inFAMOUS First Light Out Today on PS4

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inFAMOUS First Light Out Today on PS4

inFAMOUS First Light on PS4

Yes, sir! inFAMOUS First Light is out today on PlayStation Store for $14.99. Gamers can dive right in and experience Abigail “Fetch” Walker’s origin story, from her brutal time on the streets of Seattle to her DUP training in Curdun Cay to become an assassin.

Fetch’s unchained Neon powers and her hand-to-hand fighting are all new. To master Fetch’s abilities you’ll have to get used to moving fast, very fast. She can effortlessly run up the side of buildings, make an epic jump across three rooftops, then come down hard to slam into an enemy’s head, all without slowing down. Fetch gets in close with a quick blur of hits and then knocks guys across the room with decisive finishers. When her back’s against the wall, she can use her most powerful ability, the neon singularity, to suck enemies up into the air and crush them into a tight little ball before they’re scattered across the city. She’s the most high velocity and fluid character we’ve ever created.

This explosive gameplay demands a challenge equal to her amped-up abilities. In Curdun Cay, a remote alpine prison for Conduits, Fetch will be pushed to her limits by relentless waves of enemies in its Battle Arenas. We even score your performance and post it to a global leaderboard so you can see if you’re the best Conduit killer among your friends.

Don’t be fooled by the price-tag, there’s a ton here to discover. There are 4-5 hours of story campaign, hours of replayable arena combat after the narrative is complete, and an improved Photo Mode. In fact, the game’s so large we thought it deserved a Platinum Trophy. First Light is a completely stand alone, self-contained inFAMOUS experience for just $14.99. You don’t need inFAMOUS Second Son to play it, but if you’ve got that game we’ve got a treat for you. Delsin is completely playable in the Curdun Cay Battle Arenas.

inFAMOUS First Light on PS4inFAMOUS First Light on PS4

Since you took the time to read this post, I deem you worthy of some tips and tricks for First Light:

Gameplay Tips

  1. Jumping enemies are vulnerable; a well-placed stasis blast can devastate them.
  2. Dash Strike can knock heavily armored enemies off their feet, Kick ’em while they’re down!
  3. Collecting Lumens and completing side missions is the quickest way to earn Skill Points that you can use to upgrade Fetch’s powers.
  4. If you have problems aiming accurately, upgrade to powers that let you slow down time even further.

Tips for Dominating Battle Arenas

  1. Shoot down flying auto-turrets for power-ups and score multipliers.
  2. Don’t let your score multiplier expire; stay engaged and keep fighting!
  3. Shoot all Hostage Takers to keep them engaging you rather than allowing them to turn their fire on a Hostage.
  4. Shoot a Summoner’s weak points to eliminate him quickly.
  5. Wraiths have a nasty melee attack; use a stasis blast to keep them at bay.

Have fun and let us know what you think of First Light!

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  • I am SOOOO excited to play this when I get home! It’s going to be hard, but I’ve just got to try First Light before finishing Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

  • I really want to play this. Money is low so waiting til Friday.

  • I love inFAMOUS. Me and my PS4 are ready!

    PS: Sucker Punch, we’re ready for Sly 5 on PS4 too!

  • Man i really want this but thanks to all the summer sales from psn im broke.

  • Is the new Photo Mode going to eventually come to Second Son?

  • Man, I’m loving this game. You guys at Sucker Punch really know how to make a fun game. I’ve been mostly running around doing races, doing the neon artwork, and grabbing the collectibles so I can build her up but the storyline that I’ve seen so far is top notch. I would love to see her get her own full-fledged retail title or maybe Eugene can get his own title like this one next year

  • Ready for realistic looking Sly 5 on Infamous SS engine! Might be the first video game to truly look and feel like a realtime CGI movie!

  • Stupid DDOS people. I wanted to pre-order this morning for the extra skin, but could not log in. Presumably they were trying to get everything back together after yesterday’s mess. By the time I got back in, it was too late. T_T

    Ah well. Will wait for a sale. :(

  • Totally getting this when I get home from work today. Can’t wait to play as Fetch!

  • Absolutely loving it so far, stoked to really dig into the arena mode.

  • I’ve been looking forward to jumping into Fetch’s backstory. This is an awesome birthday present for me today. Thanks Sucker Punch!!!

  • PS4 gets two inFAMOUS games in less than a year. Vita gets none in over two years….

