously low res textures allowed.

    I like the in-car camera dashboard view, but honestly, would rather you got rid of it, if it saved you time doing textures than just having blank black textures for some cars. Just have a couple of out of car views and a basic in-car view with no car textures (maybe just mirrors).

    I’d pay $60 for a next gen GT7 Prologue in a year’s time if it meant a full GT7 could come out in 3 years with no low res textures from yesteryear.

  • @2 Guess youve never played a 24 hour race with variable weather turned on. Next up if you dont like the ported amazing catalogue of cars, dont use them. Why people complain about polyphony is beyond me. One of the few developers who actually adds and supports their games for free. Sheesh

  • Thanks so much for the info on the update! Really cool features in online mode! Downloading~

  • Loving the new track and the Nismo, thanks for the updates I hope this model (no paid DLC) continues in GT7.

  • Wow, looks great Eric! Can’t wait to try it out!

    Disappointed that B-Spec likely isn’t coming, though.

  • @ #6 & #7. I don’t understand the disappointment about GT 6. It’s the best looking racing game by a landslide on that generation console, and even compared to the current gen consoles it still looks very respectable. Graphics don’t mean anything if the game doesn’t play well and GT6 is a big improvement over gt5 in terms of handling and car physics. The PS4 game that was mentioned has already be confirmed to be a more arcade type race game than a simulation racer. In one paragraph a person cited Polyphony of bring greedy to disabling the servers on a game that had been on the market for 4 years when they finally went off line, then in the next paragraph they say GT6 should have come out sooner, which would have meant less time for GT5 to be playable online, and less developement for GT6 to be the improvement it is. And both games received so much support long after they were released, which I ad we haven’t had to pay a dime for. The Vision GT project, the GPS feature, all the new tracks that have been added, the GT Academy trials, heck even the moon missions, and there is so much stuff plus even more with this latest update, and they still aren’t done with GT6, I just don’t get it.

  • As for the update I can’t wait to take that Vision FT 1 for a spin the original has been one of my favorite cars in the game. And I’m glad there is now a quick match option.

  • This game was such a let down for me. Yeah, the graphics and driving mechanics were a bit better, but they took out a lot of stuff from GT5 and it just felt rushed. Not to mention, the microtransactions made the cars way too expensive. I know you can just grind, but it takes FOREVER an I’m not about to spend real money on fake money, so I quit. I really hope they fix this in GT7. If not, then I’m probably done with the series.

  • What about a way to avoid download those Vision videos? Update 1.11 was 2GB and took me hours to download. That day I turned on my PS3 just to to play GT6, but I was forced to give up since the update took forever to finish.

  • Sold this game already, updates were taking too long. Fan since GT1, but it time to dump this series because they’ve fallen behind. It was nice knowing you Polyphony Digital.


  • Very disappointed with new wheel settings, I have a Logitech G25 and it has been brilliant to use on this game….. Until this new update spoiled it!!!…….. I have tried various different settings to try and get the old feel back but even with both new settings on 10 it still feels to light and has no feel….. All in all it has took the “SIMULATION” out of the game.

  • What ever happened to Gran Turmiso? Did they ever fix the atrocious sound engine so the cars actually sound realistic and good?

    Where is GT7 for PS4??? I was hoping for this by Winter 2015. Guessing it’s 2016+ by now :(

  • Well I haven’t bought gta6 but this is great to see that there is so much support, moving forward there is alot of competition in the racing genre. I am sure that there next gen racing game will be on par with the racing games coming out this year.

  • Well I haven’t bought gta6 but this is great to see that there is so much support, moving forward there is alot of competition in the racing genre.

  • Another awesome update from Gran Turismo, but seriously, another GT-R?! How about getting more car companies like Koenigsegg, Ariel, SSC, etc. I love Gran Turismo but I really want to see some more diversity in the cars with the updates.

  • Is anyone else getting an error while the update preparation occurs? I can’t even download the update due to this.

  • GT7 is currently in development . Google is your friend, people .

  • Quick match has many bugs! Been trying for 30 mins. to get into race…keep getting logged out!

  • I can’t play after update???anyone know it???

  • I literally can’t even play the game due to an error. And dang polyphony digital have no good ways to contact them on support. what the hell!?

