Anomaly 2 Launches on PS4 Tuesday

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Anomaly 2 Launches on PS4 Tuesday

Hello Gamers! It’s Pawel Miechowski from 11 bit studios here. It took a bit longer than expected, but Anomaly 2 is ready to land on the next-gen beauty PlayStation 4! First things first: you’ll be able to get your hands on it on September 16th for $14.99 on PlayStation Store.

Anomaly 2 on PS4

So, let’s recap. Anomaly 2 is the opposite of tower defense — it’s been actually called tower offense! Tower offense in Anomaly 2 means it’s a mixture of action and strategy. You control not the towers (aliens invading Earth) but the attackers: human forces who are trying to save the planet.

Anomaly 2’s story continues right after the 2018 invasion of Earth that took place in Anomaly Warzone Earth. Our planet is controlled by the aliens and humankind is almost extinct. Those who managed to survive are grouped in convoys. Your convoy is called Yukon, and you are the Commander, dropped right into the battlefield to support troops in your convoy through four special abilities which you’ll deploy during missions.

Anomaly 2 on PS4Anomaly 2 on PS4

The first ability available to you is Repair, which is basically an Area of Effect healing skill. Next we have Decoy – an ability that baits aliens’ towers to attack the decoy, keeping your troops out of the enemy’s crosshairs. The third skill in your arsenal is EMP, which briefly stuns towers. Last but not least is AIM, a skill that doubles the damage of your troops; it’s used to destroy high priority targets.

Every mission is presented from a top-down view. There are five upgradeable unit classes, each with two morphing modes which opens a lot of tactical opportunities to players. For example, Rocket Hammer, which has the highest damage of all units in the convoy and has a 360 degrees view, can be morphed into Sledge Hammer which has a higher range, but cannot attack units on its sides as it has a 30 degree forward firing arc.

Anomaly 2 on PS4

Morphing units is not the only cool addition! We’ve also created a multiplayer mode where opponents choose sides, either aliens or humans, and square off to see who’s the best on the block. Multiplayer is a mix of regular tower defense gameplay (where one of the players controls towers and upgrades them) and the tower offense akin to the single player missions. Multiplayer offers a tech-tree to develop unique strategies. And keep in mind that in MP, the pace is faster than in single-player! I guess this is the very first strategy game where tower offense meets tower defense.

In total there are 14 missions (and a prelude) in the single-player campaign. In the MP mode, there are various maps offering either quick or longer battles, from small maps to big ones with various winning condintions, but I guess total annihilation of the enemy is the coolest! On the graphical side we have a perfectly rendered world and an improved visual engine. Music once again has been created by Piotr Musial, who also made the soundtrack for Anomaly Warzone Earth. We have shared all of our OSTs with the public — they can be downloaded here.

Anomaly 2 on PS4Anomaly 2 on PS4

Join us on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have any questions please post them in the comment section – I’m here to answer all of them, unless you want me to explain Einstein’s equations!

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4 Author Replies

  • Loved the first one. I’m sure this one is going to be even better.

  • I usually play tower games on my phone. But I have a few on my PC and a similar “tower offense” game I really like on Steam. So I will be purchasing this tomorrow and giving it a go. Looks very unique and visual pleasing. Now questions.

    1) Does multi-player have a leaderboard or some sort of rank system? Its fun to just duke it out, but more motivating and appealing if their is a recorded stat/goal/motivation for longevity of play.

    2) Does this have co-op/split screen. There are not enough co-op games on NextGen consoles and would love to find more games I can play with the girlfriend and or guests.

    3) If the game sells well do you plan on doing any DLC’s or map updates for multiplayer.

    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      Let’s go:
      1) Leaderboard is in single player campaign. In MP there are ranks but not listed in leaderboards though.

      2) there is no co-op/split screen mode. The multiplayer mode is around various PvP modes.

      3) wow, that escalated quickly ;) Seriously – yes, that would be great to make updates and expand the game.

  • I’m interested!

  • This would be really cool with some combo touch/physical controls on the Vita ;)

  • The first game was really cool and totally up my alley. I’ll look into getting the second instalment for sure :D

  • Dat platinum, tho?

  • Any chance of this one coming to Vita, I’ll take the first even as it’s one of the games I miss now that I don’t have my PS3. Also any word on Plus discount?

    • No plans for Vita currently, but certainly we’d love to do that in the future, if possible!

      Regarding Plus discount – that is being run to by the devs. I guess you’d need to ask guys from Sony.

  • I love the Indie offerings on the PS4 and other systems. However when I can get the same game for iOs or Android at 1/3 the price ($4.99), I cannot find the value in paying that difference. If history is repeated, we will see this game (along with others) discounted down the line to that price in a Sale Event. I like the look and it looks like a game I will enjoy but I can wait until the price is more reasonable. Hope it does great.

  • Thank you guys for pushing to have a platinum. I was a big fan of the first game and was getting this either way, but it really adds to the value. Also, instead of porting this to the Vita, I’d like to see the other titles that haven’t hit consoles like Anomaly Korea and the one where you play as the towers. I don’t think it would be that difficult to port an iPhone game to the Vita! Come on, make it happen!

  • @big_Dog_Golfer Do you not know that Developers see console industry as easy gains angry birds is still overpriced. We are expected to pay premium prices for ports of iOS games even if they are technically not new.


  • This seems like it would be a better fit on the vita.

    Are there multiplayer trophies? Hopefully no. Thanks!

  • ill pass on the ps4 but would pay $20 for it on vita. please make it on vita td games are fun on the go.

  • Not sure about this but will check it out if there is a demo hopefully.

  • I cant get any trophies on it.@Paweł Miechowski

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