Soul Sacrifice Delta Getting Freedom Wars DLC Today

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Soul Sacrifice Delta Getting Freedom Wars DLC Today
Soul Sacrifice Delta Getting Freedom Wars DLC Today

Hello everyone. Look, I know we’ve got to stop meeting like this, but it’s been a whole fortnight since the last update. Anyway, it’s not my fault if Freedom Wars has decided to invite itself into the world of Soul Sacrifice Delta.

The party crashing Sinners shouldn’t be too much of a problem, mind: they’re slaves, too, so you should really hit it off.

I guess they’ve done some kind of deal with Carnatux, as he happens to have the latest Sinner fashion on his shelves now:

Soul Sacrifice DeltaSoul Sacrifice Delta

OK, they may not look too fancy by Soul Sacrifice standards, but I’m told they’re all the rage in the Panopticon, and yours to own if you defeat the Dionaea 3 times. Bargain!

As if this wasn’t enough motivation, there’s also a couple of really nice offerings for you in (the unlikely) case you do not die a horrible death, destroy the Dionaea’s cursed parts, and defeat the beast. Piece of cake!

Just hit the “Download” button on the title screen, then head over to the “Otherworld Pacts” in the “Additional Pacts” section and claim your gifts.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

Right, this should keep you busy until the next time we meet… goodbye!

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  • Beautiful! I just watched the japanese trailer and was wondering when it would hit the US version.

    Thank you very much!

  • LOVE IT!! Love the support and love the game! You have my undying support! If I find the chalice my wish would be for a full on new Soul Sacrifice. Wait, would that mean my lust for a new Soul Sacrifice would turn me into a monster to be hunted and sacrificed????
    Just Make it quick ok?

    Cheers on such an epic game! Though my wife would disagree since my attention is so focused when playing.

  • @1
    The game is updated globally, so we’ve actually had it since Japan got it last week.

    Still, better late than never, I suppose! The more people who get this great title and see what an amazing addition it is to the Soul Sacrifice series and the Vita’s library as a whole, the better.

  • Oh, I thought it was updated on a Zone-per-zone basis.

    Thanks for letting me know that! I’ll pay more attention to japanese trailers now :D

  • Awesome, simple awesome.
    We’ll get a bit of Freedom Wars in the form of Soul Sacrifice :)

  • @4
    Well, it partially is, but only by about a few hours. I remember Japan had the Bahamut update a liiiittle while before we did, but we got it within a day. Since all the regions can play online together, all the online and content has been added together too – we even had all of the updates Japan had gotten post-release built in when the game launched here, like Alice’s Maze.

    On that note I’m interested in the “next time we meet” comment. Odin was supposedly the last update on here, now maybe it isn’t? Very interesting.

  • No Drop this week?

  • Thanks.

  • @7

    Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King DLC (PS3)
    Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1 (Vita)
    inFAMOUS: First Light (PS4)
    Madden NFL 15 (PS3, PS4)
    Metro Redux (PS4)
    The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5: No Going Back (PS3, Vita)

  • WOW amazing! I love it!! Thank you for this incredible dlc guys!! :D

  • That’s awesome! I love Soul Sacrifice and I can’t wait for Freedom Wars, hopefully Freedom Wars will do a free DLC from Soul Sacrifice in their game too.


  • AWESOME! This is an awesome start to my “back to school” monday. Still going through all of the pacts in SSD little by little, but I’ll jump ahead and try to beat Dionaea and get those awesome costumes and spell! Thanks for the free updates. Soul Sacrifice Delta is hands down the best game on Vita next Persona 4 Golden and Gravity Rush.

  • This is fantastic, thanks!

  • How about Freedom Wars and God of War for characters for Destiny of Spirits? :)

  • I’m still not sure whether to buy this game at this point since I have other games on my list coming up. I’m sure at some point we wil get this freef for ps plus. But it’s great to see more dlc for the game constantly coming!!!!!!!!

  • Still no retail release = still not buy

    At least we should now be closer to its inclusion in PS Plus’ Instant Game Collection.

  • @9 You left some out mate…

  • I love Soul sacrifice so much! <3 these DLC are so cool! keep them coming =)

  • This kind of games tend to resell itself with only an added content for the same price, Like Soul sacrifice – soul sacrifice delta, valhalla knights – valhalla knights gold, Ragnarok Odyssey – Ragnarok odyssey Ace, etc, So i dont know if its worthit buying the 1st or even the updated version.

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