Destiny: Exodus Blue Video Walkthrough

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Destiny: Exodus Blue Video Walkthrough

Within the shadow of a great Golden Age colony ship, Guardians hold blood-pounding contests of skill in memory of Exodus Blue, and all the ship represented. This mid-sized, infantry-focused competitive map is exclusive to PlayStation until Fall 2015, and has been optimized for both 3-on-3 and 6-on-6 matches. With the launch of Destiny just days away, we take a closer look at this exclusive Crucible map and what secrets it has in store for aspiring Guardians.

Like Bungie’s previous works, Exodus Blue is built with intricate exteriors and set before gorgeous backdrops. The map supports five different game modes (Skirmish, Control, Salvage, Clash, and Rumble) and has been designed with all three Guardian classes in mind.

Enjoy our video walkthrough for a look at Exodus Blue, and prepare to fight back the darkness when Destiny launches on September 9th for PS4 and PS3.

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  • This map looks SO similar to the Old Russia map from the beta, I had a hard time telling the difference in the video. Hope no one is getting this game for the exclusive* content.

  • Just let me play.

  • “Please consult the doctor if you experience hype for more than 4 hours”

    Yeah, I already have a doctor appointment Tuesday afternoon, thanks Bungie.

  • the 9th taunts me

  • midnight tuesday morning the Ghost edition will be mine.

  • Then my life will be over.

  • I’m so readyyyyyyyy

  • I hope that last comment isn’t true. I hope raid gear will be better than free DLC gear. This is a disturbing thought…

  • I really wish Sony could figure out a way to unlock digital editions by local time. I’m east coast so my digital edition doesn’t unlock until 3 am for me. :(

  • Sigh… Destiny looks decent but as for the competitive mode – similar to COD, there is too much randomness.

    Look at the 2:03 minute mark in the video to see what i mean, or just read what I quoted below:

    – “One RANDOM bullet in the magazine causes considerable bonus damage.”

    – “TWO MORE RANDOM bullets in your magazine deal considerable bonus damage.”

    I feel that these shooters have become less and less about competitive skill and more+more about “luck” and randomness. I’m making a video about this which will be done in a couple days, and I hope some developers will see it. I hope developers will start to shift the way they think about “competitive” modes in games. Luck/randomness has nothing to do with skill, and it seems games are adding more of these things in the past couple years. Hopefully we can get the tide to turn, because I miss the strictly skill based games and I think players would find those kinds of games more fun / more fair / more rewarding.

  • Time to get back in that cryogenic chamber I built for the PS4 announcement.

  • Will there be an audio profile in the Headset Companion App for Destiny?

  • Het Ryan, my Guardian is a pessimistic, depressed alcoholic. Don’t tell me how to play! :)

  • Please excuse me but I need help : I bought Zen Pinball’s guardians of the galaxy in the ps4 store but I don’t have it for free for my vita… Please HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!

  • I can’t fine Ghost edition anyway, i really want one. :(

  • It’s only a matter of time before I go into hermit mode, forget about my non-gaming friends, and distance myself further from my family…and it will all be worth it.

  • I guess I need to consult a doctor since my hype as been about 2 years

  • My body is ready, and so are the rest of my clan members!

    If you need a group to play with and are usually available on Sunday nights, check out RebelAllianceClan (dot) com to join our band of guardians!

  • I want exclusive OP gear O.o sooo not fair

  • #soon….now you are picking on me.

  • i’m getting the destany ps4 bundle on my birthday….. which just so happens to be september 9th. lol!

  • This will be most awesome & will be probably my most played game when this comes out. As well as I will get a Astro headset for this as well & increase my hard drive to 2tb for my games of course. Good times indeed are on the way but one thing I’m curious about is how will they address people with bad internet & of course the cheaters.

  • hmmm why does this game remind me of Appleseed so much :)

  • So I went I the doctor because i was feeling anxious and depressed turns out i just had a severe case of cantwaitfordestinyitus

  • Can’t wait for next week! Got that Ghost edition on pre-order and I’m totally ready to dominate in the crucible. Destiny will blow my mind.

  • Can’t wait till Tuesday.

  • Commenting from the Emergency Hype Unit, about to be put in a medically induced coma until Tuesday, hopefully ev-NURSE WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH MY PHONE MY DESTINY APP IS ON THAT

  • You should make a two to three hour hype movie for the customers that you screwed over sony! Making people who bought the digital copy of Destiny wait until midnight Pacific Time to play is retarded. Three quarters of the online gaming community lives in the Eastern and Central time zones! Sony Online Entertainment is the best description of a bad business. They repeatedly waste their profits on projects that could have been used to reinforce their infrastructure and expand their brand. Placing a server hub in the EST area would eliminate stress on their network. It will also let people play day one digital games at midnight local time, not PST. Most people felt like they were tricked into buying preorder digital games and then told that they couldn’t play it until midnight PST, which is 3am EST or 2am CST. Destiny is GAME OF THE YEAR! Causing an overwhelming majority of the people who purchased Destiny from the psn store to wait one minute longer than they should is inexcusable! And to add insult to injury, Sony overs NO RETURNS OR MONEY BACK! SHAME ON YOU! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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