Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Art Show Details

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Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Art Show Details

September marks thirty years of making awesome games at Naughty Dog. From our start as a team of two at JAM Software to the world-renowned, two hundred plus studio you know today, we’ve been hard at work to continually set the standard and surpass it with every game we create. We’re looking back while looking forward in our upcoming 30th anniversary art show and video.

This is only a tease of the unbelievable stories and rich history told in the full length 30th anniversary video. We’re delighted to announce that our art show and celebration, A Tribute to Naughty Dog: 30th Anniversary, at Gallery Nucleus will be the first place you’ll be able to watch the full-length video during special screenings held October 4th and October 12th, 2014. The complete video will be available online sometime in the next month as well.

The art show itself kicks off September 27th. Opening night will be full of fun, including a photo booth area, cosplay, a birthday cake, special guests, and the opportunity to get some very cool merch such as The Art of Naughty Dog art book. Special workshops in concept and character art featuring artists from our studio will be held October 4th and October 12th.

Speaking of artists, not only is the art show the first place in anywhere you’ll be able to buy The Art of Naughty Dog Limited or Regular Edition, it’s the first place you’ll be able to get 30th anniversary t-shirts from the fan artists who won our We Love Fine 30th anniversary design contest.

You’ll want to be among the first to arrive at Gallery Nucleus. Door prizes and giveaways will be given out to a select handful of early attendees including limited quantities of our Naughty Dog created 30th anniversary t-shirt and posters. The first 30 people in line will be entitled to receive a very limited edition Penny Arcade 30th Anniversary Pinny:

Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Art ShowNaughty Dog 30th Anniversary Art Show

Starting today and until the art show ends (October 12th), we’re asking you to Tweet out your favorite Naughty Dog memories as a way for celebrating our anniversary online with us. Just use #NDMemories and tell us your favorite moment from a game or a story you’d like to share with us. Post up a photo or screenshot. Make us an anniversary GIF. We’ll retweet the best memories and possibly send you something really cool.

Very shortly we’ll have an announcement about a partnership with Treehouse Brand Stores that will make some of these cool items shown more obtainable for everyone, but get out to Los Angeles for our art show if you can. It’s going to be a celebration you won’t want to miss!

Be sure you’re following our social channels for all the latest 30th anniversary news throughout the month of September and beyond.

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  • 1st, #NDMemories, playing each Uncharted game for the first time and seeing the scope of the depth of detail in the atmosphere of the locations within the game…WOW!!
    playing through Crash bandicoot fun and frustrating levels on the original Playstation..

  • Some of the best @ creating games out there

  • We want Crash back to PlayStation Family.

  • Sorry… my mistake, I wanted to say: We demand Crash back to PlayStation Family!

  • #NDMemories all the long hours that I put into Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 into getting all the box gems and finding all the ways into the secret levels.

    We demand Crash Bandicoot on PS4 and Vita!!

  • So did Activision let you use Crash’s image then? I noticed there was no gameplay footage of the series in that video.

    *sigh* I wish Sony owned the IP.


    Congrats on being the best development studio in the world~ Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for Uncharted 4 and whatever else you’ll be working on. <3

  • Please make another attempt at the Jak and Daxter series with a reboot, but this time keep it true to the original game.

    I thought first Jak and Daxter had great potential to grow into rivaling the best games in the genre, but the sequels took it into different direction. I won’t criticize the sequels as I didn’t play them, but their gameplay and art direction didn’t appeal to me. My only complaint with Jak 1 was the soundtrack. Otherwise, great game.

    PS: Currently near the end of Uncharted 3. Amazing cutscenes and story telling there. Can’t wait to play TLOU on PS4. Keep up the great work.

  • No crash really makes me sad

  • And there will be no sales for some Naughty Dog games?

  • Jesus this is more depressing than SNKs and Capcoms.

  • Please bring CRASH BANDICOOT back to PS4

  • Congrats on 30 years! Thank you for making the best gaming experiences of all time. I have so many great memories playing your games. Here’s to 30 more! :)

  • Hoping for another 30 more, guys.

    (… whew.. good thing I remembered that comma. Things could have been awkward)

  • Congratulations on 30 years! made half my childhood not suck so bad.

  • @13, lol yes ,very awkward . Lmao

  • Happy Anniversary to the best at what they do! Can’t wait for Uncharted 4!

  • My most memorable moment is the first glimpse and introduction to the crazy looking creatures in Uncharted Drakes Fortune. That, of coarse, is from my gaming memories with Naughty Dog. I can’t leave out the one event that this company is responsible for on my developing professional side. It was when I made the decision to get into the career field of Game Development. The behind the scenes features of Uncharted Drakes Fortune are the most inspiring factors for my decision to get into this field. I am currently at Full Sail University in pursuit of the knowledge and skills that are required in this business. My ultimate goal is to actually get into Naughty Dog and BE a part of a team that makes these awesome memories. You guys are the best! Who wouldn’t want to be part of the best?

    Here is to seeing and working with you guys in the future. In the mean time, keep making only the best.

    -SOBE (My military alias)

  • The Way of the Warrior FTW!!!

    Yes, I owned that game and had fun with it :-)

  • Congrats on your 30th anniversary, ND! You guys are my favorite game studio. :D You know what would be a great way to celebrate this? Making the Crash Bandicoot PS1 classics available on the PS Vita. Add Spyro too, while you’re at it, the little guy just turned 16 yesterday. We’ve been waiting forever and Europe has had these games for a long time. I don’t if the problem is with Sony or Activision, but you have to do something… Please?

