Adapt to Survive in Natural Doctrine on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Adapt to Survive in Natural Doctrine on PS4, PS3, PS Vita
Adapt to Survive in Natural Doctrine on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Greetings, adventurers! Your faithful Prinny David here, and I’ve been locked away honing my strategy for something really big — the hardcore tactical strategy game, Natural Doctrine!

Coming out September 23rd on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, this game’s sure to be a challenge and a half, even for the most weathered strategists. And with cross play and cross save functionality, there’s no limit to where you can take this game!

The trailer gives folks a bit of an idea of how they can customize their experience with Natural Doctrine, and how they can adapt to survive it. The game’s got a lot of depth that isn’t immediately apparent, and we give a glimpse of some of that here.

Natural Doctrine for PS4, PS3, PS VitaNatural Doctrine for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

The trailer starts by showing the game’s difficulty. Obviously, it’s hard, and that’s not something we wanted to shy away from, but it’s not a game that’s unbeatable, and a lot of us here in the office have managed to make it through the final stage. But we died a lot on the way. A lot. We want people to know that, but with that kind of difficulty, the feeling you get when you finally beat a stage is like a million sardines raining upon your open beak.

And there’s a ton of adjusting that you can do in Natural Doctrine. The producer, Kensuke Tanaka, wanted the game to be one of the deepest strategy games out there, and he totally did it! The characters in your party have flexibility with what weapon they’re using, and how you apply their skill points between levels can completely change the way you approach a level.

You might end up playing a positional game and slowly bleeding your opponent while taking advantage of gates and perilous walkways, or you could become a tactical player who wins games with fireworks by setting up complex links between characters.

Natural Doctrine for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

This game’s been one that I’ve been digging into for a few weeks now here at Prinny Headquarters, and every time I feel like I’ve devised the perfect strategy and I’m crushing a fellow Prinny, someone else in the office changes up their multiplayer cards and totally wrecks me. I’m super excited for the game to come out and to see all the great strategies and linking combinations that people come up with.

You think you have the skills, wits, and sheer determination about you to beat back the enemy hordes and emerge victorious? I’m calling all strategists and tacticians to the battlefield! Pre-order Natural Doctrine today and see what you’re really made of. I’ll be waiting to challenge you, dood!

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  • I want this game RIGHT NOW. I’m so ready.

  • You can count on NIS to put out some excellent games, and I’m glad to see them showing up on the PS4 so early in its life. I’m not too sure about grabbing this one at full price, though– reviews were all over the place in Japan, and it’s coming out during an insanely crowded time. I missed out on Amazon’s $40 +$10 giftcard deal a few days ago, which I would have instantly jumped on, but pending good impressions from others I’ll bite anyway.

    Looking forward to Awakened Fate Ultimatum and whatever you’ve got behind the scenes, NIS!

  • This game looks very good and right up my alley! Not a big fan of the price point disparity between the different platforms though.

  • uhh is it an online game or singleplayer? I thought it was singleplayer then he said something about multiplayer….. cards???

    • Hey DragonIrons,

      The game is indeed singleplayer, but you can also play online multiplayer! You can go head to head with other players, or work with other players in co-op missions against crazy hard characters. The more battles you play in multiplayer, the more Card Points (CP) you earn. You can then use the CP to purchase new card decks, which have random characters with different power levels. You don’t have to make in-game purchases or anything either!

      Hope that helps, dood.

  • Looks awesome. Few questions:

    1 – Cross-Trophy?

    2 – Cross-Buy?

    3 – PSVita TV / PlayStation TV support?

    4 – Price?

    5 – Single-Player? Ad-Hoc or infrastructure multiplayer? All of them?

    6 – There’s a campaign with history? How many hours of campaign?

    7 – Size (GBs)?

    8 – It uses Vita rear touchscreen? If yes, is possible to resize the input area?

    Thanks for reading.

  • Hope this is CrossBuy.

    From what little I have seen, this could be a game more in-tune with what some older and/or seasoned gamers are looking for.
    Will definately be looking at it more, when price is known.

    Glad it is one more to add to Vita’s library, as I prefer it, for mobility reasons.

  • I’m glad there’s no cross-buy driving up the price. I do wish the Vita version was priced at $30-35 though instead of the same as the PS3 version, especially since Amazon’s pre-order bonus is $10 credit on the PS3 version, yet for some reason only $5 on the Vita version. Not to mention Freedom Wars is priced at $30.

    Still, this game looks pretty sweet, so if reviews for the Vita version are good, then it’s probably still worth the $40 tag. Just hoping no framerate issues!

  • This title is not Cross Buy. They are all different price points for ps3 $49.99,ps4 $59.99 and psvita $39.99. That would imply trophies are separate from each version.

  • For those asking (because you’re too lazy to research on your own):

    Pricing is as follows:

    PS4: $59.99
    PS3: $39.99
    PSV: $39.99

    No cross-buy, obviously.

  • They must of dropped the ps3 price. It was $49.99 last week. Why not the ps4 version as well?! :P

  • I feel like I need a demo for this, as I watched a stream on Live on Playstation and it did not look good, although the streamer might have been AFK for a bit. It otherwise sounds like something I would enjoy a whole lot.

    No cross-buy is a deal-breaker, though. Instead of choosing which platform I’d want to play it on, I would just play something else instead. That might not sound fair but it’s the consumer reality. I know these things are hard to change once you’ve committed but NIS should seriously consider it if they want this game to have a chance.

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for information on this game for a while. So far, I’m pleased.

