Frozen Synapse Prime: Combat Basics on PS Vita

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Frozen Synapse Prime: Combat Basics on PS Vita

Hey folks. To better help you understand what Frozen Synapse Prime is all about, we’ve created a video that runs through the basics of combat.

Here’s a quick look at how the simultaneous-turn-based combat system works in Prime:

1.) Players on two separate teams plot paths and issue orders to their squad members, creating a plan on a turn-by-turn basis. You have the option of simulating the plan before you commit to it.

2.) Both teams then commit their plans for each turn; we call this “Priming” a turn.

3.) Once both players have primed their turns the outcome of both teams’ plans is played out and the resulting combat ensues.

Frozen Synapse Prime

Once you wrap your head around that, you’ll need to try and predict your opponent’s strategies, wipe them out, or complete a set of match objectives — depending on the match type. Reading the environment and working with the strengths and positioning of your squad is key to victory.

You will learn and develop your own strategies. The mind games between players, and inspiring players to anticipate and deceive their opponent is a huge factor in Prime. Combined with randomly generated maps, distinct match types, and a very open combat system means no match is ever the same.

In our first video we’ll take you through the basics of:

Creating and adapting your tactics: The basics of laying down waypoints for movement through the terrain through simple and more military style maneuvers.

Targeting and Terrain: Reading and using the environment; including cover, windows, and the basics of adding and adjusting aim commands to cover your troops, pin enemies down, or sweep through rooms. In short, a quick look at how to use the map to your advantage.

Frozen Synapse PrimeFrozen Synapse Prime

Stealth and cover within combat: Further utilization of the environment by ducking or dashing to run between cover to draw fire as a distraction; get safe behind cover or just avoid unnecessary fire fights.

Team tactics: All units have unique characteristics (that we will discuss in a future video). You can cleverly combine their skills for an advantage, by employing strategies such as using a sniper to provide cover for close quarter combat shotgunners.

Frozen Synapse PrimeFrozen Synapse Prime

For the master tactician, Prime is about reading and utilizing the terrain, combining the strengths of your units, and considering the enemy before committing your plan.

Thanks for reading!

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  • I can’t believe how much you improved the visuals! And I actually liked the minimalistic design of the original game. This is looking sweet!

    I think the only thing that could have made this cooler was if it supported 4-player matches (free-for-all and 2v2). But other than that, it’s looking like the definitive version of one of the best tactical games around!

    • Thanks for the kind words and support. Means a lot.

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime)

  • Interesting.

  • This is all I’ve ever wanted for my Vita! A superb tactics game arriving in just a couple weeks. Thanks Double Eleven!

    • Thanks GStylez for the continued support dude.

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime)

  • This game looks superb! I was waiting for something like this :) thank you so much for supporting the vita :)

    • Thanks Wolf, yeah we got love for the Vita too, with a few other titles in the works. Hopefully you’ll know us for Limbo, Little Big Planet and Shooter Ultimate on Vita, as well as Nom Nom Galaxy announced for next year ;-). Exciting times!

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime)

  • Hi, great to see the love for Frozen Synapse Prime. I’m Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime), I’ll be here to help answer any and all the questions you have about the game, over the next few days.

    Kinds Regards, Gaz

  • Oh, I forgot you guys did LBP Vita…so can you tell us if LBP Marvel Edition will be coming to the US?!

  • This looks amazing. I have a gameplay question. Because it is turned-based (with turns being executed simultaneously), there must be some downtime waiting for the other person to finish planning.How do you know when it’s your turn? Do you periodically fire up the game to see if it’s your turn?

    I guess I’m envisioning this like mobile games (any of the _____ With Friends) where you take your turn then ignore that particular game for awhile while you wait for your opponent. Am I thinking about this correctly?

    I can’t wait!

    • Thanks for the love.

      Players can have multiple matches on the go at once (managing, tracking and making turns via their personal Active Matches screen). Players can also find, join and create matches to play with friends and/or players around the world live.

      There are notifications that update you in the match when your opponent has ‘primed’ their turn, and there’s also voice support.