    Well, what else can I say? I can’t wait to play Uncharted 4 and whatever else you guys come up with. I’d love to play a new Jak and Daxter game, by the way. *hint hint* There’s no other game like it, no one else does open world 3D platformers (heck, we barely get ANY 3D platformers nowadays), so please don’t forget your roots, Naughty Dog!

  • *I don’t know if

  • I can’t wait for the full video! is going to be interesting to see how this company became and will always stay a legend.

  • @18 – WOTW – Absolutely!!! Loved that game on the 3DO. Punch someone into the Lava, out flies a skeleton. Some much fun on that game, and my first introduction to White Zombie.

  • I remember playing Jak and Daxter on the PS2. I was young, but I remember being mesmerized how the cinematics and the gameplay blended in so well. I was blown away. When Jak 2 was released, I was a little bit older and mature, and thought Jak 2 complemented that time in my life so well. The game went into a whole new direction, darker characters, larger vibrant worlds, vulgarity and humor were all mixed together into this perfect package. It was then, I realized that Naughty Dog was always going to be a top competitor, not with sales, or popularity, but with quality, and ever since then, they have been pushing it to the next level over and over again. Its interesting, I believe where we are with games, and how many are out there, that the ‘WOW’ factor doesn’t pop as much as it used to. But with Naughty Dog, that ‘WOW’ comes with every game they have released so far, it has never been recycled, or used existing gameplay elements that have been rehashed over and over again, they have always been unique, special and intimate.

  • 30 years that was big I like naughty dog :)
    But we need a big deals for all naughty dog games next month :)

  • im sure they know we want another Crash Bandicoot and Jack and Daxter!!

  • Awesome stuff…30 years is a lot of time…well been having fun with your games since Crash 1 and will continue to do so…when I played Uncharted 2 I was really really amazed…had never seen anything like that in a video game,and never thought video games could reach that lvl of epicness and thought no game could be better…but then you guys brought TLoU.Just want to say…fantastic job…you are the best devs out there.

  • I have looked for crash to be on the vita for a long time now. Everybody keeps blaming it on everybody else so you know what.
    I do not care about any of it any more the game companies, sony,or naughty dog.
    So I will support myself in gaming for now on. Whatever keeps more money in my pocket from now on.
    Sorry but I have had enough.

  • Happy anniversary Naughty Dog , I widh for the best and the success and make even greater games because you are the best developers in the world :)

  • I just want a proper Crash Team Racing SEQUEL!!! It’s a shame they sold the IP to Activision, it was never as good.

  • Please bring back crash banditcoot to the playstation 4 or 3… Or at least the remastered

  • I was remember being blown away by Crash Bandicoot 1 when it debuted on PS1. Amazing looking 3D AND 2D levels. Then it happened again with Uncharted. That game and Metal Gear Solid 4 were the two primary reasons I bought a PS3. Uncharted is now my favorite franchise ever, and I’ve been gaming since 1983. Last of Us was ofcourse fantastic. Still prefer Uncharted though. Cannot WAIT to see what Naughty Dog does next with Uncharted 4.

  • Happy 30th Anniversary ND!
    My Top Favorites
    ps1:Crash Team Racing 1
    ps2: Jack and Daxter
    ps3: Uncharted 2

  • Happy 30th Anniversary Naughty Dog!!! My first PlayStation was the PS3 and I love the engaging story telling in the Uncharted Series. I remember seeing the amount of detail that was in Uncharted Drakes Fortune I ran around for a while just awed at everything. My favorite was Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. And I recently just got the Glacier White PS4 bundle and played a bit of The Last of Us Remastered just the first 20mins alone got me hooked. I can’t wait to see what you talented folks at Naughty Dog comes up with for Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End.

  • Bring Back CRASH!

  • It’s astounding that Activision wouldn’t allow the use of Crash specifically for an art book to celebrate the developers who are the sole reason Crash is (or was) such a lucrative franchise.

    It’s ineffably disappointing that they don’t see a problem with stopping a significant portion of a project’s content from seeing the light of day, effectively equalling a final product that’s blatantly incomplete despite obvious overall quality– sounds a lot like Destiny.

  • we want a naughty dog sale

    a good one

  • #NDMemories My favorite memories is playing Crash Bandicoot 3 for the first time when I was six and admiring the exploration and humor. Falling in love with Jak & Dexter series and forever dedicating my gamertag to Jak X Combat Racing. Lastly, playing Uncharted 2 for the very first time and being taking on a amazing adventure I’ve never experience before in my life time of gaming. Thank you Naughty Dog for always innovating, new and creative games every generation of PlayStation Console cycle.

  • rip crash bandicoot :(

  • I drive by this place in Alhambra every day to work and always wondered what it was. Now ill be visiting it soon and defiantly see you guys their when you visit. I can’t wait to get to see some of this amazing work and be a part of the workshops. See you guys soon!!

  • I wish that we could play PSN Playstation 1 games on the PS4 so we can play these old classics again.

  • I’ll never get tired of hearing, ‘Created and developed by Naughty Dog’. Haha! That sound clip is imprinted in my brain.

  • I stepped in Naughty Dog universe since Uncharted.

    Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream and Bioware are the best players in the Game field. When you play their games, you know that those guys love what they are doing.

    Kudos Naughty Dog team.

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