Gallery: Destiny and Glacier White PS4 Bundle Out Now

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Gallery: Destiny and Glacier White PS4 Bundle Out Now

Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)

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If you want to save the galaxy from unimaginable evil and look good doing it, the Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle is the answer. And it’s out now, alongside Destiny!

Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)

Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)

At the heart of the bundle is the alluring and highly collectible Glacier White PS4, accompanied by matching DualShock 4. Crowning the bundle is a copy of Bungie’s ambitious sci-fi shooter — which includes exclusive multiplayer maps, exotic weapons and gear for PlayStation gamers. Get those full details here.

Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)

And if you want to take your Guardian out into the stars to compete against the best and brightest in Crucible or partner up for cooperative Strikes, the bundle comes with a 30-day trial of PlayStation Plus.

Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)

Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle (Glacier White)

The Traveler is waiting. Pick up the Destiny PS4 bundle tomorrow for $449.99 MSRP and prepare to traverse the stars in style.

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  • Please sell the special HDD covers/plates that Japan is getting. Since I doubt we’ll ever get special edition systems, because reasons, at least give us plate options.

    I mean sheesh. Tired of Japan only getting special edition systems. Nintendo gets that it helps to stimuate hardware sales. Yet Sony… nothing.

    We barely get colored controllers.

  • So I bought Destiny Digital on PS3 so I could also get the PS4 version. I have installed it on the PS3 and even tried it this morning and now the store says I have to buy it again for PS3 and wasn’t purchased can you please look into the issues with the Store. Thank you

  • Looks sweet! Any chance the white ps4 will be available on it’s own?

  • Already BROUGHT IT

  • Bring Beyond TWO SOULS TO PS4 NOW!!!

  • Sony needs to release the White as a stand alone.

  • Give Us MP3 & CD PLAYBACK NOW!!!

  • @2 I’m having the same problem. I can’t get my PS4 version because of taking part of that promotion. I also won’t be getting the preorder DLC on PS4 because it’s too late now. The store is also trying to charge me another 90 dollars for the PS3 version on top of another 90 dollars for the PS4 version

    Don’t bother contacting support. They’ll just tell you to wait til the store updates after 6PM Eastern time and try again. Even if you do get your PS4 version you won’t get that preorder DLC. Bungie and PSN should be ashamed of themselves for misleading their paying customers into buying something they didn’t want because it seemed like the better deal and not getting what they really wanted in the first place

    I hope everybody’s having fun playing Destiny right now because I sure can’t play something I paid for

  • WWE 2K15, Is Coming!! I NEED MP3 SUPPORT ON PS4 NOW!!!!


  • Destiny!

  • Dear SONY! You PROMISED Your CUSTOMERS MP3 Support & CD Playback in games ):

  • Dear Sony, Edge is not in WWE 2K15, How am I suppose to give him Metalingus? without MP3 )=

  • Sorry, I wasn’t angry just worried ):

  • stop quintuple posting

  • Or just stop posting in general.

  • ^^ that works too

  • @fistofdeath @BahumatIsBack Looks that all we bought PS3 Destiny Digital Copy on “Preorder” have the same problem. I hope Sony fix it today :(

  • When we getting the HBO GO app for the PS4

  • If we bought destiny through psn how do we receive the “playstation exclusives”?

  • @fistofdeath @BahumatIsBack @Charly_Corr do not worry

    About the PS3->PS4 Upgrade Bungie site says this:

    Q. If I pre-ordered the PlayStation®3 digital version, when will my PlayStation®4 digital version of Destiny be available?
    The PlayStation®4 digital upgrade will be available to you as close to launch as possible.
    We anticipate the PlayStation®4 version will be ready for you by Wednesday 9/10 at 6pm PDT,
    but please check back here for updates. Unfortunately, the PlayStation®4 upgrade will NOT be available for pre-order or pre-load.

    ready for you by Wednesday 9/10 at 6pm PDT,

    Wednesday 9/10 at 6pm PDT

    you can use this countdown:

  • Hello can anyone answer my question why is that if you buy the ps4 version in the psn store the size is like 16gb but I’m looking at the physical disk of the game on eBay and it says it’s 40gb minimum. What does that mean ? Why is the digital download less than the physical copy ?

  • @22
    PS3 Edition minimum Install space: 20 GB
    PS4 Edition minimum install space: 40 GB (almost every AAA game requares even if it is disk based game from 15~43 GB Install space

  • @KUDOUTAIKI – that is not what it said on Bungie’s own upgrade page. It was not transferred over from the FAQ page to the upgrade page. It also doesn’t say anything at all about receiving the PS4 version of the Vanguard Armory preorder DLC.

    It also does not address the fact that the store doesn’t even recognize that I bought the PS3 version in the first place, so it won’t recognize it if/when the upgrade option hits the store. Personally, I’m just waiting til after 6pm Eastern time so I can go back to PSN support and demand a full refund for not receiving what was advertised and what was paid for. This is not the first time I’ve had a problem like this with PSN preorders but it’s going to be the last. It’s not my responsibility to chase after them to receive items that I paid for in good faith. I have an XBox One as well as a PS4 and have no problem whatsoever with spending my money with the competition from now on

  • @23

    It’s funny, because when Destiny finished installing, it said (in the game’s page and in the data management section of System Settings) that it takes up 20GB.

  • “In addition, we’re **giving** access to our premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus, which includes games, huge discounts, exciting exclusives and added features like online storage and automatic downloads, to all PSN members for 30 days at no charge, **requiring no long term commitment**. As with the games above, go to the PlayStation Store and under the ‘Welcome Back’ section, select ‘PlayStation Plus: 30 Days Free’, and you’ll be given access to all of the benefits of PlayStation Plus. Note that this will not auto-renew and simply expires 30 days after activation.”