      Additionally, when you return to the Multiplayer menus, the game will tell you if and when new turns are available in one or more of your active matches.

      We’ll be sharing more new sand vids about the Multiplayer component very soon, but I hope that helps.

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime)

  • Thanks for the reply Gaz. That all sounds pretty slick! I look forward to seeing it in action.

  • Finally, strategy and tactics.
    HIGHLY Anticipating this, and Natural Doctrine.

    Any preorder/plus discounts?

    • Thanks Rez. That’s up to the Marketing guys I’m afraid. The pricing is being finalized, nothing announced just yet, but coming very soon.

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime)

  • Also, is that music from the OST?

    Love it.

    • Yes all music in the trailer is in the game itself :)

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime)

  • Any plans to bring Eden over to Vita ? :)

  • This game looks sweet. I look forward to playing it!

    • Thanks for the support Dan. See you on the battlefield ;-)

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime)

  • So will this multiplayer work over the VITA’s 3G connection?

  • Yes, yes you will…

  • Any multiplayer trophies? I hope not but this game is looking good enough to overcome that!

    • There are a few multiplayer (we have to try to reward and incentivize all players, in all the main components of the game). These Trophies aren’t going to have you pulling your hair out though I promise, and multiplayer is a lot of fun.

      The majority of Trophies are centred around the the single player and Campaign components though. I’ll try and get the full list published soon.

      Oh, and there is of course a Platinum Trophy too.

  • It wasn’t very clear in the video, and you never said it outright: Planning and simulating turns in high details for both teams is still in, correct?

    Secondly: Will you be using your own server, or will this game be a client compatible with the official Frozen Synapse server? I’m asking because i’m quite worried about the viability of this game, if the Vita game cannot capitalize on the existing playerbase on the official server.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks. We’ll probably show more of those things in an upcoming advanced tutorial, but rest assured nothing is taken out, including all the depth, advanced strategies and commands. Yes, you can still creat advanced tactics (whatever and in however much detail you want) and apply and preview plans on your opponent’s squad too, to simulate…”what if they do this”, “will my plan work”.

      Everything about the original experience has its place for different types of players, so we’d never remove any of that.

      We’ve worked very hard with the original developers, our friends, Mode7, as well as some of the best players in the Frozen Synapse community through focus tests, to ensure all the depth is retained, and where possible things are more intuitive or quicker to execute. For example, if you wanted to create a zone around a room to ignore or focus on, you can simply tap that room now.

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime).

    • We will be using our own servers. The intricacies of the battles in realtion to the things we’ve enhanced of added; from the mo-cap, destructible walls, 3D collectibles, balanced unit reactions, optimized loading, VFX, new commands such as slide, sweep-aim, and the cone-of-vision, matchmaking, etc, etc, mean that FSP just wouldn’t sync up with the original servers for FS.

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime).

  • Love these type of games, and can’t wait for it to be available. It looks like a completely different game from what I recall in PC. =)

    • Thanks Snake, there’s not a single area we haven’t enhanced or expanded on, as well as a load of new features and content, for fans of the original, newcomers.

      The beauty is the game can be as basic or advanced as you like, against both humans in multiplayer or against AI. There’s a lot of hidden depth, yet i still get beat by new players who stick to the basic commands ;-).
      We’ve done a great deal to guide new players with new mission-based tutorials, difficulty settings, matchmaking, squad creation, a hints system, and balance campaign missions that teach along the way.

      Gaz – Design Manager at Double 11 (Developers of Frozen Synapse Prime)

  • Gareth, thanks a lot for the indepth answer. I appreciate the detail on the gameplay and am happy to hear that you’ve only added. :)

    As for the server, it’s a risky move and while i am apprehensive, i really hope it works out. Relatedly: Are there any plans for FSP on other platforms to increase the available player base?

  • One quick question, are all the stages looks this bright? I’m kind like the grim looking of original version(maybe I’m used to it), also will there be any new units?

  • I have been waiting for this for a while. Cannot wait to make my day 1 purchase.

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