Murasaki Baby Hands-on: Strange New Worlds

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Murasaki Baby Hands-on: Strange New Worlds

Here’s the thing about PS Vita exclusive Murasaki Baby: it’s one of the strangest, most subversive games I’ve played. It seems like studio Ovosonico designed it to deliberately get under the skin of established game conventions, and the result is something I’ve never quite seen before.

You don’t directly control the titular Baby, for instance; instead, you lead her through a disturbing world solely using PS Vita’s front touchscreen and rear touchpad (that’s right: no buttons or analog sticks at all). As the game progresses, Baby learns from your interactions and gradually becomes a bit more independent.

The game’s universe is the real star, starting with the lively sketch-like art direction of the environment and its characters. From the ominous landscapes — which look like Tim Burton fever dreams — to the grotesque character designs, Murasaki Baby is a study in how to make cute creepy.

Watch my playthrough of the game’s first chapter to see why Murasaki Baby is worth keeping an eye out when it lands on PS Vita this September.

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  • I’ve had my eyes on this game for a while now. looks awesome and want it as part of my vita collection

  • When is release date?

  • how long is the game? and came we please get more freedom wars coverage, it’s the only AAA game sony has for the vita. the only….

  • Great video. I love seeing gameplay while hearing your commentary Sid. I think this game is looking really good. Short. Sweet. To the point. Interesting world and control scheme. I can’t wait for release.

  • I wasn’t interested before but after watching this hands-on, I am intrigued. I may give it a shot.

  • I thought this game was gonna be lame and kiddie but after watching this gameplay now it has my atention :p

  • This is but one of the many reasons I love my Vita. Sony does a great job of encouraging novel IP. This looks fantastic.

  • I want to hate this because I don’t really like touch controls, but I have to say I’m now sold. The design is enough to draw me in. The different backgrounds in particular feels really fresh to me.

    • I was trying to describe the game to a friend earlier. It’s got a little bit of Out of This World / Another Workd, a little bit of Oddworld.

  • Can we get some real games for the Vita?
    Doki Doki, singing monsters, swapper, miami hotline…
    I did play Miami hotline and LOVED it… but I bought PS Vita to play REAL games… not retro Atari

    we want Uncharted, Gravity Rush, God of War, Killzone, Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts…
    What happened to you? it’s unbelievable how disappointing it is!!!!

    stop posting crap adn then claim “many games coming to Vita”./. these are not games!!!!!
    sorry! but not sorry!!!
    I wish I had a Bandai console, they make the best games so far.. but it’s not enough! I want more Uncharted and Devil May Cry for Vita… no Murasaki Baby! And I hate those pretentious guys here who will say “speak for yourself, I don’t want Uncharted”
    More Freedom Wars, Ratchet, Spyro, Ni No Kuni, DMC, Bayonetta, Type-0

    even iOS and Android have better games and free games!!!!!!!!!
    Enough with indie games… Stop it!!
    Can we get a Rime port? The Last Tinker?

    seriously someone should nail Sony for this false advertisement

  • @ Amir_G_M_US – you brought wrong platform my friend – just buy PS4 and use Remote Play.

    Vita have very, very balanced library of games and two or three AAA titles per year is more than enough.

    Also, Murasaki Baby is day one for me after debut trailer at gamescom a couple years ago.

  • I agree with @10. I have my PS3/4 for those games and I can remote play. The games I have loved the most on my vita are the ones that I can relax on my bed or couch and just enjoy (Tearaway). And there are still games out there. Freedom Wars looks to be exactly that. Borderlands just came out for it. Killzone isn’t that old and it was highly rated. Gravity Rush 2 is in the works.

  • Looking forward to this. It looks awesome. :D

  • @#10 & #11 I agree with #9. I get tired of people talking about remote play. I didn’t buy my Vita to play at home, I bought it for when I travel. Majority of the time I don’t have access to the Internet when Im on the road. I play my consoles at home and portables when I’m away. Last year look at what was offered. The Amazing Spiderman, Sly4, Dragon’s Crown,Y’s, Killzone, Muramasa, Batman AOB, Rayman Legends, Injustice, and Tearaway just to name a few. This year can’t even compare. I did buy FFX & X-2, God of War Collection, and the Sly Collection. Right now the only two games I’ve preordered are Freedom Wars and Tales of Hearts R. I’m tired of getting my hopes up every time there’s a gaming convention. For the record I tried Limbo, Machinarium, Spelunky, Fez, kyntt, Stealth Inc., and Zombie Tycoon. Not my cup of tea. The Vita is not the same system it was when it launched so some people fill misled on their purchase.

  • I agree with #9 and #13

    And to complete, I haven’t a HD TV and it’s awful to play today’s game on it! I can’t read the text and some map or inventory! I won’t buy a new tv to play some hours at home…and I also want to play in the metro or in the hotel during work moving! I bought a vita cause sony promised us at least a handheld ps3 and now I have to play 2D pixel games without real story and charismatic characters!
    So stop saying many games are coming because it’s not that games people want!
    Really disappointed! And I don’t even know if my futur consol will be the PS4 (and I am really “loyal” to sony since the beginning…Psone, PS2, PS3….and now?)

  • Wow, i wasn’t interested in this game at all… but this video just placed it on my to-buy list. It looks awesome!!!

    And SMG @ all of the Whiners about the lack of AAA Vita games, the market just isn’t there for them unfortunately, they’re not about to invest large amounts of money on AAA games that not a lot of people are going to buy, i hate it but it is what it is, people are dumb and prefer to play on their crappy smartphones and stuff, just be glad we’re getting new games on the Vita at all regardless of their caliber.

  • *Meant SMH…

  • And people complain that Sony has given up on the PS Vita how do they figure when games are coming out for it left & right Lol.

  • love the art style, and the description of Another World meets Oddworld puts it on my day1 list.

    lots of classic adventure game-y announces today on the blog. maybe Sony can get Disney/LucasArts to release their HD/Special Edition of Day of the Tentacle on Vita/PS4, as well? :)

  • “it’s one of the strangest, most subversive games I’ve played” …
    You clearly haven’t played more than a few games in your life, isn’t it?

  • + TeamGreen615 @13
    I agree with you!!!

    and I will keep posting the same post everytime Sony lunches crap games and they say “there is a huge library of games coming to Vita”

    the only games coming are Freedom Wars and Tales of Hearts R…
    the rest are MINIS!!!! not GAMES!!!

    It’s unbelievable

  • One of the very few vita games im interested in. After this and velocity 2x, its.done.

  • This and Freedom Wars are why I’m jealous of everyone attending PAX Prime. I want to play this so badly!

  • Love the look of this game, can’t wait to play it.

  • First game iv seen that makes me want a vita.

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