    When I purchased the PS4 bundle there was offer, acceptance, and consideration. There was a contract. I paid for this free trial.When I accepted the welcome back three years ago there was offer and acceptance but no consideration. It was a mere gratuity.

    I smell a class action lawsuit.

  • So, will the white Dualshock 4 become available for individual purchase later on?

  • Sid, I tried to buy Mirrors Edge from the sale today, about 12:30 pm pdt, and apparently the sale is not on the store anymore. When do these sales end? I thought it ends when the store is updated, but so far, it hasn’t been updated yet :/ I was really hoping to buy that game now, since I was finally able to cash my check and get funds onto my card :/

    • The Store updates throughout the day each Tuesday, so you might see things being added and removed throughout the day. We always aim to post here at 2pm Pacific, once we’ve verified everything is updated and ready to go. Sorry you missed out today — your best bet is to hop on the sales and such before we tick over to Tuesday, just to be sure.

  • @ BahumatIsWack

    Stop quadruple posting.

    This post is clearly advertising the bundle for sale. It has nothing to do with your little problem with PSN. How about you take your ass over to the appropriate thread in the support forum and keep your tears from spilling over where they don’t belong.


  • Well I’m sure whatever the problem people are experiencing will be fixed soon you just have to be patient.

  • Please release the White PS4 out by itself… I dont understand why SONY believes europe is the only place that will want white consoles. Same thing with the PS VITA… you offer colors in other regions but not in the USA. Bad marketing, bad decisions. Does SONY really think there is no market for different colors? Look at the iPod. People love colors / choice…thanks.

  • Save the childish name calling for the playground. This is/was the appropriate thread to bring up the problem seeing as it was the latest Destiny related thread and the only way to get any kind of response on here from staff and not from the little kiddies is to post on new topics within the first couple hours of the topic being posted. Tried going through PSN support and got nothing but the run around so a little bad press was the next logical step. Turned my PS4 on a few minutes ago and every bit that was owed to me was waiting in my Library. Didn’t even have to add it to my cart and buy for 0.00 like I normally have to do. They even went back and put the missing PS3 content on my download list

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease

  • Love the white ps4 it looks great. Too bad I have the black model.

  • I hate you Bungie! I’ve been in US, New York until last 15 of August… How I wish this bundle available! Now i’m in Brazil again, at least i can play (soon i hope) with a regular PS4 and payed U$ 100 in Destiny :/

  • It is sexy. I’m loving it

  • Super unimpressed with Sony.
    Played Destiny on my PS4 until I got to the city. Game console shut off and went into Safe Mode.
    Tried to fix via Internet and said “network was not responding”
    Waited for 37 minutes on hold for tech support.
    They said I could do via USB drive.
    that did not work.
    Now they said “it’s a software issue”
    I explained to them it’s got less than 60 or so hrs of use!!!!!!!!
    They told me I had to send it to them.
    I asked for a manager, they had nobody to help.
    I asked them to overnight the shipping box for me.
    Once again, they could not!!!!!!!!.
    Been waiting for a year to play this game and now I can’t do ****…….
    They only care about money and according to them the customer is not always right.


  • Was supposed to read “broken English speaking partners in India”

  • Loving the clean white finish, nice.

  • @ BahumatIsWack

    This IS the playground, stooge! What do you think we’re discussing here? Nuclear war?

    Did you forget that video games are the topic of discussion around here? THIS. IS. THE PLAYGROUND. Duh.

    But I guess you couldn’t figure that out since you’re the drama queen who NEEDS to make a mountain out of every molehill. Did you forget that video games are for fun?

    You’re always whining about this and that… a glitch here, a simple error there, whatever. As if you’re flawless. It always works out in the end but you can’t go back and remove the dampening effect you already had with your incessant crying (in the wrong place, to boot).

    The squeaky wheel only gets the grease when you take it to the place where the grease is available, goofball. Keep the complaints in the customer support arena where they belong.

  • Awesome!

  • I bought the bundle only and it’s awesome but I got mislead 1 the 30 day free ps plus is *only for new ps plus members which was not cool 2. The destiny copy disc says not for resale so if u plan on trading your copy at gamestop, best buy etc. etc. it is not gonna happen anyways It’s still a cool bundle.

  • Got it 2 Days ago. Looks crazy!

  • Digging that glacier white PS4 and DS4. It looks like a friggin’ Storm Trooper ;-)

  • Guys if somebody can answer my question it would really make my day.

    Ok so just today my ps4 broke, and now I’m thinking of getting the ps4 white, if I do buy a new system, since I bought the digital guardian edition for Destiny, will I keep my character and my pre order bonuses?

  • I had an horrible experience with this bundle and do not recommend that anybody gets it. I connected everything and when I put a bluray it frozed. Went back to the store and brought the second one and same thing happen. Tried the initiation again and nothing change. Gave up on the idea of watching blurays. The second and the most dissaponting problem was that I bought this bundle because of Destiny and can even play it. I thought it was for the multiple problems Destiny was confronting with the different codes of errors but even after the updates the error codes are still coming out and I’m not able to play. Also this PS4 has problems with connecting to the PSN. I’ve had had it, returning it to the store and getting my money back!!!!! Super disappointed!!!!

  • I agree with Jeisanl. I have had so many problems with the destiny glacier console. My husband has the standard black PS4 console and we definitely see a difference. My white box crashes several times a day!! And as others have mentioned elsewhere, like on reddit, this console makes a loud buzzing noise when a CD is spinning. Technology this new and expensive should not be doing that! I don’t understand why the white console is made with inferior technology than the standard black one??? I should have just got a black one and painted it white :P

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