Music Unlimited on PS3 Redesigned, Improved Performance

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Music Unlimited on PS3 Redesigned, Improved Performance

A major update to Music Unlimited on PS3 is now live, delivering a completely new user interface and a huge step up in performance.

Focusing on music discovery and quicker access to your favorite tracks, the updated app is modeled after our Music Unlimited PS4 app. When you open the new MU app on PS3, the first thing you’ll notice is the redesigned home page which showcases the latest releases, as well as new playlists and channels.

Music Unlimited: Home

A push of the Square button opens the left-hand navigation menu where you’ll find access to the search function as well as access to Charts, Playlists, Channels, My Library, and Settings tabs.

Music Unlimited: Home_GlobalMenu

When you select Charts, you see the most popular Music Unlimited albums and songs, sortable by genre.

The Playlists section offers playlists that are curated by our in-house music experts, as well as your personal playlists.

Music Unlimited: Playlists

When you select Channels, you’ll call up Music Unlimited’s Premium, Genre, Mood, Era, and My Channels.

Music Unlimited: Channels

The My Library selection brings you to your saved music, organized by Artist, Albums, and Songs.

Music Unlimited: MyLibrary

Options such as high-quality audio, control of explicit content, and account management can be accessed through the Setting menu button.

Music Unlimited: Setting

Overall, you’ll see a marked increase in performance, making it easier to access the music you want instantly. We hope you enjoy the new experience. Let us know what you think!

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4 Author Replies

  • How about a $12 dollar 12 month access promotion.

  • Greg, can you ask around your office and see why Community’s soundtrack isn’t available on Music Unlimited yet? It’s crazy that the show is a Sony Pictures property but I can’t listen to its music on Sony’s music service. It’d go a long way toward convincing me to subscribe.

    • I’ll definitely look into this for you Zee. I know it’s hard to understand, but we have to deal with all studios and labels the same way, which includes Sony Music and Pictures. I’ll ask the content team though and see if there’s any special insight here.

  • Can you pay for it without a credit card? No? Oh, ok.

  • Great another hideous and unwanted redesign. I was really more fond of PSN services when they had their own unique look, not this cut and paste nonsense you see popping up on Netflix, the Roku, Xbox, etc.

  • @3 You sure about that? Mine is paid out of my wallet on PSN. I don’t know of any reason you couldn’t use prepaid PSN cards if for some reason you didn’t want to use a credit card, though that’s not actually something I’ve tried.

  • This should be out in latin america by now….

  • @1 exactly. Id buy a few years worth if there was a good stackable promotion

  • You should really consider having a reduced price for college students. I dropped the Unlimited Music service when I could get Spotify for $5/month as a college student instead of the $10/month for Music Unlimited.

  • I would love to see Spotify on PS4, so much better than MU.

  • Where’s the LBP Vita Marvel Edition post for US?!!

  • Hi guys, I am wondering why there is no ‘Favorites’ channel on the PS4 MU app. I listen to MU through a web browser while at work and have built a sizable favorites list that I like to listen to, yet I noticed it was absent on the PS4. I can still view my library so I know it is able to see my account and the settings I have in place.

  • Hi crsn891. I’m not certain about a “Favorites” channel but if you’re talking about your personal playlists, those are now found under the global menu by selecting “Playlists” then “My Playlists.” You can also access anything that you’ve previously saved to your library by selecting “My Library” from the global menu. From here, you can break it down and sort by “Artists,” “Albums,” or “Songs.” Hope that helps…

  • Very cool Greg. I didn’t know you had the cards out. It’ll be good to finally get back into it.

  • + 1 million billion to #9 !!!

    PS4 definitely needs a Spotify app !!!!!!!!!!!! Been asking for this since day one…..

  • @Greg Belloni If you use MU from a web browser, any song you ‘heart’ is added to your Favorites channel. It plays all the songs that you’ve hearted. I know about playlists but that would mean I would have to re do all of that work! Thanks for the response.

  • This is okay but music unlimited can’t compare with spotify’s variety.

  • I use iTunes and Pandora so why would I want to subscribe? Is it just because you don’t want users to play CD’s on our PS4’s? Kind of a shame that such a high tech console can’t play discs I already own.

  • How about not charging for this? or allowing us to use .mp3’s and cds on our systems?
    oh wait then noone would sign up for this money grab service anymore

  • I don’t understand it either, Cobra1 !

    They ( Sony ) allow competitors onto the PS4 for videos ( VUDU , Amazon ) so why do they not allow the competition onto the PS4 for music??

  • Just a joke, the most powerful console on the market cant play CDS, hopefully in that 2.20 update theyll include media playback like they promised. but thats still months away… you would think people subscribed to PLUS would get a membership to this.

  • Even $99 for a year is too expensive for me. I will just stick to free Pandora. Sure it is more limited, but that doesn’t bother me much when it is free.

    If there is ever a $50 or under promo for a year, I will sign up again however.

  • I’m sorry but I had the $12 for a year promotion and had MU on my phone and tablet and had so many issues with it, I almost complained about a $1/month subscription. At regular price, this service is ridiculous.

  • @Greg Belloni Hey Greg, I’ve posted on many past PS blogs referring to Music Unlimited and Playstation Twitch Livestream. One thing I would appreciate if you could put in the word on a great simple idea. Most livestreamers tend to play music while streaming(PC that is) It would be great if we were able to have Music Unlimited fully compatible with livestreaming on the PS4. It already works as of this moment but only the streamer(me) can hear the music while the viewers can not. Many have asked but we just get pushed down the ladder. Such a simple and convenient fix it would be and greatly appreciated. Could you please take a look into this Greg. Thank you.

