Ray’s the Dead Coming to PS Vita with Cross-Buy

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Ray’s the Dead Coming to PS Vita with Cross-Buy
Ray's the Dead

Hello again PS.Blog. This is Chris Cobb with Ragtag Studio, developers of the forthcoming PS4 title, Ray’s the Dead. It has been quite a while since we last updated you on our progress, so we have quite a bit of news to share today, including lots of new information on the game, and the announcement that we are bringing Ray’s the Dead to PS Vita!

Ray's the Dead

Ray’s the Dead was first announced for the PlayStation 4 at Sony’s E3 2013 Press Conference. Since that time, we have been hard at work at refining the controls, enhancing the features of our engine, expanding our arsenal of characters and fine-tuning the story. And finally, we’ve been developing the part of the game I’m most excited about, our flashback system!

I would like to refer to one of my favorite press quotes to tell you a little known fact about Ray’s the Dead: ‘Ray’s the Dead is a charming and thoughtfully constructed game that, while related to zombies, is really centered on the main character, Ray.’ -Cliqist. In Ray’s the Dead you not only play as Ray the zombie, but also as Ray the human. Much of the game is spent in fully playable flashbacks that tell the story of Ray’s past. These flashbacks are critically important to the game for a variety of reasons.

One, they let you meet first hand many of the characters from Ray’s past that you’ll also be meeting in the present. And second, they serve as a mechanic for unlocking Ray’s abilities. Extraordinary circumstances in the present will trigger flashbacks in Ray’s mind. While reliving these memories, Ray will ‘remember’ certain skills and abilities from his past, granting him the ability to use them in the present. You may be wondering what abilities Ray the human and Ray the zombie might have in common. Well, that’s part of the big mystery of the game, so you’ll have to play to find out!

We are also thrilled to announce that Ray’s the Dead will be shambling its way to PS Vita as a Cross-Buy title! Cross-Buy is one of our favorite features that many of today’s PlayStation releases share, so we are super excited to add Ray’s the Dead to that list. And let me tell you, this game looks gorgeous on Vita!

For those of you that had already planned to grab a copy of the PS4 version, surprise! Now you get the Vita version too!

We have a number of ideas we plan to implement in support of PS Vita’s unique features, including some degree of touch screen support, interaction between the Vita and PS4 version, and fully support for the upcoming PlayStation TV. We love Vita, and we want Ray’s the Dead to take advantage of all it has to offer.

You can help make that happen by grabbing a copy of the game off of our Kickstarter right now for less than what it will cost on release. This gives you a nice discount, and helps us make the game better – all at the same time. Everyone wins!

That’s all the news for now. I’ll be looking forward to your questions in the comments!

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  • Wow Awesome guys! I backed you guys when your kickstarter launched so i’m looking forward to this! Also please include a Platinum trophy for this awesome game!

  • Looks great, thank you for bringing this to Vita :)

  • That does look pretty crazy. and filled with brains. nice!

  • This looks cool. Thanks for bringing it to the Vita.

  • Don’t have a PS4, but have had this on my Steam wishlist for a year now! Thanks for bringing this to Vita!!!

  • Awesome! Thanks for bringing this to the Vita! I don’t like playing indie games on the consoles, they feel much more suitable for the Vita.

  • Backed both kickstarters. Stoked for cross-buy.

  • Thanks for bringing it to Vita. :3

  • Please add a platinum trophy

    • We would like nothing more than to add a Platinum. When the time comes, we will do everything we can do get one. Thanks!

  • Wow! Your game’s artwork looks like a cross between George Kamitani and Laika Studio. I love it! Looking forward to the release date. Gawking at your Kickstarter right now!

    • Thanks for the kind words Jake! I’ll pass your complements on to our artist Matt. And thanks for checking out the Kickstarter!

  • Thanks for the kind words Jake! I’ll pass your complements on to our artist Matt. And thanks for checking out the Kickstarter!

  • hey Chris Cobbs, when this game release on ps4 ? i love play this game. can’t wait to play

    • We don’t have a specific date, but we are targeting the middle of next year. Still have a ways to go, but we want it to be great before we release it! Thanks!

  • Looks pretty awesome. I remember this at E3 2013. :)
    I hope you guys get the framerate issues ironed out before launch. There is a very noticable drop in the trailer at 1:49.

