Chariot on PS4: Bringing Gamers Together

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Chariot on PS4: Bringing Gamers Together

Hello everybody! My name is Philippe Dion; I’m the creative lead and also a programmer on Chariot.

For those who don’t know about the game yet, Chariot is a humorous, cooperative, physics-based platformer where a princess and her fiancé need to travel through a network of caves to find a resting place for their dead king, who takes the form of a hypochondriac ghost.

For now, I’m really excited to have this opportunity to share some of Chariot’s vision with you.

Where it Came From

When I first presented the concept of Chariot, I envisioned a different kind of cooperative game. I found that the “co-op” concept in video games often boiled down to having a duplicate of the main character on the screen, resulting most of the time in a competition between players to get the highest score or lead the way.

If you’ve played co-op games before, then I assume you feel the same thing I do when playing with someone who never waits for you and/or who grabs all the rewards: frustration. In many cases, those playing sessions end up with both players leaving the game to play on their own. I wanted to change that with Chariot.

What Makes Chariot a Distinctive Co-Op Game

Collaboration Over Cooperation

In Chariot, the central focus of the gameplay relies in the chariot itself. You just can’t go without it. As such, having a buddy to move it around with you is very helpful. By coordinating the way you both use the ropes, you can pull off some great moves, and it will help you succeed.

Chariot on PS4Chariot on PS4

Since the chariot alone can collect treasure, both players benefit from skillful maneuvers. Before leaving for adventure, each player can choose one unique gadget to equip, giving everyone a good opportunity to bring something unique to the team. These gadgets are both unique and available to everyone, so when you unlock and upgrade them, you really are doing it for the team.

Another advantage of collaboration is the insurance policy that a second player brings. If your character dies, your buddy can play it safe until you spawn back exactly where they’re located. More chances for the team to succeed!

A Bridge Between Casual and Hardcore Gamers

Although Chariot gets its share of challenging gameplay (those in need of a challenge will certainly find it), it’s built around the concept of giving less-skilled players ways to get by. Most of the time, you can prevent a fall by grabbing onto one of the chariot’s ropes. Having trouble pulling off extreme jumps ? Stay tied to the chariot and let your partner shine. Meanwhile, you can focus on defending the precious loot from the environment’s greedy creatures.

Chariot on PS4

With Chariot, I really wanted to enable a hardcore gamer like me can play with a casual gamer.

A New Environment Revealed

I’m really excited to reveal a new environment we’ve been working on. We call it the Crystal Chasm, and it’s going to have a LOT of cool features. I hope you like it!

If you’d like to stay updated about Chariot, you can follow us at @ChariotGame.

Also, if you’re in the Seattle area next week, we’ll be at PAX Prime in booth 6503 and attendees will get to try out Chariot on PS4.

Thanks for reading!

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  • The only thing I read on this was thanks for reading, (watched the video) Kinda find that ironic.

  • Omg, this game looks like a bundle of fun!

    Maybe I missed it, but is online AND couch co-op both featured in the game or will we only see one type?

    I see features like Sony’s PlayShare benefitting couch co-op but online is always great when you play with friends around the world.

    Thanks! & looks like an AWESOME co-op experience for us gamers. We need more co-op. :)

  • Looks neat but hard O_O

  • Looks like an awesome ‘date’ game. Definitely need more of these. Looking forward to it!

  • I’d like a more narrow release window on this game. Q4 2014 is very open and doesn’t even narrow down to a month.

  • THIS is the kinda game I like! This is coop. Very cool. Reminds me of ibb + obb… co-op games should be about teamwork and they SHOULD be a different experience! Really cool idea for this game and nice art-style too. And very cool+smart that it’ll still be manageable with a casual player as a teammate too.

    Will it be out in 2014?

  • Another great looking game for the PS family! Sony is taking no prisoners this gen. Looks great, COOP! keep up the awesome work! You should consider releasing this on the Vita as well as it looks like it would be right at home on the Vita!

  • Interesting – love the art style. This reminds me a lot of ibb and obb, and that could be seen a bad thing… because not everyone has someone to play these games with in couch coop – and this type of game doesn’t work properly without that side by side experience, if that is the case.

    Hopefully the game is designed around the ability to play it solo as well, because if not I won’t be able to justify the purchase.

    But either way, it’s a very interesting looking game with a great art style though. We’ll have to see more when it’s closer to launch.

  • Thanks for the kind comments.
    Don’t worry, you can play Chariot solo and complete the game by yourself. We just think it’s perfect with a partner.
    Also your friends can jump in or jump out of the game seamlessly.

  • Looks like a fun game to play with the wife. It does have local co-op, right?

    • Absolutely +ArmedOne78 !
      Chariot will be playable in local co-op so you can both sit on the couch and work together.

  • This looks really fun. I just hope the controls feel natural.

  • I really like the whole co op thing. it certainly has my attention. does it have online co op or is it only couch co op? maybe I missed it in the reading

    • Chariot will only be couch co-op. We feel that Chariot’s multiplayer is really at its best when enjoyed in local.

  • Long live local multiplayer!

    For those folks eager to play co-op online, while it’s probably not ideal, it seems you will be able to once Share Play is available.

  • I played a bit of Chariot back at GDC and I loved it. Really fun co-op and, since it’s physics based, it makes trying to get to the end even more interesting & tricky. I honestly look forward to speedrunners doing runs of this game, haha!

    Can’t wait to play Chariot on my PS4 soon!

  • Indie games are just simply spectacular this has a cool concept as well I will keep my eye out for this.

  • This looks really fun! I’ve been itching for a really good co-op game since Ibb and Obb

  • damn this looks really fun. The art style and gameplay look really fresh. The game’s fun factor will depend on how good the level design is, but I look forward to playing this. I foresee a lot of yelling at the other person to do stuff like in Portal 2 haha.

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