PlayStation at PAX Prime 2014

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PlayStation at PAX Prime 2014

PAX Prime is nearly here, and we’re bringing the goods. If you’re headed to Seattle this year, swing by the PlayStation booth (#122) to play more than 30 new and unreleased games like Bloodborne, The Order: 1886, Until Dawn, LittleBigPlanet 3, Far Cry 4, Secret Ponchos, Axiom Verge, Apotheon, and Helldivers. WHEW! In addition to playable games, we’ll have some fun activities in our booth and panel sessions. See below for all of the info.

As you may have seen, we announced a bunch of games on PlayStation.Blog this morning, including Salt & Sanctuary, which will be playable in the Indie Megabooth at PAX. While you’re there, check out some other indies coming to PlayStation platforms, including Assault Android Cactus, Nom Nom Galaxy, and Titan Souls.

Booth Activities

The Order: 1886 -- Galahad Contest Signed PS4
  • Tim Schafer from Double Fine will be in the booth on Friday and Saturday from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. to sign special posters for Grim Fandago Remastered. The posters will be in limited supply, so come early for a chance to get one!
  • Visit The Order: 1886 area for a chance to win a PS4 signed by members of the development team, Ready At Dawn. We’ll have all the details on how to win the console in our booth, though it may involve wearing #TheGalahad…
  • All PAX goers are welcome to come by our booth for some four-player, Freedom Wars co-op. On top of that, fans that preorder the game at the show will walk away with this extremely limited PAX-Exclusive Freedom Wars t-shirt, featuring the ever so charming Percy Propa! For the Greater Good!

Freedom Wars and PAX

PAX Prime Lineup – PlayStation Booth

Game Platform
Bloodborne PS4
Until Dawn PS4
The Order: 1886 PS4
LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4
Driveclub PS4
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition PS4
inFAMOUS First Light PS4
Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- PS4
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition PS4
Far Cry 4 PS4
Broforce PS4
Escape Goat 2 PS4
Helldivers PS4
Nidhogg PS4
Secret Ponchos PS4
N++ PS4
GALAK-Z: The Dimensional PS4
Axiom Verge PS4
Apotheon PS4
Nuclear Throne PS4
Chasm PS4
Spelunky PS4
The Talos Principle PS4
Tetris PSTV
Danganropa 2: Goodbye Despair PSTV
Murasaki Baby Vita
Minecraft Vita
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Vita
Natural Doctrine Vita
Tales of Hearts R Vita
Freedom Wars Vita

PlayStation Panels

How Media Molecule Made the Fourth-Wall-Breaking Papery World of Tearaway

Panelist: James Spafford [Community Manger, Media Molecule]
Date: Saturday 8/30
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
Location: Sandworm Theater
Description: Tearaway is a game about a little messenger in a papery world held entirely in your hands, with a fourth wall breaking design that makes you as much a part of the story as your little messenger friend. Learn how we designed and built a realistic paper world that flexes, folds, tears and crumples at your very touch, how paper influenced every part of the game’s construction from the art style, to the sound effects, music and UI, and what’s next for the world of Tearaway.

Grim Fandango: Bringing the Dead Back to Life

Panelists: Tim Schafer [President & CEO, Double Fine Productions], Peter Chan [Concept Artist and Illustrator], Peter McConnell [Composer, Little Big Note Music], Matt Hansen [Executive Producer, Double Fine Productions], Gio Corsi [Director of Third Party Publishing, SCEA]
Date: Saturday 8/30
Time: 4:30PM – 5:30PM
Location: Main Theater
Description: In 1998, Tim Schafer released Grim Fandango, his final game at Lucas Arts before leaving to start Double Fine Productions. The game saw great critical success and has gone on to be considered one of the great classics. Now, over 15 years later, the game is being re-released as Grim Fandango Remastered, debuting on PlayStation 4 & Vita. Join a panel consisting of both the game’s original creators and the team responsible for the new release as they discuss the game’s original development, their feelings on the game looking back, and how they are approaching development on the new release!

Can’t wait for PAX Prime to start – I’ll be there, so come by and say hi!

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4 Author Replies

  • As usual, way more PS4 love than Vita. =(

    Why are Tetris and Dangan Ronpa 2 listed as PSTV (VITA TV more like) and not Vita?