  • I love GT… I loved GT5 (despite the lack of damage, the abundance of repetitive cars and STANDARD cars, the EXCESSIVE grinding needed to upgrade so many cars…the long loading times between menus, no quick “upgrade car fully” option??) ..but I skipped GT6 because it was just a small evolution of the game instead of fixing the nagging things that have really become a problem for GT. GT7 obviously really needs an updated damage system, and really needs all cars to be premium. As someone else said, I think most fans would rather have 300 amazing cars in premium rather than 1000 cars and 200 in premium. Focus on the best cars. Yes, it’s fun to drive all kinds of cars, but don’t forget the sexy exotic cars / brands…. would love to see WAY more of those as #24 said too. And maybe someday you guys will get the real Porsche license :(

  • (continued)

    Porsche has TOO many legendary cars to keep it out of GT for this long. Does EA really have that tight of a grip on the brand? Because I know I’ve seen a FEW games NOT made by EA that have Porsches in them.. but it seems most companies now (Evolution with Driveclub, and Project Cars) are just sticking with RUF..which limits the “porsches” you can put in your game. Would love to see the real thing..they’re an amazing company like Ferrari or Lambo… such a deep history and the most wins in automotive history… Porsche’s tagline says it all – “There is NO substitute” !! :) A game like GT could really go into the depths of all the great Porsche automobiles.. similar to how the “Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed” did SO well on the PS1.

  • Love this car! I have the black one and it looks sick with the red outline. Once tuned it is crazy fast

  • I tried updating to 1.12, but when it starts installing, it says it is going to take something like 450 minutes and after e while it stops and says “an error occurred during installation”. Then it starts all-over installing again. There is no way to avoid the installing and play the game. I tried to install it over 50 times and I always get the same message! I also tried twice erasing game data and installing all the available updates from the start. It still not works, exactly the same thing is happening. Please help me, I am so so so so frustrated. I cannot play, no matter how much I try. I ‘ve even bought a new wheel, which I didn’t have the chance to use, not even once. PLEASE HELP!

  • Marizax1983, did you ever get an answer to your problem updating GT6? I am having the same problem. Did you ever get around the issue? FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!

  • Full fledged vinyl editor and better car customization (more optional parts, sizes, painting etc) is necessary for GT7. A free-roam area (docks, city, parking garage, train yard, etc…) would be beneficial too!

    Make it happen!

  • The “quick match” online racing lobby for gt6 is no good, just absolute rubbish !. You cannot use your own cars and the cars which are provided cannot be adjusted. The best tyres available are hard racing tyres which are also rubbish. How are you expected to race with those ?. And why aren’t soft racing tyres available ?. Some of the most useful driving options cannot be accessed for no reason that i can’t grasp. All these short falls make the playability pityful. This lobby is simply no fun at all. It turns the game into a task as if a player is actually having to work real hard just to stay on the track. Hard racing tyres provide no grip around corners and the only option to change that is to boost the traction control option but then acceleration is compromised making the entire experience of driving seem wallowy and clumsy. This lobby is, or seems to be, designed for those that enjoy drifting in cars that don’t really go very fast at all. There is no excitment, just a constant struggle which isn’t entertaining but plain annoying !. What i want is dynamic racing in cars that handle well. And the quick match lobby doesn’t provide this at all. I am very disappointed !.

  • fireseals I haven’t found any solution yet! It ‘s getting really really annoying! I will try erasing the saved data as well and see what happens…

  • Thank you, Polyphony! I truly LOVE the new feature you introduced that disables certain sounds completely at random. Gives a nice twist to the online races, like a random handicap for fast drivers. Great! Especially when the dials suddenly disappear in bumper mode too, because without sound and revs/speed indication finding the right gear becomes a real challenge! And it must be intentional, right? It’s been a week since the update, and you haven’t even posted a message yet that acknowledges it as a bug, so we can enjoy this feature for a long time, right?

    I also love the fact that camber is still not working properly. Camber is difficult to set up anyway, so I’m glad I can just leave all my cars at 0.0 and start racing.

    Keep up the good work! And you can be sure of me buying GT7 as soon as it’s available.


  • @marizax1983 @fireseals
    Try “Reconstruct the database” option (#4 in Recovery Menu) before downloading the updates.

  • Count me in!

  • marizax1983 and fireseals, having the same problem, any luck?

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