Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer Coming to Vita

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Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer Coming to Vita

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Greetings, everyone! This is Shyla, Playdek’s Community Manager, and I’m here to share some exciting news with you all. Currently our team is busy working on bringing our award-winning game Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer to PS Vita! But what is Ascension, and what exactly is a “deck-building” game?

To put it simply, a deck-building game is a game where players take turns adding cards to their own playable decks. Players start with identical cards in their decks which places each player on an even playing field. In Ascension, you and your opponent will start with 10 cards in your deck and will use these decks to draw cards to create your hand.

By playing your cards, you’re given either a special ability to use during your turn such as adding more cards to your hand, or the cards may generate Runes or Power which allow you to purchase or defeat cards in the Center Deck.

Purchasing cards with Runes will usually provide you with a special ability of some sort that you can use to aid you in your game, while defeating a card with Power removes the card from the game and will award you with Honor Points which are used to score the game. The strength of the decks the players create will be based off of their decisions during their turns.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Since both players create their decks during gameplay instead of prior to the game, they both have an equal opportunity to acquire the same cards, and this means that strategies will need to be devised on the fly in order to remain one step ahead of your opponent. It sounds pretty simple and honestly it can be, however the more you play and understand the mechanics of the game, the more you’ll see that truly great players need to learn the cards and formulate multiple strategies to help them succeed.

There’s so much more I want to tell you about Ascension, such as its incredible AI for solo play, the fact that the game will have at least 5 expansions ready to go, and a built-in tournament system to help you play against other across the globe; however I’ll save that for another time.

I can’t wait to start sharing more with you all about this amazing game as time goes on, and to keep you all posted on development. So if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section!

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Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to get this game out into your hands.


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  • Surely this will stop some of the b*tching from the Vita users.

  • Picking cards from the same pool at the start of the match sounds pretty interesting!

    Also, thank you for including solo play! Always nice just in case I suck and multiplayer but still enjoy the game enough to want to play. lol

    • Lucky for you, the AI in Ascension has received great recognition over the years, so hopefully you will enjoy playing solo as much as you will with friends!

  • As a table top gamer I would like to say that Ascension is a really great game. In fact it is even better digitally I would argue. It is my go to game on my smart phone to kill time because it is so easy and quick to play and start. The art in the game is really great and worth some praise as well. I highly recommend it to Vita users. If you are unsure about it or just want to try it, the base game is free on both Android and Apple devices. So give it a go.

    • Thank you for the kind words and for sharing this information! It is really amazing to see so many of you genuinely excited to have this game on your PS Vita!

  • YES! A deck building game for my Vita! Thanks for posting Shyla; I can’t wait to hear more and to play. And thanks Bad_Brains for the info on the mobile version.

    Shyla: will the mobile account be able to connect to the game on the Vita? Also, will you only be able to play against other Vita players or will the game connect to mobile users as well?

    • These are some great questions @neoprime33! We are still working out the details to see what we will be able to do regarding current accounts and playing with others on different platforms, so as we gather this information we will be sure to share it with all of you! Thanks for sharing your excitement!

  • Please, please, please don’t make this a free to play-garbage game. The whole buying cards with runes sounds like there’s a potential free to play element. Just charge us for the game and make it enjoyable like the yu gi oh and magic the gathering games.

    • I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about. As others pointed out, the runes mentioned in the post are an actual game mechanic and there is no way we would be able to turn the runes into a free-to-play element without ruining/changing/destroying this amazing game. We believe in quality products and hopefully this transition to the PS Vita will be just the beginning. Thank you for posting up this concern however, I appreciate being able to address them to see if I can’t help.

  • Nice. I haven’t played a good Card Battler game in a while. This sounds really interesting.

  • @5

    Free-to-play garbage game?!?! Did you do any research about this or do you make knee-jerk reactions to sound cool?

    Ascension is one of the best tabletop and “deck-building games” around and for them to put this out on the Vita is amazing. There are no free-to-play mechanics at all. A definite must buy for me. Continue the great work!

  • @Vin_Dcator
    Runes are part of the game itself. Not something you buy outside of the game. You use runes to get cards and such. It’s a deck building game, runes allow you to get cards for your deck. Making it more powerful. No real world money for runes.

  • @1 Not really, this has been out on iOS for a very long time. Its a great game, I have all the expansions, but not really gonna make a dent with the “vita only has ports crowd”…cause ya’s a port from a mobile phone.

    • We won’t know for sure how this community will react unless we take the chance, and so far it has been overwhelmingly positive. We are so delighted to see so many of you here sharing your excitement for this game, so hopefully this excitement will only continue to grow as we reach the launch date.