  • @Ghostwize, it seems we’re both correct. I think the initial PS3 price was $49.99 (BestBuy and Walmart both have it at that), but Amazon and GameStop both have it at $39.99.

  • Have a question….Can the main campaign be played co-op?..I would like to tackle this game with a friend since it’s been rumored to be tough as nails..(already pre-ordered on NIS website with the mini backpack).

  • We will have a demo? I’m sorry, but even looking like a tactical RPG, it seems to be too different from others game of the genre. Thanks.

  • Reminds me of a mix between Valkyria Chronicles and Xcom with a twinge of sadistic difficulty and permadeath. :/ I’m in!!

  • For those of you complaining about a lack of cross-buy, please remind yourselves that it has to be considered during the development of the game and in no way is on the publisher to decide. The development team and marketing team might have various reasons for withholding cross-buy, the most obvious being they want you to buy this game on multiple platforms to support their future projects. Cross-play and cross-save are the incentives for you to buy this on more than 1 platform.

    As consumers you have a right to voice your opinion and vote with your wallet, but please remind yourselves of the many technical aspects involved with creating a cross-buy release. You do not understand the various sony permissions, protocols, platform designs, and the actual coding involved to make cross-buy a reality.

    I will be buying this game on Vita and PS3 to take advantage of the cross-buy and cross-save and welcome more strategy games to the sony platform.

  • Hurray for a Vita game I actually want! Nice to see something other than Indies now and then

  • Wow really? $20 more on PS4?

    Looks like a great game but that feels like a raw deal. I’ll wait for a sale.

  • Can we adjust the difficulty? I enjoy a challenging game, but not one that requires me to die over and over and repeat the same levels and battles until I’m barely able to squeak out a victory. That’s not my idea of fun. Only kids and the unemployed have time to grind away their days.
    And no I’m not a wuss, I just don’t have endless hours to waste, with a job, a wife and 2 kids.
    Final Fantasy Tactics and Jeanne d’ Arc are my 2 favorite games of all time. Any similarities to them?
    The game does look interesting by the way. No insult intended.

    • Heya yentair,

      Yep, difficulty can be adjusted! There are four difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lethal.

      The game is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics in that it uses a grid system, but WHERE you place your characters in square is just as important is which square you put them in. In the game, you have line of sight, as well as the ability to link character attacks. Relative distance between characters affects the strength of linked attacks as well, so placement and planning is definitely of the essence!

  • I like the concept behind this game but I’ m not into turn based games never could really get into them.

  • Looks interesting. Love turn-based RPGs and this might be something I’ll get on the PS4. Though, it does look a bit wonky for my taste. I’ll be sure to wait for reviews before I decide to buy it.

  • Been looking forward to this for awhile. Especially the card collecting/online battles..

  • Must. Have. Natural Doctine. :D Seriously can’t wait for this release!

    It’s looking better than ever and will definitely be worth the wait!

  • OMG…. So many good games coming to psvita now. I NEED a 64GB mem card now! And money to buy those games day 1 and time to not sleep playing them xD

  • Hi David, thanks for the reply, and for the additional info. Much appreciated!
    Now I’m definitely interested in this game, I always love a good strategy game.
    I’ve played thru tons of strategy RPGs in my life. That being said, I’m not looking for a Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls difficulty.
    Would you recommend Normal difficulty then? Is it only punishing on Hard or Lethal?
    I’ve never played a game on Easy, but I suppose I could swallow my pride, if necessary. ;)
    Thanks again!

  • I’m having a serious problem deciding which platform to get it for.

    PS3 is off the table since I’ve hit a point now where I’m only buying PS3 games if they’re not available on PS4. So that leaves PS4 and Vita. My Vita is backlogged to heck and back again, and my PS4 is fixin’ to get very, very busy (I’m currently way deep into Diablo 3).

    Gaaaaaaaaah I don’t know what to do. My indecisiveness is severely hampering my ability to make a decision and buy the game lol

  • No cross-buy? No buy~

    Also I wish RPG developers would stop making clunky games bogged down with hundreds of mechanics to make it seem interesting. Keep it simple, keep it fun. This game looks mediocre at best.

  • This game better be better than Fire Emblem: Awakening. I look for quality, non-Final Fantasy Tactics/non-isometric, tactical RPGs (too much to ask for, apparently). This game kinda looks in the style of the upcoming S.T.E.A.M. for Nintendo 3DS. It also kinda looks like a tabletop RPG. If the reviews for this game don’t blow me away, then the Super Famicom Fire Emblem translations should do just fine for now. I’m not convinced that just b/c a couple of professional gamers (the PS staff) have completed the game means that this is a good buy. We will soon see.

  • Being wating for this game. I thought it was to release this month…I guess not.

    I love strategy rpgs and turnbased games. This seems like the perfect counterpoint to disgaea 4 (which I also bought for the vita), and will be a more serious toned game like FFT or my favorite srpg of all time – Vandal Hearts.

    Can’t wait. Will be adding this to large list of games I am playing on vita!

  • Bring it on, my body is ready!

  • How does it compare in complexity to my personal favourite turn-based strategy, Dominions?

  • Yes!!

  • The no Cross-buy is really killing me! I wanna be able to play on my ps4 and my vita.
    None the less i’m sure the ps4 would be the better option for me since my vita is primarily used for ps2 games that I miss (Ratchet and Clank + FFX/X-2)
    Depending on how much I fall for this game I may add it to the timeless collection haha

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