Flash Sale: More than 20 Games, $10 each

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Flash Sale: More than 20 Games, $10 each

August 2014 Flash Sale

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce that this weekend we’ve got more than 20 games available for $9.99 each as part of our Flash Sale — starting right now! Head over to PlayStation Store to get these games on sale while you can.

Pick up BioShock Infinite, God of War Collection (PS3 and PS Vita), Metro: Last Light, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, The Sly Collection (PS3 and PS Vita) and more for $9.99 each as part of this Flash Sale. Check out the full lineup:

Title Platform Sale Price Original Price
BioShock Infinite PS3 $9.99 $39.99
BioShock 2: Ultimate Edition PS3 $9.99 $39.99
Darksiders II PS3 $9.99 $39.99
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two PS Vita PS Vita $9.99 $29.99
DmC Devil May Cry PS3 $9.99 $39.99
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires PS3 $9.99 $49.99
God of War: Collection PS Vita PS Vita $9.99 $29.99
God of War: Collection PS3 $9.99 $29.99
Lost Planet 3 PS3 $9.99 $39.99
Metro: Last Light PS3 $9.99 $49.99
MX vs ATV: Alive Ultimate Edition PS3 $9.99 $39.99
Persona 4 Arena PS3 $9.99 $29.99
Prototype 2 PS3 $9.99 $39.99
Resident Evil Revelations PS3 $9.99 $39.99
Starhawk Ultimate Edition PS3 $9.99 $49.99
STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN PS Vita PS Vita $9.99 $39.99
Tales of Graces f PS3 $9.99 $34.99
The Sly Collection PS Vita PS Vita $9.99 $29.99
The Sly Collection PS3 $9.99 $29.99
Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs PS3 $9.99 $29.99
XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3 $9.99 $39.99

This sale is this weekend only, so make your way over to PlayStation Store between now and Monday, August 25 at 8:00am Pacific.

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  • Great sales and hopefully this’ll silence all those flash sale beggars. :P

  • I guess you guys don’t want us to buy any PS4 games? Also, this is disappointing for PS+ members since most of these games have already been in the IGC. Try again, please!

  • @2: PS4 isn’t even a year old and you people expect sales on everything? And do you even consider the fact that a LOT of PS3 owners don’t have PS+ and can finally get a lot of those games?

    Entitled gamers are the reason we can’t have nice things.

  • Mostly crap games but better than nothing ;) Cant wait for the COD sale, the Paxcon 2014 sale and the pixeljunk sale.

    How about a robin williams sale?

  • Lol someone wanted Tale of Grace F to be on sale the other day and so did I but now I have no money. I guess bad timing on my part.

  • @4 There is a Robin Williams sale unless you meant that as a joke.

  • BOOOORRRINGG! Still not a good sale…Most of the games are ps3…still no PS4 games and only 4 Vita games and some were on PS Plus for free! PASS!

  • Dear Sony,

    Can you have a sale where every PS4 game is $1 off just so we can shut up all the whiners every time PS4 games are not included in a sale? Clearly they don’t understand that it’s less than a year old.

    Yours truly,

    Someone with common sense

    PS. I’ve very temped by Sly Collection for Vita.

  • “I guess you guys don’t want us to buy any PS4 games?”

    How many games on this list do you see that are less than a year old?

  • If only my expensive PS4 could play last gen games! I had a Xbox 360 and didn’t get to play most of the games in this sale. If Sony allowed the PS4 to play these games I would have probably just spent $100 on games.

  • Well, as a PS4 owner, I have no intention to buy any PS3 games anymore. When I see a Flash sale table, my eyes go directly to the platform’s column.

  • Flash sales are always the most exciting keep them mofos comming.

  • Great sale.

    Got a question do you get both version of sly collection with purchase like God of war collection?

  • Love the idea of flash sales but log time plus members have 8 of these games already. Also why not offer the newer version of XCOM. Well either way $20 gone keep up the good work.

  • @xClayMeow: I love you.

  • Is anyone else unable to purchase the sly collection for the ps3?

    I think I got the 1st one for free and now I want to buy the rest of the series…

  • Mx vs atv alive ultimate edition is still $39.99

  • sorta disappointed that about half of these games have previously been free via PS+, so there is much less here than would meet the eye to buy.

    However, Im probably picking up Sly and Tales

  • Maybe some people traded their ps3 to buy a ps4 and that’s why they cry about not having any ps4 sales. I’m not one of those people though. Lol

  • when they end the offers?