  • I really like the tabletop game. I guess this will come down to how you handle multiplayer for me. I don’t think I would care about playing against the computer.

    • Our current games allow for asynchronous play so you can play against friends online, and I don’t see why this version will be any different. We also have a few features in the works to enhance multiplayer and competitive play, so over the next few months I will be sure to share these features with you so you have a better idea of whats coming.

  • Wow.

    Playdek has been my favorite company on iOS. I love all of your games (except for Cant Stop though, I have no idea what that game is until now). Congrats on porting to Sony.

    Do port Agricola and Lords of Waterdeep too.

    And good luck with the highly successful kickstartered project.

    • We will see what the future holds for us after this release. We would love to bring more products over and this is just the beginning! And yes, we are very excited about Unsung Story and can’t wait to see how that game develops!

      Also on a side note, I found out recently that I am horrible at Can’t Stop… I can never stop myself from continue to roll the dice.

  • I love the iOS version!

    Will the Vita version include the expansion packs or will they be sold as DLC?

  • Release Window? Is it 2014 or 2015? I hate not getting a estimated guess to when something should come out. Thanks

    • Unfortunately we really don’t have a time frame just yet, however I will go out on a limb and say 2015. But if we can release it earlier than that then we will. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Oh hell yeah. I had a blast with this on IOS but never purchased any expansions, I’ll definitely spend some time with this.

  • Can’t wait! I love card games, so this’ll be a treat!

  • I played a lot of Ascension on iOS. I like it because it’s a fully-contained card game that captures the tabletop version without the setup. This is a smart move to put this on the Vita.

    • We are very excited to be able to bring this amazing game to this wonderful platform! And yes, I also love the fact that with the digital version there is no set up or clean up time. You just open the game and you are ready to start playing!

  • I need a card game badly. Great news.

  • I love it, Card Game for PS Vita!!! THX!

  • Mmm I need to try this :)

  • Finally! A card game for the vita! Im so going to get this.

  • Man this really made my day. I’m a huge card game enthusiast and love to see games like this make it to the Vita. I definitely wouldn’t mind if you guys had some sort of bundle purchase where you could get the game as well as all the expansion for a set price.

    • So glad we could start your morning off right! And you never know what will happen when the game is ready to release; we don’t have the pricing model set up just yet but I am also looking for ideas. ;)

  • Oh, I didn’t realize you guys were behind Unsung Story! It’s a shame the Vita stretch goal wasn’t met, but maybe with a little prodding, Sony will help fund a port!

  • I’ve heard so many great things about Ascension from my friends gaming mainly on iOS – but now I finally get to enjoy this amazing game on my favorite handheld (possibly of all time) THANK YOU

    this would make those hour long commutes so much more enjoyable :D

    I can’t say thank you enough – please get the price right!

    • We will do our best to nail the pricing, do not worry! And I’m glad that we will be able to help out with your long commutes; hopefully this will help make the time fly by!

  • Poor man’s Heartstone?

  • Nice! Played this game a bit on my phone and it’s a lot of fun. Will definitely look into the Vita version.
    Is this going to be a native Vita game (ie not PS Mobile)? Cuz I’d love to earn some trophies in it!

    • Yes! We will work on the programming and the artwork make sure that the game functions perfectly for the PS Vita as if it was made for this platform in the first place, so do not worry. And yes, it is my understanding we will include trophies for the game as we have achievements in place already, however I will double check for you. Thank you for the great questions!

  • @ IIL0YDII: Hearthstone is free-to-play, with optional purchases of extra content. Ascension (according to the Play Store) is free-to-download with optional IAP for extra content. Hearthstone itself is for poor people, so no game can be a “poor man’s” version of it. The more appropriate comparison would be “platform agnostic” Hearthstone, as it’s only available on iOS currently, whereas Ascension is iOS/Android and now making the jump to Vita. Troll harder…

  • Will there be hotseat multiplayer?

    • Yes! I had to look up the “hotseat multiplayer” to make sure I understood what it mean, and based off of the information I found we already include that in our other games. We call is pass-and-play, but I really like the terminology you used. I will have to remember that, thanks!

  • Nice one, before I got my vita recently it was my commuting game on iPad as made an hour train journey feel like minutes.

    Happy to check it out on Vita when it comes out.

    Cheers Playdek

  • The very first post is whining about whiners, Sony Defense Force is strong on this page.

  • I have an outside the box proposal. I don’t know if gamers will go for it or if Playdek will be interested.