    And wait a second, Unfinished Swan IS coming to Vita? Or just a typo?
    Cause you announced as PS4 only before… like Papers Please, which is actually Vita only.

  • Dem Vita games look hawt.

  • @1: They’re listed as PSTV because they’re going to be showcased via a PSTV– Vita TV would be confusing to the general US public because Sony fails to market the Vita adequately. They had recent failure with mass advertising with PSP GO and also CoD: Declassified, but don’t realize that that had little to do with advertisement failures and more to do with product quality. :)

  • Unfinished Swan is coming to Vita? Where have I been?

  • Is it me of Percy Propa looks like Teddie from Persona 4?

  • I really hope that Secret Ponchos is coming out soon. The delay and focus on PC has been annoying, especially when there could also be a beta for PS4.

  • Please announce new AAA games for PS Vita
    Vita owners deserve that after previous ignoring at E3 and Gamescon.

    We want GTA inFamous and Resident Evil on Vita

    Maybe even you can buy them this time.

  • Any Ratchet and Clank at Pax?

  • That’s a great list of games!

  • Unfinished Swan for Vita, that´s good news!

  • Man, why can’t there be a gaming convention in NYC?!

    • I hear ya! New York Comic Con usually has some gaming stuff, or you could take the train up to Boston for PAX East in April. :)

  • REALLY wish those panels were streaming via PSN so I could watch them at home tomorrow. Much love & respect for both Media Molecule and Tim Schafer.

  • getting to play Bloodborne justifies the amount of money I spent for this in an of itself. STOKED.

  • Sony, I am VERY…UPSET!!!…that you were not at Comic-Con this year. Yet here you are at PAX! PAX!!! Why PAX and not Comic-Con?!? Comic-Con is far superior to PAX in every way, shape and form. >_<

  • This looks fun! Please have this kind of showing at PAX East, too :-)

  • about helldivers…you guys said summer of 2014 and summer is nearly over ): don’t do this to me. take my money!!!

  • @1 They’re listed as PSTV because that’s what Sony is going to demo the games on.

    @3 PSPgo came out five years ago. That’s not really recent anymore.

  • Notice they removed Unfinished Swan from the Vita list. Something leaked too early?

  • I hope with those games come RELEASE DATES. Seems like most of them have been in development hell for the PS4.

  • @14 Comic-con better than PAX? Please. This caters to the demographic much more easily. That said, it would have been best if they attended this year, but oh well.
    I’m hoping there will be some giveaways, it was pretty dry last year. 2011 had a ton of shirts, one of which I’ll be proudly wearing tomorrow- Starhawk!

  • @FearMonkey ,

    Comic-Con despite what the media wants you to believe is COmic and Sci-Fi convention not a video game convention. YEs, they are there, but not focus of the convention. PAX is all about Penny Arcade and Video Games. This is the place to bring your games and show them to the gamer.

    Should they have been there? Sure, could they have been there? DOn’t know. But PAX makes sense.


    I’m still rocking my KItty got wet, LBP Kart racing, Killzone, and LBP zipper shirt.

  • Please announce some good games for the Vita. I like Indies but that (and JRPGs) seems to be the only things coming out. I want AAA games or big name games like Resident Evil, Infamous, GTA or NBA. Come Sony, you need at least one AAA game for Vita soon. And no, I would not count Freedom Wars as a big name game. BTW, I was very impressed with GOW, Ratchet and Sly Collections for the Vita. I wouldn’t mind more of those; perhaps Ico, Shadow of Colossus, Splinter Cell Collection (from Ubisoft), Pac Man CE, Closure, and most importantly San Andreas HD would also be welcomed. I know that some of those are from other publishers/developers, so get Capcom, EA, and 2K (Rockstar) to come back to Vita. I know that you say that you have tons of games coming out for Vita but the games (mentioned above) are what are really needed for Vita right now. As far as PS4, I am happy with what you have done and have planned. Just fix the Vita game situation. Thank you.

  • Grim Fandango Remastered is coming to Vita as well? Thats Awesome! ! “Now, over 15 years later, the game is being re-released as Grim Fandango Remastered, debuting on PlayStation 4 & Vita.”