  • How about redesigning the pricing ? !
    Then maybe redesigning the redesign.

  • Costs more than Netflix, and I already have plenty of subscriptions.

    Redesign is not going to increase sales much. Knocking off $2-4 for a plus sale would. But you guys know that, you’re just interested in the highest profit margin with PS4 out.

  • I also believe it’s over priced. I originally bought a year for $12, and then extended it for 6 months for another $12, but I barely used it. I had a lot of issues where the server was down, etc.. I even forgot about it for about 3 months.

    maybe not $1 a month, but for $3 a month for Plus members I’d probably buy another year.

    Many of us already have “I Heart Music” & Pandora, both of which are free.
    In addition we also have our MP3 collections, so really, there is little time to listen to yet another music app.

  • Really love the service, just really wish the android app would be fixed. Constant app crashing = :(

  • Thank goodness PS3 supports media ownership, so I don’t have to deal/pay for this. When is official word on MP3 and media playback, Xbox One already has both set to go next month?

  • When can I remove this app from my PS4? I will literally never use it.

  • It is great to see the ui overhaui that you have made with the music unlimited….

    I would like to see you do this with xmb as well.

    The ps3 is still a magnificent device. You could overhaul its interfaces to make it more inline with the ps4. Changes to the ps3 will still make it an attractive device to the consumer and to the long time player.

  • This service needs more subscription options. Spotify offers “free” service that just requires listeners to hear ads every now and then. Sony should offer something similar for Music Unlimited.

  • Good morning,

    The new interface does appear nice though the one BIG thing I think should be brought back is the screensaver wallpaper, It enhanced the experience and also less of an issue with just a static image.

    I know the setting for that is now missing. Any plans to add it back soon??

    Thank you,

  • will Music Unlimited have lossless (FLAC) streaming any time soon? I love the 320kbps AAC — it’s quite comparable to Spotify’s high quality streaming — but I’m hoping Sony is the first music streaming service to provide “HD” streaming.

    the new app look like it’s a WebKit application, like the Store. any word on when the PS3 browser itself will be updated to use the same WebKit rendering/JavaScript engine as most of the media apps?

    Two of my friends so far have jailbroken their PS3s just to get an updated browser on it. Here’s my console browser benchmark shootout blog post, which documents some of the PS3 broken-ness:

  • Locks up on the 3rd song played everytime.

  • The biggest problem with Music Unlimited is that they don’t have some of the most popular music ever created.
    Try searching for The Beatles for example.
    You get this:

    Vol. 1 TRIBUTE Beatles Hits The Beatles Gold
    Biggest Hits Box Set (46 Classic Hits TRIBUTE to the Beatles and Wings) The Silver Beetles
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Yellow Submarine (A TRIBUTE to the Beatles) Re Beatles
    Come Together / Something (A TRIBUTE to the Beatles) Re Beatles
    Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles TRIBUTE Here Comes the Sun
    Beatles Party Band

    Not a single original song!

    Or Led Zeppelin:

    Greatest Hits Box Set: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin Led Zepagain
    Stairway to Heaven – a Tribute to Led Zeppelin Led Zepagain
    Great Zeppelin – A Tribute to Led Zeppelin (Live) Great White
    Celebration Day Led Zeppelin
    A 2001 Tribute to Led Zeppelin IV Various Artists – Led Zeppelin Tribute
    The Celtic Tribute to Led Zeppelin: Long Ago and far Away CMH World
    Acoustic Hits – A Tribute to Led Zeppelin Acoustic Hits

    Until they make it so the PS4 can play mp3 it will not be as good as the PS3.

  • meh

  • @Greg The favorites channel is something that music unlimited used to have on all platforms. It was useful because it was a channel that only played songs you liked. It was the channel I listened to most. Granted you can just build a playlist but liking songs was quick and (allegedly) it was supposed to help customize your experience. It was taken away (along with the ability to like and dislike songs) on the PS4 app. Now I assume liking and disliking songs is being taken away from the PS3 version as well. My theory is this is because Music Unlimited had absolutely no algorithm for recommending music based on your likes and dislikes, so they scrapped the function altogether instead of continuing to pretend. And since there was no more “liking” songs, there is no more favorites station.

  • It has been about a year since the promo deal expired and it is really disappointing to see that people are still posting about the android app crashing or locking up. I liked the service but not enough to fork over $100/yr to not have a reliable means of listening to music on-the-go.

  • Some of those screens look way too much like metroUI.

  • Having the Favorites channel taken away is a major blow to the service. I’m really considering dropping my subscription and I’ve been subscribed since it first came out. The new UI doesn’t make up for this…and acting like the Favorites channel was some obscure thing is disingenuous.

  • I have founds a sort of work around.

    If you go into “My Library”, there’s a “Shuffle All Songs” button.

    It will give you something akin to the Favorites Channel.

  • Dear sony I love the playstation Eco system but one thing about Music Nlimited that really is missing is the option to listen to are own personal music like google does with google play
    Either let us upload it to cloud or have a way to add it to ps3 directly!!!

  • Greg:

    You commented to @ 3 about a Gamestop discount for Music Unlimited.

    I checked it and it’s only good for the US customer base.

    Is there anything coming for the Canadian base ?


  • Not bad, change can be difficult.

    That’s all I want. Screen saver choices. Nothing crazy. Just a few options like the base music player has.

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