Frozen Synapse Prime Hits PS Vita on September 23rd

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Frozen Synapse Prime Hits PS Vita on September 23rd

Earlier this month we announced the impending arrival of Frozen Synapse Prime on PS Vita, and now I’m back to tell you exactly when to expect it on PlayStation Store!

Our turn-based strategy title will be available on September 23rd for PS Vita. We’re also releasing Prime’s soundtrack on PSN; both on its own and in the Prime Soundtrack Edition as a bundle.

We appreciate everyone who has followed us so far and waited patiently through almost 2 years of development. Needless to say we’re excited to see it out on PS Vita this month!

This latest update comes with a trailer, touching on the story that lies within Prime and showing players what to expect when the game hits the store later this month.

For those new to the game, Prime is an asynchronous, turn-based strategy game that allows players to take on multiple matches simultaneously. It also features a rich single-player campaign set within a dystopian future, where you take on the role of a tactician to a resistance group attempting to prevent an evil corporation from taking over a city.

Frozen Synapse Prime on PS VitaFrozen Synapse Prime on PS Vita

We have a few more updates planned in the coming weeks leading up to launch. We hope to show you basic combat and planning, more on online multiplayer, and some advanced tactics to get you well on your way.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information!

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