    Shyla, maybe you can talk to Joel and the rest of the staff to see if this works for you. Give it a couple of days to think about it.

    I really want Unsung Hero on Vita.

    I propose that Playdek give the Vita owners the opportunity to put our money where our mouth is. Playdek comes up with a #. It can be whatever # you are comfortable with. That # is the amount of copies of Ascension Playdek needs to sell, so that you feel that you have made enough profit off of Ascension to comfortably guarantee porting Unsung to the Vita.

    If the # of copies are not sold, business continues as usual. If gamers, like myself, are willing to spend money on one great game to get another, then so be it. What do people think?

    • Thank you for this wonderful suggestion big_bob002! I will be sure to share this with the team to see what might be possible as Unsung Story gets closer to launch. :)

  • I saw Ascension and God… and promptly got excited and quickly clicked on the link without actually reading the title to find out that it is not a God of War game but a card game. Imagine my disappointment. I am sure that this will be a great game for card lovers.

  • Great games on the way for Vita. I’m in!

  • Am a great fan of your games on iOS. Can’t wait to play them on ps vita and earn some trophies. Please release them on the Hong Kong PSN store too and not just the US store. Thanks

    • I will see what regions we will be able to release this game in and let you know in the future. Thank you for letting us know where you would like to see it made available!

  • Don’t own a Vita…Yet. But would gladly but your game if you release a PS4 version.
    Crossbuy would be great. I need my Ccg Fix on PS4. Please consider. Thank you

    • You never know what will happen. We do have another game coming out in 2015 on the PS4 (Twilight Struggle), so you never know what else may appear on that console as well. Thanks for the comment!

  • I love digital card games, but with so many now appearing on iOS, I hadn’t ever tried Ascension. I dove in on iPad for the first time after seeing this post, and I’m already hooked. Such a brilliant design that defies so many of the usual conventions of card games, whether digital or physical.

    I have the feeling this will end up being a dual-purchase for me, given the expansions already available on iOS. Great stuff.

  • Like darth_soul, I went to Ascension in the app store straight after reading this blog, and am loving it.
    I’m wondering, though; will the Vita game use a Playdek account? Will I be able to reclaim expansion purchases made within the iOS version?

    • Those are both very good questions NotEntirelyThere, and unfortunately while I don’t have answers for you right at this moment, I would like to let you know that these are questions we are discussing in meetings and should come to an answer over the next few months. Once I know I will share with all of you!

  • What do psn’ers think about post #30?

    It’s a Pandora’s box.

    Example: Playdek hopes to sell 3,000 copies of Ascension. They are happy if they sell 7,000 copies. They are really happy if they sell 10,000. They tell the gamers that if they sell 15,000 copies of Ascension, they will give us Unsung.

    Essentially it’s a method for us to push the game through word of mouth, and Playdek gets their money.

  • @1 So you really have not idea what Vita owners are upset about, do you? We want AAA games, we want exclusives, we want to feel lil we matter to Sony, but for this to happen, apparently, the install base has to grow to the point that Sony feels is worth taking notice. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Ascension, but it’s not likely to cause people to buy a Vita since it’s available on other devices already.

  • YAY~

    I’ve been longing for this type of thing on Vita for awhile now.

    Thanks for bringing it.

  • it’s definitely day one for me, I love card game battles like yugioh!!!

  • It’s rather adorable that you had to look up what hotseat multiplayer is. Shows how gaming has changed over the last few years. Hotseat, because we used to take turns sitting in front of the computer to take our turns, and now we do our gaming on devices we can just hand over to other players.

    I played a bit of Ascension on iPad, enough to know it’s a good game. I think honestly it fits better on tablet, if only for the screen size. Every platform has games that suit it best, and strategy/card games rule on iPad. I’ve always wished that Uncharted card game would be ported from Vita to iPad, if only for the extra space to play.

    I’ll admit though, trophy support is probably what will make me switch to playing Ascension on Vita. I’ll trade down to the smaller screen for the trophies. Yes, I’m one of those people.

    • The hot-seat makes since and it is interesting to see how it started there and evolved to simply passing the device. And there is nothing wrong with being one of those types of people. I personally love trophies since it adds more playability to the game when you try to complete them. :)

  • No one really commented on my idea so I guess it isn’t very good. Lol.

    Anyways, I’ll do what I usually do, buy the game and keep an eye out for other games from the developer. Been playing Magic for almost 20 years so I love card games.

    • We’ll still see what happens. Many things can change as this is our first step onto the PS Vita and we are curious to see how this goes. ;)

  • Off topic but, How is the Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians coming along? Any plans for the Vita?

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