DRIVECLUB: Free DLC Schedule Detailed

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DRIVECLUB: Free DLC Schedule Detailed
Update: We know many of you were looking forward to playing the promised PS Plus Edition and we are truly sorry for the delay. Our first priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while playing DRIVECLUB. With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice.

Our players are the heart and soul of DRIVECLUB, and when the game begins October 7th, Evolution Studios will be going all out to keep the experience fresh and exciting for all of you.

We’re determined to build up a lively community of millions of connected racers around you, so our post-launch development will be influenced by what you do in the game and the feedback you share with us. New content, improvements, and updates will all be shaped by you and everyone you play with. And of course, we’re going to do our best to keep surprising you with our own creativity, too!


In fact, thanks to all of the players we’ve met and talked to already, our mission has already started.

We’re already working hard to develop free updates that will introduce a powerful weather system (that you can play around with to change the dynamics of every race) and a photo mode, because they’ve both been requested ever since we first showed how you can control the time of day and skies in the game.

And even though we’ve already got 55 routes over 25 tracks in the game, we’ll be bringing you more new tracks to enjoy and all of them will be free.

We’ll also keep adding more of the world’s best cars to the game and we’ll give you one car every month, as a free series running from October 2014 to June 2015.

For those who want even more, we’re making a full calendar of new release DLC that will run deep into 2015. This will let you buy packs of new cars and new campaign tour expansions, to give you more to play for each month. This calendar will start in November 2014 with every pack offering new challenges to play and new Trophies for you to earn.

DRIVECLUBDriveclub on PS4

There will also be a Season Pass available for $24.99* so that you can pre-order the DLC packs and get huge savings. In fact, it works out that with the Season Pass you’ll save more than 60% on the cost of purchasing these packs individually, as the total value of the packs will be $75.84*.

And the best part? All of this is just the start! We keep saying “DRIVECLUB begins on October 7th 2014” because we don’t know exactly how the game will evolve with each update until you get your hands on the game and start playing!

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are. We can’t wait to shape the future of DRIVECLUB with you! Are you on board and are you bringing your friends along with you?

*Prices quoted are based on regular price on PS Store.

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  • so are the tracks free DLC but the cars are purchased?

    • All of the tracks are free:

      – 11 new tracks with 23 routes, which includes an entirely new location

      And cars are a combination of free and paid:

      – 9 free
      – 38 paid (bundled together as 8 car packs)

      Hope this makes things clear :)

  • Will there still be a PlayStation Plus version available for free with that discounted upgrade price? I haven’t heard much recently about it, and it isn’t mentioned anywhere here either. When will it be available, are there any updates concerning it, etc.? I’d really appreciate any helpful info! Thanks!

    • The PlayStation Plus version is absolutely still going to be available to subscribers as a free download. This will be out on the same day as the full game (October 7th), and you will have the option to upgrade from the PS+ Edition to the full game for a discounted price of $49.99.

  • Will this still be free for Playstation Plus members?

  • If anything, thank you for the transparency.

  • @1 There are 9 free cars and 11 free tracks coming as DLC. The infographic near the top has some more details.

  • Do I need to own DRIVECLUB to add the free content to my account?

    And will the free content be available to players of the PS+ version of the game?

    • PlayStation Plus Edition owners will be able to get free tracks for India (the featured location) and exciting new game features such as weather, but to access new cars you have to upgrade to the full game.

  • Wow, the support for this game seems amazing & if holds up I’ll buy this & the season pass.

  • Also, I think there’s a bit of confusion… October 8 is the release date in the EU. This is the US PlayStation Blog. :P

  • How can I preorder #driveclub on playstation store?


  • I appreciate that there some free stuff and though I tire of season passes and pre-release announced DLC I am aware that while the cost of developing a game has gone up the cost of purchasing a new game has remained relatively the same. We also live in an age where “free” games (like PS plus) is unprecedented and provides the opportunities to play games that we might not otherwise had the chance to play.

  • Will the season pass be compatible with the + version of the game or only the full version?

  • OMG!

    …upfront transparency on what content will actually be delivered with a season pass and when?!?! please, oh please, let this be a trend in the making.

  • Not too thrilled that the plus version is not mentioned at all here. Will the free updates be available for plus version? Season pass for plus version? How bout the weather? No info leads me to believe the answer is no.

  • Article subject line talks about free dlc yet the main thrust of the article is all about the season pass. *sigh*

  • Really excited for DriveClub, and glad to see all the post-launch content coming. I’ll be getting the season pass. One question though on the free tracks. Do any of these include a new country? Or are the tracks based in the same locations launching with the game?


