Blood, Blades ‘n Bullets: Bringing Shadow Warrior to PS4

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Blood, Blades ‘n Bullets: Bringing Shadow Warrior to PS4

Shadow Warrior is a FPS shooter/slasher that’s going to hit PS4 via the PlayStation Store and retail shelves this fall.

Blood, Blades ‘n Bullets: Bringing Shadow Warrior to PS4

The original Shadow Warrior game was released on May 13, 1997 as a semi-successor to the legendary Duke Nukem 3D game with over-the-top gore and humor. While developing the new Shadow Warrior – the hardest thing was to keep the old-school feel but also avoid the gameplay from feeling archaic. We wanted the game to be witty, fast-paced and even gorier than the original, while tickling this feel for ‘nostalgia’ with fans of the original game.

In the early stages of development we asked ourselves important questions:

  • What was fun about the game?
  • What was unique about the game?
  • What made people remember the game?

These were the three main points that we focused on while developing our Shadow Warrior. The fun part was the tongue-in-cheek humor, the complexity of the level design, loads of Easter eggs and secrets. The unique thing was the katana; if you ran out of bullets or just loved to fight with the sword you could chop enemies to pieces using your ancient blade. Next thing is that all the people remembered the game because of Lo-Wang and his one-liners. These were the most important things that we decided to include in our re-imagined version.

Shadow Warrior on PS4

Shadow Warrior on PS4Shadow Warrior on PS4

We also made some changes to make our game a little deeper – we have added special powers, skills and weapon customization. The story is also more complex – you’ll traverse four different settings divided into a total of 17 chapters. You will travel from the gardens of Kyoto, through an industrial port during a storm, up to a high-tech facility belonging to the evil Zilla corporation. Oh, you will also venture to the Shadow Realm where you will fight huge bosses involved in ancient gods’ drama.

The highlight of the game is the sword-fighting. Especially for PlayStation 4 where we have added touchpad support for some very intuitive control. Not only will you able to chop up the enemies to pieces more easily, you can also use the touchpad to perform combos and special moves – swipe your finger in one of the four directions and press the trigger to launch a devastating attack or a crippling spell.

Shadow Warrior on PS4

The game runs on our RoadHog engine in 1080p and at 60 fps. Some of you might have already had the chance to see the game in action at one of the many gaming exhibitions it was showed at, and we can’t wait for you to play the full game this fall. We love playing our reimagined Shadow Warrior on PlayStation 4 — we’re really excited to release it to the PlayStation community soon!

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  • Day 1 for me! Looks like a blast.

  • That looks nuts, I like it. Shadow Warrior is more of an old school shooter similar to Hard Reset or the Painkiller games, right?

  • Will there be a demo?

  • ^YEAH pls bring us a demo! I’m really interested!

  • PlayStation Move support?

  • Who wants some Wang?

  • I loved this game in 1997. I can’t wait for it to come to PS4. Any chance of a PS Vita release? Also, any word on Duke Nukem 3D release for Vita?

  • Ok, whoever had the idea to use the Transformers Animated Movie theme for this: it was incredibly distracting and out of place. I love the song, and it just doesn’t work. Had to turn off the audio to focus on the visuals.

  • I would be interested in this game if I had a demo to test the feel of gameplay. I am ‘one of those people’ who likes crude humor. And at the person above me I thought the music went well, you got the power, you got the touch! lmao.

  • Love it on PC, for sure going to love it on the PS4

  • This look horrible. I think I should check out reviews for the PC version.

  • The problem with the touch pad is i have to take my fingers off of other buttons in order to use it. Otherwise, if thete is a demo to try, im interested.

  • Only forty bucks, deal!

  • This looks interesting. I’ll try it out.

  • Looks really fun, but I’ll be waiting for a sale. I thought this was a $15-$20 downloadable title, but I see that it’s $40 on Steam. Too steep for me. Hopefully there will be a good demo though to help some people off of the fence.

  • Other than the use of the touchpad, are there any other differences from the already excellent PC version of the game? I’m not going to bother buying it again on PS4 if there isn’t anything more to it than simple touchpad controls. New levels? New graphics? Additionnal content of any kind?

  • Any chance it will include the original Shadow Warrior? That would be a pretty neat easter egg, and fairly straight-forward given all the open source ports of Build engine games.

    the main thing I remember about the original was that environmental “damage” (throwing stars stuck in walls, etc) was persistent. can you talk about that aspect at all?

    using the DS4’s touchpad for sword play is potentially genius, depending on how it feels/integrates in actual gameplay. if anyone at Ubisoft is paying attention, they should do the same thing with Red Steel. of course, even cooler would have been Move controller support.

    does the same support stereoscopic 3D on 3DTVs?

  • Oooh I didn’t realize this was getting a physical release. So down!

  • Awesome! I loved this game in ’97, when it came after the whole “Duke Nukem 3D” craze. This reboot was on my to-play list when it came out last year on PC. But now I just might have to finally get it when it comes to PS4.

  • I doubt there will be a Demo, because of when this game was released, there are plenty of Gameplay videos around youtube. But, MOVE compatibility would be frigin’ awesome!

  • I already love this game, but i’m definitely interested in playing it some more on PS4.

  • Never heard of this game I hope this will be better than Duke Nukem which was fun but had some serious flaws. But this is my kind of game which I will enjoy to play when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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