  • Oooo, this looks good! I am LOVING this new paper-like visual style that has become popular as of late.

  • Just backed it on Kickstarter. :D

  • Thanks for the Vita support!! Happy to support a creative game like this, pledge has been submitted

  • Damn, middle of next year? I thought this post meant you were closer than that…

  • So basically a Summer 2015 release window. Thats a long shot ;(. But hey, gratz on putting the game on VITA.

  • Looks ok….thanks for bringing it to Vita…please release a demo upon release.

  • BTW I really like the art where he sees his human self in the puddle of water.

    • Thank you! We feel that image is a really good representation of the deeper side of Ray’s the Dead. Glad you like it!

  • Wow, this game has a charm about it that has me interested.

    • Glad to hear it Phoenix! It is hard to hold back all the cool things we are doing with this game, but we are confident that everyone on the fence will be quite surprised!

  • On the Kickstarter, it says, Under the Pledge $15 or more:

    “A digital copy of the game on your choice of Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) or PlayStation 4 ($5 less than our launch price of $20) ● Kickstarter exclusive alternate Ray skin. ● Your name in the credits.”

    Will this version of purchase include the cross-buy support?

  • Indiestation FTW!! XD
    But seriously this game looks pretty nice :)
    And since you’re supporting the psvita you have my sopport too and also my gratitude guys :)
    Keep it up! Good luck! ;)

  • Backed the Kickstarter and am looking forward to the game. I love the unique art style, which is hard in the crowded zombie genre.

  • Hi Chris – I was just reading about this on Kickstarter and Reddit yesterday. It looks awesome. I’m excited that you are bringing this to Vita and PS4. Will definitely back the Kickstarter. Keep us updated, best of luck, and add a Platinum trophy!!!

    • Thanks for saying so Dave, and so happy to hear you will back us! And thanks for the nice words!

      We will do all we can to get a Platinum in there!

  • This game seems legit. I’m glad that the ps vita and indie developers support each other. Looks like its gonna be a great addition to the PSN library. Lovin Ray and the art style! Keep up the good work, wish u guys and girls if there are any lol the best.

    • Thanks XSenshi! All your kind words are much appreciated!

      We do indeed have a girl on the team. Aenne Schumann is helping us out with writing.

  • I love all the 80s horror movie references. Pet Sematary, Phantasm, Return of the Living Dead punks. Can’t wait to play it on the Vita!!

  • I must say this looks very interesting & I can’t wait to play it when it releases!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like it was meant for android.

    I see IGC in its future.

  • Can’t wait untill its free :)

  • But CounterSpy was worth it, so We’ll see.

  • I don’t care about Platinum, some of the greatest PlayStation experiences lack one like Journey. Just focus on delivering a great game with a good trophy set, nothing time consuming or frustrating and I’m happy. Also a day one supporter ;)

  • Will it be Cross-Save as well? Game looks like a lot of fun, can’t wait to play it.

    • Sinistar – We really want to implement Cross-Save as well, but we can’t commit just yet. This is one of the features planned if we manage to hit our ‘Enhanced Vita’ stretch goal. Thanks!

  • Got my pledge! I am looking forward to this.

    Also, I read somewhere (on their kickstarter page) that if you choose the PS4 version you get the Vita version as well.

    • Thank you DarkScollo!

      Yes that is correct. Because the game is cross-buy, getting the PS4 version through our Kickstarter also gets you the Vita version. We love that!

  • I never heard about this one before but I have to say I love it. Definitely looking forward to it.
    By the way I love the soundtrack, is it on soundcloud or something?

    PD: I checked your website and see you guys were the developers of Unstoppable Fist, haha, loved that game on the iPhone.

    • Thanks for the kind words! We haven’t uploaded the soundtrack anywhere other than our Kickstarter page so far. We’ll probably wait till closer to release to make the entire package available.

      Wow, thanks for the complement on Unstoppable Fist! Not many people have played that one! :)

  • I checked the Kickstarter page, no wonder the song reminded me of old good school awesomeness like Double Dragon/TMNT: TIT and all that SNES era some of us grew up with.
    A last question, will the soundtrack be available in FLAC? I assume it will be, checking the guy’s page on band camp and his current albums (the composer of that song).

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