Frozen Synapse Prime Hits PS Vita on September 23rd

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Frozen Synapse Prime Hits PS Vita on September 23rd

Earlier this month we announced the impending arrival of Frozen Synapse Prime on PS Vita, and now I’m back to tell you exactly when to expect it on PlayStation Store!

Our turn-based strategy title will be available on September 23rd for PS Vita. We’re also releasing Prime’s soundtrack on PSN; both on its own and in the Prime Soundtrack Edition as a bundle.

We appreciate everyone who has followed us so far and waited patiently through almost 2 years of development. Needless to say we’re excited to see it out on PS Vita this month!

This latest update comes with a trailer, touching on the story that lies within Prime and showing players what to expect when the game hits the store later this month.

For those new to the game, Prime is an asynchronous, turn-based strategy game that allows players to take on multiple matches simultaneously. It also features a rich single-player campaign set within a dystopian future, where you take on the role of a tactician to a resistance group attempting to prevent an evil corporation from taking over a city.

Frozen Synapse Prime on PS VitaFrozen Synapse Prime on PS Vita

We have a few more updates planned in the coming weeks leading up to launch. We hope to show you basic combat and planning, more on online multiplayer, and some advanced tactics to get you well on your way.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information!

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  • Nice looking game. Looking forward to it.

  • Loved Frozen Synapse on Steam! This looks like you improved the visuals quite a bit. Awesome!

    Anyone who likes tactical games NEEDS to pick this up. If it’s anything like the PC version, it’ll be one of the most tactical games you ever play.

    • Thanks for the love. Definitely! Almost nothing is taken away from the original game. But tons of stuff is improved or expanded. We’ve worked very hard with the original developers, our friends, Mode7, as well as some of the best players in the Frozen Synapse community.

  • Cannot wait for this to release! SO MUCH Indie love on vita.

    • Thanks dude, that means a lot. We’ve got mad love for the Vita too. We’ve had previous successes with Limbo, LBP and Shooter Ultimate on Vita. With Frozen Synapse Prime we’re really trying to play to the Vita’s strengths like never before – full touch controls that are intuitive and not gimmicky, pick up and play, easy to learn and challenging to master, and a social multiplayer design that creates unique experiences every time.

  • Hello all, I’m Gaz, Design Manager at Double 11 games, developers of Frozen Synapse Prime as you may have guessed ;-).
    As we’ve done in the past with Frozen Synapse Prime, I’ll be happy to answer as many questions as possible about the game over the coming days. Its a title we are really excited about!

  • Looks great! Nice graphics and strategy… You have my money guys! Hahaha and thank you for supporting the vita :)

  • I have been looking forward to this game, since it was announced. I bought the game on PC, but stopped playing it early when I heard it would be coming out on the PS Vita. I wanted to have the experience for my PS Vita, regardless if it is the same or not.

  • I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like ages!!

    And finally some new info and a release so soon. Thank you. Day one!

    • Thanks dude, They’ll be more to come soon too… focusing on some of the other components and features, as well as introducing some classic and new strategies in the game.

  • Also, is there a platinum to earn????

  • This game looks pretty great.

  • Looks good. Thanks for supporting PSVita. Few questions:

    1 – It will have a demo?

    2 – Price?

    3 – PSVita TV support?

    4 – Game size (megabytes)?

    5 – Ad-hoc multiplayer too?

    Thanks for reading.

    • Hi Malkavilis, no demo but we do want to do a lot more vids that show off and introduce elements of the game. Price is something that’s still being discussed. I can’t answer the other bits just yet, more new on multiplayer coming soon though. Those are some good questions ;-)

  • As someone who’s never heard of this game before, I cannot tell what is going on in that trailer. I hope you post a basic primer for game play. For the moment, I can’t tell if it’s my kind of strategy game or not.

    • I’m literally writing a storyboard for that now Akikbake for some more upcoming vids. This will focus on basics, commands new and old, and some advanced stuff later.