    • Some of the DLC tracks will feature in existing locations, but there will be an entirely new location coming to DRIVECLUB for free. You’ll have to wait to find out where it is going to be though ;)

  • Can you tell us exactly what each edition contains and what each dlc is.
    Ps plus should be for full games so I don’t want the demo edition of this to replace a full game ( especially when they upgrade costs the same price as a full game).

    It sounds like even the upgraded version isn’t the full game with this talk of dlc and season passes. Now you are nickel and diming for even more?

    I was looking forward to this game- no so much now.

  • Yep, also wondering about how all this factors into the plus version. Been looking forward to playing it. And as a not a huge racing fan the plus version sounds like the perfect size for me.

    Also as of July all plus games have been released together on the first Tuesday of the month. When will drive club plus version be available then?

    Anyways looking forwards to it, one of the reasons I reactivated my plus account.

  • This game already sounds huge and your adding even more for only $25!!! Plus more trophies???? I’m sold, officially can’t wait!

  • Kind of torn. It’s cool to see support for the title planned this far in advance, but it always irks me whenever I see paid DLC scheduled before a game is even out.

  • 1. So when can I preorder the digital download version of DriveClub on the US PlayStation Store?

    2. What type of pre-order bonuses will be on the digital pre order?

    3. Do you have any further plans to add project Morpheus to drive club in the future?

    I’ve been following driveclub since the first announcement on Twitter so I look forward to purchasing this game but also wonder when I’ll be able to Preorder on the PS Store to get Preorder bonuses.

  • I think laying out this schedule is a FANTASTIC idea! Love to see it.

    Couple quick questions:

    11 free tracks but only 7 symbols. is there a clearer picture on when free tracks are coming?

    Are there 47 cars coming? 38 + 9?

    Is the season pass compatible with the PS+ version?

    • There are only 7 track symbols, because we’ll delivering some tracks bundled together, so 1 track symbol in some instances means there are a number of tracks that month not just 1.

      Yes that means a there will be a total of 47 cars combined when you factor in both free and paid for cars,

      And you’ll need to own the full game to make use of the Season Pass.

  • I hope you created a Playstation 4 theme for DriveClub as another Preorder bonus ;-)

    Maybe a Soundtrack for all those Raw Audi files of thoserevving there engine’s ?

  • Is weather system available day one or not? You guys announced it at gamescom as a very important feature. And you guys have delayed the game for a whole year It has to be ready right? Dont ship an unfinished game

  • Two questions:

    1. Will the free content also be compatible with the PS Plus Edition?

    2. Will the free content expire? If I plan to get DriveClub in January, can I get the free content given out before?

    Thank you.

  • It would be cool know about the content included IN THE GAME before you start talking about DLC plans. There’s no respect for the game consumers these days I tell you, and a big part of the blame is on us for putting up with this crap and even encouraging it.

  • Will this game be compatible with the PS Move Racing Wheel?

    I love what I’ve tested so far and I definitely will buy the PS4 just for this game, but I refuse to play a racing game with a controller. It’s just not natural!

  • I’ll be honest. I’ve been skeptical of the title since finding out the Plus version of the game was so watered down. Say what you want about it still being a “full” game, I just don’t buy it. It would be nice if we could at least get a discounted “upgrade” to the full version of the game if, once we play it, we determine that it’s enjoyable enough to do so. Now we have the whole already-planned-long-term dlc release announcement along with the *awesome* savings of a season pass (which we don’t even know will be available for the Plus version). This could be a really great racing game, but I’ve just had this bad feeling regarding this game for some time now. At this point, if the season pass is available to Plus version players then I might get it if the quality of the game warrants it, but I’m not going to pay a full $60 to upgrade to the full version.

  • Can you just release the game and the stripped down plus version that’s really just a demo that both have been delayed for already a year now along with the full price “upgrade” for that very same plus version DEMO before you start talking about asking for more money for future DLC that you don’t even have a clue yet what its gonna be til people start playing?

    I am so sick of everything about this game and it’s not even out yet. You guys have run it into the ground before it even left the starting line

  • Free DLC is unheard of these days. Hopefully there isn’t a catch.

  • So let me get this straight. The game was supposed to be a launch title, but it got delayed so much that TWO next gen Forza games will now come out before it does, and yet they had time to make all this DLC, enough to justify a Season Pass?

    I’m sorry folks, but this stinks from a mile way. Clearly they’re holding back content to sell you in a Season Pass. It’s the trend everywhere these days, and I wish you’d all stand up to it and stop buying these Season Passes.

  • Thats nice, no replies at all. I guess thats actually better, though. Every time these guys say something, it just makes things worse.

  • Instead of DLC, I’ll pay to be able to use my G27 with this game. Please Evolution, make this happen.

