How Battlefield Hardline Takes Cues from Hollywood

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How Battlefield Hardline Takes Cues from Hollywood

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline made a big splash when it was announced in July this year — with a wealth of multiplayer modes teased and a beta test that saw hundreds of thousands of gamers get an early taste of the action.

However, developer Visceral Games (Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno) has been rather more quiet about what you can expect from the single-player campaign. So, PlayStation.Blog sat down with Senior Producer Steve Anthony, who’s helping to bring the single-player portion of the game to PlayStation in early 2015.

“At Visceral we’re very proud of our lineage when it comes to single-player stories,” explains Anthony. “What we’ve done for Battlefield Hardline is to take influence from popular television crime dramas and built a campaign that will unfold in episodic format. That means each episode of the campaign will have character development, intense moments, and cliff hanging endings.”

Battlefield HardlineBattlefield Hardline

Create a game that plays out like your favorite cop drama? An intriguing prospect, but exactly how are they looking to accomplish this lofty ambition?

“In order to do that we’ve brought on some key talent from Hollywood,” he continues. “So we’ve got Benito Martinez, who you may know from The Shield and Sons of Anarchy, Wendy Calhoun from Justified, and Bill Johnson from The West Wing — actors, writers, and directors who have given that influence and helped us deliver the format you’re going to find in the single-player experience of Battlefield Hardline.”

From here Anthony took us straight into the live demo, which kicks in around halfway through the campaign story. What we saw highlights how different the game plays to other Battlefield titles.

“Hardline differs in that we’re really pushing player choice,” says Anthony. “As you approach any given situation within the game we want to give you the tools to be able to analyze and assess how you want to deal with it. Previous Battlefield games were all about the high intensity, moment-to-moment action; with Hardline it’s much more about player choice and you deciding how you approach situations.”

In the brief section we played, we were already catching glimpses of the aforementioned Hollywood influence. The performances of the characters we meet in-game — complete with the likenesses of the actors who play them — wouldn’t be out of place on the American cop dramas that Hardline draws from.

Battlefield Hardline

One of the coolest gadgets we were shown is the scanner, which allows you to tag enemies and objects, and plan your route through encounters. Not only that but you can also search for high value targets — certain enemies might actually have a warrant out for their arrest.

Finding these high value targets looks set to be an intriguing distraction, as taking them down without alerting other enemies grants extra cash that you’ll be able to use to upgrade your gear and increase your arsenal.

Playing as Nick, you can also whip out your detective badge to make some enemies freeze, giving you precious moments to unleash silent takedowns.

“The key to using freeze effectively is making sure your gun is always trained on the enemy,” notes Anthony. “You’ll see a meter that will fill up red if you’ve not got your gun trained on them, and they’ll reach for their gun.”

Look out for more Battlefield Hardline coverage as the game’s 2015 launch approaches.

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  • Quoting Patrick Bach himself: “If we were to release another big Battlefield title next year, that would mean that we’d have less than a year to build it, and that would mean that we’d have to have another studio building it for us, which would mean it wouldn’t have that DICE seal of approval, which would mean they’d just have to release a copy of the game we just released.
    EA would never force us to release a game every year, I think that would dilute the vision of the franchise, and you will eventually kill the franchise by doing that.”

    Don’t you dare think we forgot.

  • @ supvic

    Wise words. I´m with you. I love the Battlefield Franchise. The best Parts to me were Bad Company 1+2 and 1943 was very fun.

    I didn´t buy Battlefield 4 because it was to close to the third part but I would have bought it with discount maybe. But people still complain about the bugs and lags playing the game so I won´t buy it.

    As for Battlefield Hardline. I already played the Beta and thought it was fun, but only for a short time. Setting isnt appealing to me. Gameplay is getting boring. Like a cheap Gangster / Cop Shooter except for the grapics. There are already Payday and Payday 2 which do better gameplay-wise I think.

    So no need to ruin the Battlefield Franchise with a cheap spin off like this. Why don´t you listen to your fans and make a futuristic Battlefield or Battlefield Bad Company 3 which I would have loved.

    Sorry to say that as a fan but it doesn´t interest me at all.

  • This game is still happening ?

  • This game was a huge mistake for the franchise. After Battlefield 4 started with so many launch issues that were just barely ironed out this summer, trying to ask players to spend another $60 on ANOTHER battlefield game is just nonsense.

    If you want to keep this franchise going, you will do the following…

    -Make Battlefront and ignore battlefield for now, let the hype grow again
    -Come back to Battlefield with “Battlefield: Bad Company 3”
    -3 years after that, come back with “Battlefield: 1942” or “Battlefield 2142” reimagined for next gen harware.

    We don’t want another present day skirmish with M16 assault rifles, and AK-47s.. we’re tired of it. It’s been done since 2007.

  • Well I LOVED Hardline. Yeah it was the BF4 engine but the BF4 engine is great! Some consider it more of an addon but it really depends on how much more is included in the game. But why make a whole new engine for something that works great already and change the theme around with other ideas? Yeah there are glitches and lag now and then but its gotten to where its nothing excessive anymore. It was a major problem in the beginning but now its nothing out of the ordinary for a multiplayer online game.

    The short and limited game types of the beta were fun but they did get old eventually but they already said they understand that and are looking into ways of expanding on those two types to make them last longer and better. Overall Im looking forward to the full game when it comes and everything that will be added to it since the beta

  • Funniest first post.

  • This is sickening.
    Go and make s***ty movies then if you can’t make good games anymore, instead of doing bland and soulless shooters that only want the CoD audience.

