The GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update Now Available

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The GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update Now Available
The GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update Now Available

Enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of being a patriotic hero with the San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online. This new update features a collection of new air and land vehicles, aerial solo challenges, and much more.

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School

Grab the stick of the fast and nimble Western Besra training jet and push it to the edge of the envelope. Master absolute air superiority in 10 new solo missions that will make you comfortable in any pilot’s danger zone, including combat maneuvering, low-flying challenges, formation flying and more.

Once it’s ‘mission accomplished’ and you’re out of your heroic new Flight Suit, spend your shore leave buzzing the skies in the luxury Swift helo, or cram your entire squad into the new 16-seater Buckingham Mil-Jet for team transport in style. Hit the silk with a collection of new Chutes and Parachute Bags, and if things get a little out of control, rely on the Reserve Parachute to give you a second chance at that soft landing – or use it to get creative with your precision dives. Later, hit the streets in the shapely Invetero Coquette Classic, available in either hard-top or topless roadster variants for whatever your sea-level speed fix.

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School

And round up your wingmen for new Races, Captures, Contact Missions, Parachute Jumps and more, including the three all-new VS Mission modes. Acquire Targets is a kill-the-carrier style mode where opponents fight in P996 Lazers to control one flag; maintain control for as long as you can to rack up points. In G-Rating, compete against other cadets as you fly to pick up 15 flags in both weapons hot and cold environments. Or try out Air Force Zero, where the defending team must protect an aircraft against an attacking team as it flies to the safe LZ.

Today’s update also introduces a host of gameplay improvements to GTA Online – these include increased payouts for harder to complete missions and GTA$ bonuses for playing missions with others. Plus, GTA$ payouts on replays are no longer reduced and all rewards are now time scaled.

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School
Check out the SA Flight School’s informational video above and prepare yourself for the opportunity to become one of the best of the best.

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  • So I’m guessing GTAV PS4 is delayed since you guys are still working on DLC for the PS3/360 versions?

  • this is how i feel too wats up wit gta ps4 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Hilarious video, made me chuckle. It’s sexist and tongue-in-cheek. Good stuff.

  • What’s the latest approximate release date for GTA V for PS4? Thanks.

  • This looks great. I can’t wait to get this on the PS3 soon!

    A question though, will more updates come to the PS3 version, even after this releases on the PS4? I’m curious.

  • Is there a reward for getting all gold in the flight school challenges? I have one more to go, just curious. Shooting 26 targets with the Buzzard is gonna take me a little bit to get. Best I’ve done so far is 17 within the allotted time. :/

  • I can’t wait for this to make its way finally to the PS4 since it will be so much better online on the PS4. I traded in my copy of the ps3 and will get the PS4 version with all of the new updates coming this will be much better. It’s a good game but with the online portion this game was meant for the PS4 because the online on ps3 clearly can’t handle this game.

  • IIIIIIIII’vvvvve beeeeennnnn ttttoooooo the danger zone…. da da

  • Will the PS4 version have all the PS3 DLC?

  • Still no mention of Heists, eh? Oh well.

  • We need Gta San Andreas on PS Vita

  • Can you guys try get a Gta game on Vita? I know that your Third Party Productions team has been working hard to get 3rd party games on Vita so I wanted to know if this was a possibility.

  • Gta 5 wont load for me an @9 rockstar said in the post that anounced the ps4 version that all dlc will be on ps4 day one, its stupid to think they wont if ps3 has it

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