  • Maple and Clay whining about whiners again.

    Sly and God of War Collection look like good deals.

  • Most of these have been free for plus at some time in the past. For those late comers to + I guess it’s a good deal.

    GoW collection on Vita will be my only purchase. Just bought a 64GB memory card too.

  • As A longtime PS Plus subscriber my only complaint is that DLC’s are rarely on sale. You guys give us tons of free games and game sales but the expansions or DLC for those games usually end up costing more than the actual game. I would really appreciate if you fix this issue and would love an end of summer blowout DLC sale, thank you.

  • @20: If previous flash sales are any indication, the sale will most likely end by Monday (midnight).

    @21: Cut me some slack, it’s been months since I’ve said anything! LOL

  • Sly collection or God of war collection? I just can’t seem to decide which on as I have not played either. I would get both but I don’t need one to just sit in my backlog.

  • I guess it’s good I just bought Diablo 3 for PS4. I am not interested in any of these games, and I usually love the flash sales.

  • I can’t believe you greedy whiners are upset that they’re not offering PS4 games for $10. Please sell your console, you are bringing down the curve of Gamers everywhere, you losers. Believe it or not there are lots of people who just recently got a PS3 who have not had a chance to get these games on PS+. Oh, but you don’t care about anyone other than yourselves, right?

  • When is the next $0.99 flash sale?

  • I might opt for Epic Mickey 2 to give it a go. As for a future sale or flash sale, I’d love to see Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable! It’s been out over a year and is still $40/digital-only though the PS3 sequel of the series came out a few months ago.

  • There goes all my money

  • Is the ps3 version of street fighter x tekken is included in the sale?

  • Awesome sale! Totally getting Lost Planet 3 and GoW for Vita. Too bad it won’t let me purchase Bioshock 2 ultimate since I got stand alone version through Plus. I would pick that up too for the add-ons.

  • will grab god of war on vita, sweet deal

  • So the sly collection and the GoW collection are not cross buy?

  • Went to grab GOD Collection for Vita and saw that 16gb size. I even have a 64gb card and can’t justify that! Will try to find it at retail on sale.

  • God of War has always been crossbuy but Sly Collection you have to purchase each version separately.

  • komentra, GOW Collection is actually 3 GB for Vita. that size is the PS3 and Vita version combined apparently

  • nothing for ps4? wtf

  • For those wondering about God of War Collection Vita file size is its 3.1 GB and here is the break down as to why its listed as 15.5GB. Its bundled altogether
    God of War I (PS3) = 5.9GB
    God of War II (PS3) = 6.5GB
    God of War Collection (PSVita) = 3.1GB.

  • Great sale, im getting Darksiders and RE revelations.

    Dont mind the haters even if you give them games for free they will complain.

  • Are we ever going see some ps4 sales worth buying?

  • I wasn’t going to ever buy RE revelations because I’m still upset it never came to vita, but for $10 I might have to give in finally. @Chieh Chen Please give us Suikoden 2 on psn, and while your at it, I want Dragon Warrior 7 too!

  • Is god of war collection a cross-buy?

    • Hi iXi_LAWM9STER,

      The God of War Collection is one way cross-buy for the PS Vita version. IOW:

      If you buy the PS Vita version, you receive the PS Vita and PS3 versions.
      If you buy the PS3 version, you receive the the PS3 version only.

    • CORRECTION: the God of War Collection is cross-buy for both platforms.

  • Somebody help me. I got 4gb memory card. will i be able to play god of war ps vita collection…….

  • This is what the sony website says for ps3 god of war collection

    Additional purchase info: For one price get access to this product for BOTH PS3™ and PlayStation®Vita systems. Purchase it on one system and it’s automatically available in the PlayStation®Store on the other. Purchasing account may download item to up to 2 activated PlayStation®Vita systems and 2 activated PS3™ systems associated with this Sony Entertainment Network account.

  • You should add (Cross Buy) to the titles that are Cross Buy. God of War Collection is Cross Buy correct?

  • darksiders II and prototype 2 for me!!

  • I hate SEN, because I got from PS+ Sly 1 now I can’t get the rest of the Collection! This is bs, dunno how the store works but this is not the 1st time I met such problem =( not allowing to buy the ultimate bundle or collection. Even Bioshock 2 UE can’t be bought because I own BS2. This issue is like 2 years old or more since you introduced UE to the store and because you own a simple edition you can’t get ultimate edition!

  • I don’t think the PS4 500GB hard drive is going to hold all the games on that list….

  • meh, nothing me

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