This Week in PlayStation: A Date With Destiny

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This Week in PlayStation: A Date With Destiny

Okay, gonna keep this short. It’s the weekend and I want to get in as much Destiny time as possible.

Speaking of Destiny, I took some photos of that sexy new Glacier White PS4 bundle — you like?

A few more highlights! Driveclub is getting some free DLC post-launch, a new Silver Wired Stereo Headset got announced (it’s comfy!), GTA V hits PS4 this November, and PSone classic Mega Man X5 is out now.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Destiny Destiny Destiny (and FF14)
  • I’m watching:IGN’s top 25 PS4 games — solid list!
  • I’m listening to: Gold Panda

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PlayStation Blogcast 134

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  • I’m playing: TLOU:R
    I’m watching: Game Of Thrones
    I’m listening to: Linkin Park

  • I’m playing: Destiny
    I’m watching: The Knick
    I’m listening to: The Kooks (Listen)

  • I’m playing: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD
    I will be watching: Donnie Darko
    I’m listening to:Metal Gear Solid soundtrack

  • I’m playing: Destiny, Rogue Legacy, Madden 15
    I’m watching: Fargo, captain America 2
    I’m listening to: U2’s new album,, Gaslight Anthem, Drive-By Truckers, Ryan Adams

  • I’m playing: Destiny (not a big surprise)
    I’m watching: Doctor Who, Shingeki no Kyojin
    I’m listening: Sekai No Owari, Suck a Stew Dry

  • I’m playing: Assassins Creed IV
    I’m watching: One Piece
    I’m listening to: Gorillaz

  • I’m playing Destiny/Velocity 2x
    I’m watching Breaking Bad for the first time.
    I’m listening to Taylor Swift.(Don’t judge me)

  • Hoping for a Planetside 2 release date.

  • “+ Justin Massongill on September 13th, 2014 at 5:05 pm said:
    I reaaaaally need to get on the Game of Thrones train. I’ve only seen the first two episodes. :(”

    Insert any smh gif here

  • I’m Playing: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
    I’m Watching: The Simpsons
    I’m Listening To: The Beatles

  • I’m playing: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PC); Don’t Starve (Vita)
    I’m watching: Defiance and Falling Skies on DVR

  • Im Playing: Transistor, Velocity 2X.

    Im Watching: Whitechapel Season 3, Digimon Season 2 (odd combo I know)

    Im Listening to: The Saturday Night Safety Dance on SiriusXm

  • I’m playing: Destiny (lvl 17 Warlock)
    I’m watching: Curb your enthusiasm and Seinfeld ( never gets old)
    I’m listening to: Frank Sinatra and 90s hip hop

  • I’m playing: Tales of Xillia 2

    I’m watching: Doctor Who

    I’m listening to Goddess by Banks

  • I’m playing FFXIV ARR & Bayonetta
    I’m watching Pani Poni Dash
    I’m listening to Hearts of Space

  • Playing: Destiny
    Watching: Guides for Destiny
    Reading: Trophy guide for Destiny

    :p Warlock, level 24, just maxed out my Voidwalker. Just grinding for legendary gear or currency to buy exotic or legendary gear.

  • playing:pure pool
    watching:rush,crunchyroll,the awesomes on hulu etc etc
    reading: :x

  • 1.Playing Destiny
    2. Listening to Anjunadeep Vol 6
    3. Watching The Drop (film)

  • Playing: NBA 2K14
    Watching: Doctor Who Season 8
    Listening: French Montana

  • *I’m playing Battlefield 4, and Watch Dogs.
    *I’m watching Destiny videos on Youtube.
    *No time to read, gotta keep playing.

  • Man, all those tens of milions sent to Activision for promo stuff for a new IP that ended up in the 70’s on Metacritic? Welcome to the new Sony first party development team.

  • – I’m playing Destiny
    – Watching Breaking Bad
    – Reading Game of Thrones

  • I’m playing: Fifa 14
    I’m watching: people play destiny
    I’m listening to: Daft punk

  • I am playing Destiny & Madden 15
    I am watching The League & pyscho-pass
    I am listening to. Fantasy football podcast and ps blog cast

  • I’m playing: Destiny
    I’m watching: Anime ( Golden Time )
    I’m listening to: Babymetal !

  • I’m playing: Destiny, Destiny, and more Destiny.
    I’m watching: Just reading tons of math books, that’s all I have time for.
    I’m listening to: Coeur De Pirate (Child of Light Album) & Eminem

  • I’m playing: Destiny
    I’m watching: TUF 20
    I’m listening to: Gemini Syndrome

  • I’m playing: Persona 4 Arena. Gotta practice up for P4AU coming 9/30! WOOT!
    I’m watching: Sekirei, Naruto Shippuden, Guren Lagaan
    I’m listening to: YouTube search “Monday Mitten Masher” while playing any fighting game online. Lol.

  • Playing: velocity 2x vita, project diva f vita
    Watching: yuu yuu hakusho, hunter x hunter 2011 and sailor moon crystal
    Listening to: just my random anime, games, jpop/jrock, opera and epic music playlist :)

  • I’m playing: League of Legends (Waiting for the big JRPGs.. and The Evil Within)
    I’m watching: Aldnoah.Zero & Sword Art Online II
    I’m listening to: Me and My Broken Heart – Rixton

  • Destiny

  • I have a question, if you pre-order Call of Duty Advance Warfare, you get new weapons in Destiny?

  • I’m playing: Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV
    I’m watching: A Million Ways to Die in the West
    I’m listening to: All That Remains

  • I’m playing: Destiny (working on getting Thorn)
    I’m watching: Destiny (watching myself fail to get legendary armor to increase my light #foreverlvl22)
    I’m listening to: Destiny (this soundtrack is awesome)

  • I’m playing: Diablo III: UEE (solo, no ps plus or PS4 owners on my friends list yet)
    I’m watching: a bunch of stuff, including Sons of Anarchy’s final season
    I’m listening to: Mandatory Fun by Weird Al

  • Playing: Various things, incl Mirror’s Edge (from the recent $5 sale, yay!)
    Watching: Scientific Railgun / Magical Index
    Listening: Car: Brian Culbertson, Desk: Kotoko

  • Playing:the last of us remastered ,imfamous second son/first light
    Watching:Dallas,bitten,orphan black,captan America the winter solder
    Listening: overdose by Exo-M ,mamacita,shirt,by super junior,back seat by JyJ,eternity, Hyde,voodoo doll rock your body,by vixx, Ringa linga by taeyang solo day by b1a4
    Back by infinite xoxo album by Exo everybody by shinee

  • I’m playing : with myself
    I’m watching : Me do it
    I’m listening to : the sounds I make
    Oh and there’s also destiny

  • I’m playing: Destiny
    I’m watching: Dexter
    I’m listening to: The Head and the Heart

  • I’m playing: Destiny & Infamous First Light

    I’m watching: Ray Donovan (season 2)

    I’m listening to: UGK- Ridin’ Dirty

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