Metro Redux Out Today on PS4

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Metro Redux Out Today on PS4

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were revealing Metro Redux to the world — today we’re incredibly proud to announce the launch of Metro Redux for PS4!

The entire team at 4A Games has been working for a year on this project, under some incredible circumstances (as anyone who has followed the news coming out of Ukraine will know).

Metro Redux Out Today on PS4

Metro Redux includes both Metro: Last Light and the prequel Metro 2033, which has never been available on a PlayStation console until now. We completely rebuilt Metro 2033 in our latest engine, and managed to get both games to run at 1080p, 60fps on PS4. You can try each game individually via PlayStation Store for $24.99, or get both together in the retail Metro Redux double pack.

From everyone at 4A, thanks for all the support we’ve received this year — we hope you enjoy what we think is the definitive Metro experience.

To celebrate the launch, we put together a new trailer.

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  • Cool, I picked up my copy of Metro Redux earlier today (along with that new Wave Blue Dualshock 4). I’m enjoying it so far, I hope it sells well.

  • i never heard of it, it looks boring

  • Im definitely getting both at some point.

  • First game I’m buying when I get a PS4 in a month or two. Really hope it sells well.

    Respect to 4A games for giving us this great collection while experiencing such turmoil on their home turf.

  • Amazing trailer, i can’t buy it right now but i’ll do in the near future.

  • So tempting to buy this bundle, but too many games coming out that i want to buy :(

  • Picking this up on the first of next month

  • I picked up my copy today and can’t war to give 2033 a try! I played Last Light on PS3 when it was on PS+ a few months back and absolutely loved it. Once I heard about Redux I knew I had to get it.

    • Since you were introduced to the series through M:LL, I recommend that you play 2033 on Spartan style. You’ll like it!

  • Picked up my copy today and I gotta say that I’m impressed so far! Great graphics upgrade and really fun to play!

  • Can’t wait to play Metro 2033, I find it odd that it never came out on the PS3 the first time.

    @Sharindumb_itachi Still trolling I see, Naruto fanboy. You must live under a rock if you never heard of Metro before.

  • I’ve read the book and played both games on my 360. I will be playing them again on my PS4 with this release of them remastered. I’ve been lucky enough to go to Russia and actually use the Moscow Metro and I think it’s really interesting to read the book and play the games. Hopefully the rest of the Metro books will get translated to english and then transformed to more Metro games.

  • Anyone knows if US digital release of Metro Redux has Russian audio included? Just like it was the case with PC version of Metro Last Light…

  • Booooo…. Amazon screwed up my order so no Metro Redux for me until either tomorrow or Thursday.

  • shooters with pacing and living worlds like this or half-life 2 are too rare. thanks for keeping it alive

  • Picked up my copy today. Thank You 4A studios, for your efforts and value placed on Metro Redux PS4. Looking forward to the next game developed this talented and humble studio.

  • i am living in switzerland and yesterday i went to the psn-store to pick the game up – nothing.
    then i went to town to pick up a physical copy – they knew nothing about it at the store.
    they said it will be released on 29th.

    so would it be possible to tell what region of the world a certain game will be released?
    this would spare one much frustration of searching/finding out that the country i’m in got a completely different release date.
    (what is even more sad than this is that i am looking forward to something old, something that i played already on ps3. )

  • I’ll start off by admitting that I played Last Light a while back but didn’t finish it (I can’t remember why, but I believe it was because I had seen the Redux version announced, and wanted to play the original Metro 2033 game first and then play Last Light).

    The game was free on PS+ a while back and so I read up on it a bit and saw good to great reviews so I gave it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised because when I was playing I felt totally immersed in this world. the story and characters were compelling to say the least.

    I picked up the game today for PS4 and although I haven’t yet played it, I loaded each game up, and just looking at the screen loading titles It looks just like a new PC game. The graphics and sound are amazing so far.

    I really wish this game were advertised more on this blog and a few others because I got the feeling while playing Last Light that these games were made by people who loved the source material and just had to find a way to tell this story in a way that would be captivating and thought provoking all the while being a challenging fun game. I wish the developers the best on this and more, and I look forward to what they have in store for the future.

  • I have played the original Metro 2033 a couple of years ago and haven’t had the chance to play the sequel until now. That would be some great entertainment for the weekends to come. Thank you guys for making this intense story-driven first person experiences available for PS4. Hope the war ends in Ukraine soon.

  • I already own both on PC, and Last Light on PS3. I still had to buy this. No PS4 collection is complete without it.

    Plus, the graphical and gameplay improvements to 2033 are huge.

    Other than Last of Us, each of these are the best games on PS4. And if either were released this year, they’d be game of the year in my opinion.

    I envy anyone who gets to play these for the first time. The story, graphics, and framerate are all staggering.

    It’s amazing that 4A was able to achieve such brilliance, and unlike all the other remasters, for a completely fair price.

    • Not just graphical and gameplay upgrades, in fact Metro 2033 was completely rebuilt on a new engine! Thanks, HugoStiglitz_420!

  • You know what sucks? September and November… Too many games coming out and unfortunately, with games like Diablo III, Destiny, NHL, Forza Horizon 2, etc… I’m going to have to pass on this, but it looks A.MA.ZING.

  • Been playing it since Tuesday. Managed to beat 2033 Redux (I never got to play the original) and currently making my way through Last Light Redux. Enjoying it so far, 2 games and all the DLC that comes packed in is too awesome! I recommend picking this one up, folks!

  • I don’t understand, why does this blog article say we can pick up individually if we choose at $24.99 on PS Store and yet when I goto the Store there is no choice for an individual game only both for $49.99??? Wahhhhhhhh! I just wanted M 2033 b/c I have Last Last already. Explain to me? Did I miss something?

  • @LaurenLark If you search Metro 2033 on the PS store it should come up and at the $24.99 price.

  • I’m very impressed with Metro game so far. It looks and plays like a dream. The story is also great. I am very glad and thankful that these wonderful games have made their way to the PS4!

  • i am excited because I will be playing both games for the very first time and have heard nothing but great reviews and that was about the games before they were upgraded for next gen so thank you guys for taking the time to bring this to us..

  • Any one else having crashing issues on ps4? great games but man do they crash a good bit.

  • @Dark_Lord245

    So far last light crashed once on me today. Here is hoping that this will be the last and only time it crashes on me.

  • The game keeps crashing on the first faction dlc mission. FIX THIS BUG. The mission is where you play as the Reich. This is inexcusable once is ok but 5 times a row is terrible

  • Trying to play through Metro 2033 Redux on PS4 and the game just crashed. I’m on the way to D6 at the point where the caption reads “We were close to D6 now. It was hard to believe that we’d found the legendary command center, but, was it worth so many lives? Soon, we’d know the answer.

    Every time I try to continue from my last save point, the game starts out in total blackness and I choke to death within about 10 seconds. Why would the game start me out like this?

  • DO NOT BUY THIS GAME FOR PS4! I was playing Metro light and throughout the entire game, I had many crashes. I had to restart levels. Sometimes the game would not save at a certain check point and I would have to start the level all over. Loading screens would crash during cinematic clips. WORST GAME AND MANY ISSUES!!!! I was so frustrated that I was about 75% toward finishing the game and I ended up returning the piece of crap. I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED and the disc never left the console from day one opening it out of the box. DISC was in PERFECT CONDITION. Went from package to inserting it in the PS4. You have been warned and I have been playing games for many years. I have never seen so many issues on a remade version of a game that I thought was great at one time. DO NOT BUY!!!!

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