Run Like Hell! Coming to PS Vita on September 16th

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Run Like Hell! Coming to PS Vita on September 16th

Hello, PlayStation.Blog. My name is Artur Gosk, producer at Mass Creation from Warsaw, Poland. You may remember me writing here last year about Draw Slasher — a one-of-a-kind arcade slasher on PS Vita. This time I’m here to introduce you to our latest Vita game: Run Like Hell!

Imagine you’re a fearless treasure hunter. Place yourself on a peaceful tropical island. Wait! What?! Spotted by a local tribe of hungry cannibals, you have two choices: check out if you taste okay with garlic, or Run Like Hell! Not quite a “joyrun,” you’d imagine. But hey, you got the adrenaline to speed up, and power-ups to slow down the pursuit.

Jump through hoops, slide under obstacles, and escape the pursuit while admiring a vivid tropical island in hand-drawn graphics through procedurally generated levels. You can sweat in a jungle, run through a calm village, avoid the sun in cool caverns, and even get melancholic at dusk on the beach. There’s a bonus level too, but it’s much cooler than you might expect.

Run Like Hell! offers 3 game modes: The Great Escape (story mode), Arcade (endless run on various locations), and Online modes containing Versus, Tournaments, and Challenges, where you can dare you friends to beat your records. You can even pick your preferable runner from 12 characters. If you’re into the challenge, climb up the global leaderboards and complete 50 objectives.

Run Like Hell! on PS VitaRun Like Hell! on PS Vita

Run Like Hell! will be available on PlayStation Store on September 16th.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave comments below. And remember to properly warm-up before the run — see you on the island.

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  • Looks like a blast so I’m in!! Love games like this for the vita. Kinda reminds me of bit trip runner and I loved that game!!! Keep the vita love coming and best of luck with the new game.

  • Oh wow. This looks like great fun! (I too loved BitTrip Runner.)

    Thanks for the Vita love.

    [ Love the line about ‘check out if you taste okay with garlic’. :-) ]

  • Multiplayer in an endless runner? That actually sounds pretty epic!

    Thanks for bringing this to Vita :)

  • Run Sackboy! Ru….. wait.. what?

  • I HATE endless runners… But this one looks pretty fun :)

  • If this costs more than 99 cents the devs are doing it wrong. A lack of major titles along with a bunch of high priced “Indie” apps that are free or cheap on smartphones but cost $5 or more on the Vita are a serious drawback for the system. If I want to play games like this I will do it on a phone or pad.

  • The multiplayer aspect looks pretty cool.

  • Thanks a lot for the comments :)

    For the good ones – I’m blushing ;) – and for the bad as well – it keeps us straight :).
    We’re happy you find it interesting and hope you’ll really enjoy it in less than 2 weeks.

  • My kinda game!

  • For those that have had a positive response to this game on the ps blog you guys need to spread the word & tell your friends also. There has been a lot of PS Vita games coming out even if it’s not the game they were looking forward to. These are still games that need to be tried out first.

  • I agree, partiallu, with what Elric_X said.

    Futher on, the problem is not those games being in vita, Ow Mary, the more the better :), sortta… but why would I pay 9/10 usd for a game in vita when it costs a lot less in a smartphone?

    I wouldn’t pay, but I know why it coats a lot more thou. Sales, sales and sales. It sells a lot more in a smartphone, price can’t be as low in vita as it would not make up for porting it, sad bad true :X

  • When I saw the words “Run Like Hell”
    I immediately started humming the song “Home”..

    Then I clicked the article. Of course we’ll forget about the pretty good PS2 game that had the same exact name.

  • Drake… Is that you?

  • Looks like a fun game to play on my way to work.

  • @ comment #12, ein_nineteenth: RLH on the PS2 is pretty awesome. Nice to see that I’m not the only one in here to have thought about it.

  • wooo i can’t wait!! Thank you!!

  • Woot Uncharted 4……… wait, When did Drake become an endless runner, Looks fun tho :)

  • Free on Android…. and stop deleting this comment.

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