Introducing Desert Ashes on PS Vita

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Introducing Desert Ashes on PS Vita

Desert Ashes

Hey, fellow PS Vita and future PlayStation TV owners. Luc Bernard here again, you may remember me close to E3 when I announced Reaper.

Now I’m here to announce a new title, which will be coming out this fall. The game is called Desert Ashes. It’s a free-to-play, turn-based strategy with local and online multiplayer for PlayStation TV and PS Vita.

Let’s first go through what will be available at launch:

  • 3 single player campaigns
  • Online PvPmultiplayer
  • Local PvP multiplayer on PS TV

Now, a bit of information on the online multiplayer (the local is pretty straightforward — sit on the couch with your friend and play on your PlayStation TV). Now for the online multiplayer, once you’ve taken your turn you don’t have to wait for your opponent to make his move if you’re too busy doing other things. For example, there are different timers you can set before you can declare victory on your opponent if they take too long. There will be 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 8 hours, and 24 hours. Also with the online multiplayer you can play on your Vita while you’re out, and then continue your match exactly where you left off at home.

Desert AshesDesert Ashes

Another exciting aspect are the perks available to customize your army. For example, the Fort Toughness perk will add 20% DEF to all allied units at a structure, the Vampire perk will convert 20% attack damage to HP between 10 PM and 5AM. And the list goes on.

Now that I just mentioned times: in Desert Ashes, each time you take a turn an hour will pass in the game. For example, at night because of the low temperature all the water will start to freeze and that will entirely change the battlefield.

I really want the community to be vocal about what they want in this game. There aren’t that many turn-based strategies out on Vita, and we want you guys to tell us what you want. That means level designs, ideas, and even skins for your army.

Be vocal, and we’ll be listening — that’s what we want to do with this title, is give you guys lots of updates once it’s out based on what you want!

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