The Walking Dead: Season Two – Finale Trailer Revealed

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The Walking Dead: Season Two – Finale Trailer Revealed

The final episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two, ‘No Going Back’, will be available for download on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on Tuesday, August 26th!

The Walking Dead: Season Two – Finale Trailer Revealed

Don’t miss the very special trailer we’ve put together for the finale. It contains HUGE spoilers for previous episodes of The Walking Dead Season One and Season Two, but there’s nothing that will spoil the upcoming season finale for you. That said, we have included an all-new scene created specifically for this video. As this season comes to a close and you reflect on Clementine’s journey thus far, we ask you to consider: Who will YOU become?

As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks to ALL of you who’ve joined us in playing this season – we can’t wait to share the finale with you. The Walking Dead is YOUR story, and the Clementine you’re playing is YOUR Clementine. More than ever before, choices you’ve made in season one, as well as the choices you make in this finale, will TRULY decide what will happen next…

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  • Well done on the timing! I can’t wait to play the finale, and then jump from into Infamous: First Light.

  • jump right*

  • The only thing that I don’t like about this game is that it is not cross-save. If your going to release the same game on multiple Playstation systems, cross-save should be an item on the list to tackle even if its not cross-buy but that would be better.

  • Any chance we see this on PS4?

  • There will be a version with Full Trophy Support? Like first one with Platinum Trophy?

  • @4 First, and Second season are coming to PS4 on the 21st of October alegedly As well as Wolf Among Us.

    @ Laura Perusco, Well this will make a great final Birthday present for me. As no one really acknowledges me where I live or work. ^^;;;

  • I pumped for the season 2 conclusion, and a little sad that there won’t be any Telltale action for a while. What’s the next one coming down the pipe? Borderlands or Game of Thrones?

    • Tales from the Borderlands is next in line… look out for more news on that one coming out of PAX at the end of this month!

  • Whaaa?? Episode 5 is coming out already? I’m extremely nervous/excited to see how things play out in the season finale.
    That said, I’m also torn deciding if I should watch this trailer or not lol…I know you said no spoilers for episode 5 but still….

  • 7. A quick google search answered my own question. Tales from the Borderlands has a teaser and screenshots already. It’s supposed to be released in 2014, so all is well.

  • Nice trailer. Shows quite a bit of season 2 and a little of season 1. I still miss playing as Lee. Clem is good though. Sad to see it about to end. I hope it’s really awesome. I just got my PS4 so I’ll have to hook up my PS3 to see the ending. Totally worth it though. The Walking Dead series is one of my favorite games!

  • Will u guys be adding a platinum?

  • I will get this on ps4 since its coming to the system then I will buy the whole season!!!!!!!

  • Looking forward to catching up to Season 2 on my Vita!

    Question though: When can we expect to finally see The Wolf Among Us on Vita? I have purposely held back on purchasing the game for PS3 because I wanted to play it on my OLED screen. Thanks!

  • What wil be difference to PS4 from PS3?

  • I’m just waiting for Oct 28 to pick up retail for Vita.

  • What a great day the 26th will be. Sound Shapes DLC coming out, Metro Redux, inFamous First Light, and the final episode from TWD S2!!!

  • *Daniel will remember this

    Wooo finally it’s time to start season 2. It has been very difficult to keep away until the last episode. Purchased this day 1 and now it’s time to enjoy.

  • Lordy, this is a feelsplosion. There was a tear or two shed in this. Clem has really been through the grinder. But I know she is only stronger now, from it. Everyone who has taught her along the way. She’s a survivor. And I can’t wait to see her story in S2 close.

  • Please make Season 3 about Jane!

  • Finally I can start my TWD S2 playthrough till tuesday so I can get last ep and be hyped!

  • I played a lot of Telltale games on PS3 (and PC). Even though I had already played Walking Dead on PS3, I repurchased it on the Vita and loved it a second time around. Now I buy Telltale games on Vita. Question: Would you guys consider releasing older Telltale games like Sam and Max (all three seasons), Monkey Island (season one plus remakes), etc on the Vita? I would gladly pay again to replay these classics. Telltale games are perfect on the go for the Vita. Please consider it. Otherwise, keep up the good work on these great games.

  • Telltale, any news about Wolf Among Us on Vita?

  • Just finished episode 4. What an ending is all I’m going to say. I have a feeling at some point in the finale you’re going to give us the choice to save Luke or Ken. If that happens, it’ll be the hardest decision ever.

  • It’s been quite the ride seeing how my Clementine has grown and matured since Season 1. I’m trying to prepare myself for whatever ending you’ve prepared for us; here’s hoping my last choice in Season 2 will be to repeat “Still. Not. Bitten.”.

  • I’m so excited!

  • YESSSSSSSSS, I’ve been TRYING to wait / not play the past two episodes because I just want to play them all together (hate waiting so long between episodes). So I’m glad you guys released this pretty quick! Love this game…top 10 material for sure – you captured the Walking Dead series (relationships / tough choices) so well.

    Did I say I CAN’T WAIT? :P

    This game is the #1 reason PS3 is still “CURRENT gen” for me. I have a feeling I’ll have to message all my friends about how good this game is..even though I think I already did that last season too. :P

    Don’t F with my Clem. <3

  • And if it wasn’t for the Last of Us and my obsession with MGS, I’d say this is the best story/experience on PS3 out of all the thousands of games…

    1) Metal Gear Solid 1+2+3+4+Peace Walker (play them ALL dang can if you get the PS3 “MGS The Legacy Collection”!!!)
    2) Last of Us
    3) The Walking Dead
    4) Journey
    5) Bioshock Infinite + Bioshock
    6) Red Dead Redemption
    7) God of War 3
    8) GTA V
    9) Portal 2
    10) Portal 1 + The Orange Box (Half Life 2..even though it was programmed terribly for the PS3)

  • when’s the store update?? i wanna play episode 5 already >;(
    how come PC gamers get it first dammit!!!!

  • Truly need help. I was wonder if its possible to transfer TWD Season 2 Ep 1 data from the ps3 to the ps vita? So i can start playing the on the vita. If so, how would I do that? :)

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