    Thanks for the Vita love, Sony :/

  • Much praise to SP* and Nate Fox for creating this incredible “dlc”, it’s WAY better than a map pack or weapon skin *cough* *cough* cod *cough*. Festival of Blood was excellent, but First Light is a whole other level of awesome – and seriously guys this is not a typical “dlc” this is a full fledged platinum game on PS4 for only 15$, if u can’t afford it … idk what else SP* could’ve done offer it for 5$? This is a steal enabled by the fact that SP* had already built the engine, characters, and framework so creating First Light took far less time and money, but ur still getting a Second Son like experience for a fraction of the price. If u have a PS4 and have not gotten First Light…. well what in the world ru thinking?

  • I love you mr. Nate fox !!!!!! Your the coolest human on earth !!!!!!! :)

  • Hey Nate, what is going on with inFAMOUS: Electric Souls? Was the game ever in production for the Vita, is it still, and if not then why? 10 million Vita owners are desperately hungry for inFAMOUS on Vita, even a port would satisfy me at this point. If u do release an exclusive inFAMOUS game on Vita with a unique story i guarantee u that not only will it be the best selling Vita game of all time, but it will likely be the best selling inFAMOUS game of all time…. possibly.

  • Why did I have to wait till 12 in the afternoon for this game to unlock and be playable? if this is what preloading is like then in the future my purchases wont be on the PSN

  • @PYTHON101 – Preorders are usually playable at 12 midnight Eastern US time or 12 midnight Pacific US time. It depends on the publisher really, but in this case it just looks like somebody screwed up and set the time for 12 PM instead of 12 AM. Some people have trouble mixing up midnight and noon. It’s just funny that nobody caught it between when it went up on the store around E3 time and now

  • This is a question about the fetch skin pre-order. It says it’s installed but I’m questioning it because at the top corner, it has that download icon. When I click on it I’m taking to the timer page, where nothing is counting down but there’s a big DOWNLOAD button. However, when I click on it gives me this error code: (CE-32928-4) which indicates the content is already being downloaded. However, in my notifications/downloads that same error was there and would not complete the install. So how do I resolve this and make sure the content is downloaded and where do I access it?

  • @18 – yeah I’m having the same problem. I just played through the whole story line thinking that maybe it would unlock in free play but there’s no option to change costumes. I had Infamous Second Son preorder DLC too and I was looking at the DLC list for First Light. It shows all of Second Son’s DLC. It looks to me like they screwed up the DLC and installed the First Light DLC to the Second Son location

    Just to make sure, I deleted First Light and checked my Library. It still shows the First Light – DUP Fetch costume as being installed along with all of Second Son’s jackets being installed

    Basically somebody screwed up

  • Saw this on Sucker Punch’s support forum. Try it and see if it helps. I can’t try it myself til I redownload First Light. Kinda sounding like you can’t use the costume in free roam which sucks IMHO

    Go to settings>psn>restore licenses

    After it restores licences go to the game and enter the battle arenas. DUP Fetch should be an outfit option. If not, you’ve got a different issue and should contact support.

    This should work if it’s listed as one of your add-ons for the game. I had an extra download file attempting to dowload that i canceled because it was showing an error. I figured it was doing that because it was already installed.

  • This is a fantastic game so far. I feel like I’ve been partially spoiled to the story thanks to playing Second Son, for better or worse… it’s adding a lot of tension to my first playthrough. Now I’m waiting for what I think is the last arc of the game to finish downloading?

    Great stuff though, Sucker Punch. I’ve got tons of respect for you and hope you continue making great games for a long time.

  • I finally got it fixed, but haven’t checked on the costume. I erased both inFamous games and installed them again. All my other costumes were installed normally as well as the DUP Fetch. It doesn’t give me the option to click on it. Not sure why it was like that in the first place. I know Sony has issues with licenses and downloads as I spent a month trying to resolve an Entwined problem.

  • Once I get a PS4…1st Light will be bought instantly.

  • I love this game so much!! Thank you Suker Punch!! I hope that Infamous SS gets another DLC or a sequel announced soon. I would also love to have Sly Cooper for PS4 :)

  • why is it not working in the uk

  • Best $14.99 I’ve spent on PSN. But I don’t know where or how to access pre-order outfit.

  • Looking forward to finally being able to jump into this game. I will probably have to wait until the weekend, though. I would love to see DLC content like this for all the sub characters and their stories. Then just release them all together in a retail copy. The big complaint I had with First Light was I wanted there to be more story involvement of these characters and Fetch and the brother were my favorites of the four.

  • Ive never played infamous but I think i’ll try this out because its cheap, looks pretty the chick looks hot.

  • Just bought the physical copy from the UK. Really fun, hopefully Eugene gets his own story or maybe even an Augustine back story.

  • You’ve come a long way since Professional Bull Riding, Mr. Fox.

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