Nidhogg Coming to PS Vita: Cross-Buy, Online Play, and More

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Nidhogg Coming to PS Vita: Cross-Buy, Online Play, and More

We are super stoked to announce that Nidhogg is coming to PS Vita, and it will be released simultaneously with the PS4 version! It will be cross-buy, so if you grab one you’ll get both the PS4 and PS Vita versions. How dope is that?!

If you haven’t heard of Nidhogg yet, thats cool. Its been around the PC game world for a while, and at super awesome parties around the world. Its a two player fencing/fighting game where the ultimate goal is to get eaten by a massive pink dragon: the Nidhogg.

Nidhogg on PS Vita

Nidhogg on PS VitaNidhogg on PS Vita

Nidhogg is pretty much the ultimate party game, but you can also practice in single player mode against an AI opponent or play with friends or randos online. When you inevitably have a Nidhogg party, there’s a built in tournament mode for 3-8 players. We had some crazy high stakes tournaments at EVO. You can also toggle a bunch of different variants on and off, or combine them for endless weirdness (baby mode + spine swords?).

The soundtrack consists of four dynamic (epic!!!) electronic tracks by the world-famous musician Daedelus. The music track levels change based on the action onscreen, so it’s always (subtly!) changing. You’ll never hear the same exact version twice! Take a listen to the clouds level here

PS Vita is a great way to play Nidhogg. You can play in single-player mode against AI opponents, of course, but you can also connect to PSN over wifi and play against all the other players out there, whether they’re on Vita or PS4. The PS4 version works online as well, and you can even play online across systems (Vita vs PS4!!). If you’re out of wifi range and you just want to play someone on the bus you can do that in Vita to Vita ad-hoc mode. If you just have one Vita and two people, you can still play! The left stick controls one player and the right stick controls the other!

Our company, Messhof, has been working with Code Mystics to bring out Nidhogg for PS4 and Vita, and we can’t wait to share it with you! See you online!

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