      The beauty is the game can be as basic or advanced as you like, against both humans in multiplayer or against AI. There’s a lot of hidden depth, yet i still get beat by new players who stick to the basic commands ;-).

      We’ve done a great deal to guide new players with new mission-based tutorials, difficulty settings, matchmaking, squad creation, a hints system, and balance campaign missions that teach along the way.

  • I’ve heard great things about frozen synapse but never got a chance to play it. Pumped to take it in the go! Thanks double 11, for this and all the other great stuff you keep bringing to vita

  • I am beyond thrilled that Frozen Synapse Prime is releasing on Vita in a couple weeks! I started playing X-Com on my PS3 a while ago and, although I never finished it, I fell in love with the gameplay. It was the first turn-based strategy game I’d ever played and I was amazed at how much that genre fit the type of gamer that I am (i.e., slow-paced, thoughtful and deliberate, very strategic). I always thought a game like X-Com would be a perfect fit for on-the-go gaming on the Vita (won’t buy it for IPad…need my trophies!). FSP, Inner City Kids, and Natural Doctrine look like games that are really going to fill an important (and currently empty) niche on my favorite system. Well done, Double Eleven! #VivaLaVita!

    • Great comment GStylez and thanks for the love. We feel the same and I’m a big XCOM fan too. FSP does draw a lot of similarities with XCOM, but what I loved about the original FS is that it put the full control or strategy in your hands. XCOM is a lot more casual and often kills can come down to some random code…of course XCOM is more about the story and class development. In FSP we wanted to ensure that when you make a kill you really feel rewarded for truly outwitting or predicting your opponents.

  • The vita desperaely needs a modern tactical turn based game, and this is a great one. Thanks for supporting the system! This is an instant buy for me, especially when it’s launching a day after my bday! :)

    • Happy Birthday for then ;-), and thanks very much dude for the support. Look no further for your tactical turn-based fix.

  • This looks really cool, any idea of the pricing? Will be picking this up on pay day.

  • Need some turn-based strategy games like this on my PS4, I really do!

  • Very excited that this finally has a date. I enjoyed the PC version. But, I can see myself enjoying the Vita version even more due to it’s pick up and play nature.. And kudos for putting thought into the solo campaign.

    • Thanks Anddo. Yeah this has been a real project of passion for us, there’s almost not a single part of the game we haven’t tried to improve, for fans of the original, newcomers, and our friends at Mode7.

      The Campaign is epic, a good 20 to 30+ hours of gameplay there, over tons of unique, story-driven missions. And then you can replay individual missions for better ranks and Trophies.

  • Sounds good :) thanks for the reply Gareth.

  • A developer name I am starting to take more and more notice of.

    Definately like your work, and some nice digital deals on extreme value games.

    Keep them coming.

  • Thanks guys for all the great Vita games. Also, will this be available at retail?

  • It’ll be a digital PSN title dude.

  • And for those that complain about Sony not supporting the PS Vita you might want to try reading because there are a lot of games coming to the platform. It’s good to see more games and a quality game indeed making its way to PS Vita!!!!!!!!

  • Preach tusunami! :)

  • Look really cool. Are the graphics rendered in Vita’s native display resolutions (960×544)?

    do the gyros tilt the camera?

    local ad-hoc play using AR cards would be really cool.

    • Thanks, no gyro tilting the camera. We tried a few ideas but everything felt a bit too gimmicky and camera control with the touch screen works really well. You can pan or pinch to zoom in or out of specific areas. It feels really intuitive. Of course the button input is also available, for those who want to control or fine-tune the camera that way.

  • Don’t own a Vita (not into Handheld gaming). But this game genre appeals to me.
    Please Consider a PS4 version so i can fill your pockets with my MoNey$ :)

  • I don’t ever say this but this is a day one purchase for me.

    Provided there are no online trophies of course…

  • I can’t wait to play this game!! Love the iPad and Steam version of it but an hoping that a retail might be coming as well… I’m old-fashioned and like collecting the cases cause it makes my bookshelf look cool :)

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