  • Free is the way to go…but this looks fishy.Anyway I doubt I’ll be getting any DLC other than the ones offered for free so this don’t bother me at all.

  • Here’s a suggestion for the ones complaining about the game: if you are so against the game don’t buy it simple as that and stop looking at things related to it it will make your life so much easier the company will make their money either way. the game is going to be fantastic and who cares if it was delayed any type of creative work will have some sort of delay it takes time to make these things you all believe should be free. so either enjoy the game or find a different game stop with the hate.

  • Please announce Driving GT Wheel Support!

  • People ignoring the free DLC to whine, stfu. Kthx

  • It’s disappointing that most older steering wheel peripherals aren’t supported. I’m aware that it’s not really Sony or Evolution’s fault, but my old Logitech wheel for the PC/PS3 still works perfectly and is fully-featured, and I’m not ponying up for a new wheel with all the other games launching and the holidays coming up. I wouldn’t even consider using a controller to play this, either, so now I’m stuck not buying a game I was excited for since launch (and previously had preordered before the delay). I’m not particularly concerned with the barebones PS+ version when I could have had everything for a mere $60, but factoring in a new wheel worth hundreds of dollars is a dealbreaker.

    Why can’t there be some kind of USB adapter made to support wheels, if it’s true that some chip is preventing older ones? Why can’t the publisher step in and handle the licensing fees to appease the hundreds of thousands of fans holding onto their old wheels? Why can’t anyone actually address this issue, seeing as we’re a month away from launch? I’m not trying to sound like some whiny, puerile child, but I doubt I’m the only one who’s turned off by the lack of dedicated wheel support for reasons that aren’t even made clear.

  • Good on Evolution to allow all of the DLC tracks to be free content, though– it’s a shame when a developer purposefully divides their player base, whatever the reason. Of course it’s something that shouldn’t even be an issue in this industry, but since it’s so rare to see this done properly with respect to the consumer we need to applaud those who do what they should be doing in the first place.

  • @ Naberios

    Complain much? why don’t you do a little research before crying a river over here, the digital version for plus owners is $50. If you want them to give away a new game for free or less than that, then don’t buy anything.

  • Disappointed for the PS+ edition. The upgrade price is a tad steep. And no details if people that will upgrade qualify for these DLC , free or season passes.


    I would pre-order the “upgrade to the full version” so i could get the game pre-loaded… wish that option would be available… :(

  • Well since this is for ps plus I will try this out & see how this shapes up. But I am a little interested more & more about this game now.

  • To everyone asking if the free cars will go with the PS Plus Edition, it looks like the answer is nope. The Game Director, Paul Rustchynsky, gave a statement about that a few days ago. Found a few articles dated Sept. 5 about it.

  • A CAR and TOUR only season pass for $20 or less should be looked into.

  • Quit complaining. If you dont like the idea, dont’t buy it. So sick and tired of all thesr whining fools that want everything for free. Devs gotta get paid too.

  • No one would have complained if they did not promise almost everything for free. Specifically Paul Rustchynsky (the same one replying here) promised that the PS Plus Edition will be the full game less “a few assets”. He later went back to edit his posts to remove evidence of the promise (but, hey, you can’t hide anything on the internet). What we get for free now instead is just “a few assets” (namely 1/5 of the cars/tracks). They even tried to make it such that if you pay $50 for the full game upgrade, the full game will only work if you remain a PS Plus subscriber. They only moved that policy after, guess what, many ‘whining fools’ here complained on the blog itself. So quit whining about other people’s complaints.

  • Will we be able to preload the PS Plus version?

    Or do we have to spend $60 on the regular version to preload it?

    What would make sense is if we could preorder and preload the upgraded PS Plus version so we can still preload the game without having to pay an extra $10. $50 is already a steep upgrade cost to begin with

  • Can’t wait to get this! Already have the game pre-ordered on Amazon to get the exclusive Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series Pack and RUF RT12 R pack. :) I’ll also be live-streaming this game for sure at Played this at E3 and LOVED it. Twitter: @L_A_White_Boy #PlayStationMVP

  • I’ll be sticking with the PlayStation + Edition.

  • Jamie, does this mean that the weather system that you guys have been showing off won’t be available day 1? I just want to be clear on that.
    Also, I hope these negative comments don’t bother you too much. I am SO pumped for this game! I actually pre-ordered the Driveclub PS4 bundle last year, but yeah, you know how that turned out. lol
    I firmly believe that Driveclub is going to be the true new-gen experience that we have been waiting almost a year for. Delays generally suck, but I know you guys are making the most feauture-rich and polished game you can, so I have no problem waiting.

  • How about some Logitech steering wheel support DLC, I’m definitely not giving up any of my money for this game until my G27 is supported

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