  • Personally I like that they’ve come out with something in a bit of a different setting. I’ve loved the BF franchise ever since putting hundreds of hours into BF 2 on the PC. I think there’s still going to be the tried-and-true BF grand military shooter coming in addition to the Hardline game(s). I also enjoyed the SP in Bad Company 1 & 2, but just didn’t get into the MP like some folks. And while I wouldn’t mind playing a BC 3 (at least the campaign of it), I don’t see myself getting wrapped in or enjoying the MP like I would in a BF 5 type game. I don’t know how much I’ll get into the Hardline MP as I wasn’t able to find time for the beta, but I’m willing to give it a shot and do look forward to it.

  • I think there’s a lot of “noise” from a handful (in respect to the overall number of fans) of people about the Bad Company games. And I heard that DICE/EA was wanting to know from them what it was about the games that they think was so superior to the other BF games, but all I really hear is “it was awesome”, or “it was just $&#&%@ better”… Well guess what, that’s not helpful in letting the devs know what it was that was actually so much better or more fun. As I said, I didn’t really come away from the MP feeling that way. I much preferred the BF 2 & 3 approach to MP action (with the exception of 3 on the console where we had some huge maps but not enough players to really fill and engage on them).

    I’m really looking forward to the SP in Hardline. I’m very grateful that they actually took the feedback from the community and decided to push the game back to try and fine-tune the MP aspect of the game. Let’s remember, something like that is pretty big news from an EA release. I’ve had a lot of personal issues with EA over the years, and to see them respond in such a positive way to their consumers is a huge step in my eyes.

  • Way to mention the ‘talent’ that has gotten involved with the game instead of actually talking about the premise of the campaign itself.

    Here’s the synopsis: Libertarians are Terrorists and Racists, and it’s up to the all-knowing and loyal federal agents to stop them. Yeah… I’m not sure if I could buy that.

  • @supvic . This battlefield isn’t being made by DICE though. DICE is working on a new Star Wars Battlefront right now while this game is being made by Visceral games.

  • “Takes Cues from Hollywood”

    Hell. A game that glorifies genocide is bad enough. To sprinkle in a little influence from the trash that comes out of Hollywood makes it even more wretched. And I didn’t think that was possible for war shooters to get any more wretched…

    The bar has been lowered, yet again. Amazing.

  • So Battlefield Hardline won’t come out until Early 2015? Well at least that will give them some time to perfect the game so it won’t be a udder mess like Battlefield 4 just so it can compete with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Hope they learned their lesson not to rush their games in order to compete with other franchises.

    I ain’t going to give my hopes up though.

  • @Gnome, you should try reading, it helps. Let me point out it for you one more time.

    “that would mean that we’d have to have another studio building it for us (Visceral), which would mean it wouldn’t have that DICE seal of approval, which would mean they’d just have to release a copy of the game we just released.”

    It’s just an insult this is being released as a full-priced game when we all know (including Visceral) it’s just a mod of BF4.
    Why is DICE still spending so much time on BF4 with the CTE update? EA only cares about money and putting in this much work into a year-old game makes no financial sense. It’s because Hardline is basically on the same engine, so all that work going into BF4 applies to Hardline because they’re basically the same game! They wouldn’t want to release another game with the disastrous launch that BF4 had. This further reinforces that the game is just a mod of BF4, NOT that it wasn’t already obvious from the start.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I loved BC2: Vietnam! But that was only $15 and well worth the content. This however is just bigger mod priced as if it were a new game. After making us wait 6+ months just to fix the core game, you’ve got a lot of nerve trying to milk even more money out of us with a full-priced mod. If it were priced reasonably for what it is, only then would I consider buying. I don’t want to buy a Battlefield game each year, but I DO want to buy more content for the same game because it IS a great game. But if I’m going to spend another $60 it better be a full-fledged Battlefield game, not a mod.

    If Visceral is so hell-bent on releasing an amazing singleplayer Battlefield game, release it separately! No one’s EVER bought a Battlefield game for the singleplayer. Then maybe you could justify the MP as reasonably priced standalone game, but if that’s so hard to accept then go make Deadspace: Hardline.

  • @Gamerz, everyone knows Hardline was delayed because of Destiny. How could it compete? Announcing the delay to 2015 right in the middle of the Destiny beta says one thing; EA is scared ****less of it and it was far too close to compete with both that and Advanced Warfare.. unless it were BF5 or BC3.

  • As much as i dislike EA, i was willing to hold my nose and give this MOD of Battlefield 4 a chance…until i found out someone at Visceral Games went Full retardo by bringing one-sided politics into another cliché tale about another cop looking for payback from the chumps who p***ed on his coffee and stole his box of donuts.

    Oh, and apparently anyone who’s not a lefty…Is nuts and racist.

    Save your money people.
    My .02

  • As much as i dislike EA, i was willing to hold my nose and give this MOD of Battlefield 4 a chance…until i found out someone at Visceral Games went Full r e t a r d by bringing one-sided politics into another cliché tale about another cop looking for payback from the chumps who p!ssed on his coffee and stole his box of donuts.

    Oh, and apparently anyone who’s not a lefty…Is nuts and racist.

    Save your money people.
    My .02

  • The hatred of some players are whats going to kill Battlefield.

    I have been playing BF 1942 on the PC and have ever since. I love the franchise and for them to try something different is fine by me.

    I can’t wait for Hardline!!!!

  • I wold definitely buy Deadspace: Hardline if it were to be made lol

  • hey I wouldn’t mind a Deadspace: Hardline either! Deadspace MP is lame so it could do with a Battlefield-esque MP mode.
    Battlefield on the other hand was doing fine before Visceral came along.

  • No offense but i started playing battlefield 4 and it was my first war game but this is just bull**** and advance war is thousand times better than this

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