  • @21 – Maybe if I had explained better you would understand. Every major videogame company was at Comic-Con this year *EXCEPT* Sony. Nintendo had a huge presence with the Smash Bros tournament. Microsoft was there with a huge lounge full of games and they were giving away consoles in drawings and such. Capcom, Bamco, and a bunch of others were there. But no Sony. That is EMBARRASSING!!!

  • Super excited for that Vita lineup! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • WHERE the heck is Planetside 2?! It was supposed to be out early this year and now we don’t even hear about it anymore. Besides, the game is already complete, it’s just a port we’re waiting for. What’s going on?

  • Driiiivecluuuub!

  • Amazing vita games… I’m so getting freedom wars and natural doctrine! And grim fandango is wwoooaaahh orgasmic. The vita is anything but dead haha

  • Nice. I envy whoever wins that PS4.

  • All I want is info on starbound, but they seem to have gone radio silent.

  • Damn! PS4 is really taking over PS3 this time.

  • Where is Unfinished Swan for Vita? Yesterday’s title was listed… :<

  • Okay, real talk: When does Spelunky come to the PS4?

  • Put that shirt in the Sony store I’ll buy it.

  • @FearMonkey,

    Fair enough. It sound as if they missed on an advertising opportunity.

    These conventions cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend, they only have so much budget to go around. Not sure why, but Sony thought it okay to miss the SD Comic Con.

    I had attended the SDCC since it’s start back in 1970’s. They added Sci-Fi stuff in a few years later. It stayed that way until a few years ago, when they had the Games added. Incredible convention, but it’s not your target audience.

  • Where’s all the Rpg’s? Yeah, they have Tales chillin’ way down at the bottom of that list, but what about everything else?

  • Looking forward to LBP3, Driveclub and especially N++ !! Awesome stuff

  • Well… nothing surprising – it’s a good lineup though
    Sadly, these are the only REAL GAMES coming to Vita anytime soon

    Disney Infinity 2 coming to Vita isn’t it???

    Some people should really pull the trigger on Square Enix to release a Type-0 for Vita!
    Same applies for Sega not releasing any Phantasy Star game, both Nova and Online 2 are great – I wish we had them.
    Bandai guys are doing a great job and bringing the best Vita titles to date. Yet I was expecting a Tales Of Innocence R localization and Digimon.

    Sony… Will you produce and develop a REAL game for the Vita?
    Murasaki is not a game, sorry.. but not sorry… it’s a MINI

  • go to Spokane WA, i hate Seattle WA, its the worst place in washington

  • Can’t see getting excited over that lineup…..honestly other than The Order.
    Might have miseed a few, but not seeng anything worth buying a PS4 over anytime soon.

    Or anything on Vita, though alot of those titles will be on it.
    Maybe Helldivers, but we’ll see.

    This week sales….not for me anyway. CODMW3 shouldn’t be any higher than $5-7.50

    Found that Sly Cooper 1 is pretty good – (even though my kids aren’t playing the PS3 version they said they really wanted), after that last sale.
    And still working on FFX, and still loving it, on the sale before that.

    If you guys can’t give us developers willing to really use the Vita, atleast give us more PS2 HD games.
    Maybe even get some talent to create a few.

    I am not expeting miracles on Vita hardware, but a few PS2 maximized for the Vita, and some HD remakes should not be beyond you.

  • Old school multiplayer RPG on kickstarter is just a few hundred dollars shy of it’s PS3/PS4 funding currently support this awesome game! :D

  • @39 I’d be happy with moar PS2 HD games on Vita. I’m now whittling through FF X-2 HD on it, after finishing FF X HD. Some GTA, SMT Raidou Kuzunoha HD, Bioshock iOS, Battlefront 2 (complete with online PSN play), and FF XII International Edition HD.

  • Will there be any more info about update 2.0 at PAX?

  • I really enjoyed playing The Order:1886 and Drive Club! Also found this sweet little gem of a game called Galak-Z! Very fun! Thanks for bringing your toys and sharing them with us!

  • Does some games absorbed on “ps4” label (axiom verge, for example) also mean will be playable for Vita (when it applies)?

  • Great list by the way :)

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