The Last Tinker: City of Colors Out Today on PS4

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The Last Tinker: City of Colors Out Today on PS4

This is it. Right here, right now. This is your moment to help begin the renaissance of the indie-developed, 3D platformer.

The reaction to our announcement that The Last Tinker was coming to PlayStation was staggering. We knew it would be positive, but not to this degree! We had no idea there was this pent-up demand for more 3D platformers.

This isn’t just a game. This is a statement. A confirmation of the belief that 3D platformers are not dead. A shining neon beacon, fifty stories tall, that there is more to a game than technical specifications.

PlayStation is a platform for the biggest and loudest games ever made. Absolutely. But it’s also a platform which openly promotes creativity and imagination. People turn to the indie scene when they want something different; something innovative, stylish, and creative.

The Last Tinker for PS4The Last Tinker for PS4

The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a PS4 game that is as wonderful and fun to play as those great PS2 and PS3 games of yesterday. At LOOT, we really do believe Tinker will be remembered as the spark which rekindled the 3D platformer fire. We don’t mean to be all serious and profound, but seriously and profoundly, check Tinker out. You’ve seen the trailers. You’ve read the behind-the-scenes banter. Tinkerworld is open for you to explore. If you want to see more of this type of game again, then this is the moment to show your support.

Let us know how you feel about the game below! We’d love to hear your feedback about The Last Tinker! Follow LOOT on Twitter for more.

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  • Looks great.

  • Wow, I was going to pass this up as I’d never heard of it before. But I finally watched the trailer, and you guys just earned another sale. This, I want. Very cool to see something like this coming from the indie scene. Now I just need to find time to play it. Congrats on the game launch and good luck in the future.

    • Thanks! We’re absolutely thrilled by the response we’ve gotten from the PlayStation community so far, and we really hope this game has a huge launch!

  • this just looks like great fun, how much is it?

  • Day 1 buy. The more support this game gets, the more the industry will see that 3D platformers arent dead and should be brought back.

    • That’s really the big thing: if this game does well — particularly if it has a huge opening day and opening week — that’s a massive indicator that there’s a lot of pent-up demand for 3D platformers, particularly on consoles. Judging from the response we’ve gotten so far during the lead-up to today’s launch, it looks like that demand is very real. Now we get to find out!

  • As soon as the store updates I will buy downloading it. Looks great been itching for a 3d platformer for a while now.

  • Haven’t about this one until today, but looks pretty neat! Love all the indie titles coming to PS4.

  • I keep refreshing the Store to see when it gets added to see the price, but still nothing. I passed up on Counterspy, so I’ll most likely be getting this while I wait for my copy of Diablo 3.

    Also, since Loot seems to be in the business of taking PC games and porting them to PS4. I suggest you consider Cloudbuilt for your next project.

    • LOOT is constantly searching for really *good* indie games to bring to PlayStation — because there are some great games out there, like Mimimi Productions’ The Last Tinker, and thanks to PlayStation’s embrace of indies, it’s now possible for these games to shine where they belong: on the best damn console gaming ecosystem out there. PlayStation FTW!

  • I won a code for this on Twitter and played a little bit of it last night. Really good so far. As a fan of 3D platformers like Jak and Daxter, Crash and Ratchet and Clank this is my kind of game. If you like those kind of games you’ll enjoy this guys!

  • It looks very pretty, but what do you actually do in the game?

  • I am seriously and profoundly going to get this game, today! Although, what’s the price? And will plus members get discount?

    • We seriously and profoundly want to get your feedback on this game! Let us know what you think of Tinker! The price is $19.99 — unless you’re PlayStation Plus, in which case it’s discounted to $14.99. :D

  • I don’t understand how the time between my first hearing about this game and its launch was like a week, but okay. Looks fun, and I do miss 3D platformers. (Particularly I miss those with various areas, each with a set of collectables to snag; e.g., Spyro, Jak and Daxter, Vexx.)

  • Seriously, is there some reason this post assumes we’re all intimately familiar with this game?

    “You’ve seen the trailers. You’ve read the behind-the-scenes banter.”

    No….I haven’t.

  • This game came out in May on PC. There was just a Summer sale on Steam and it was $9.99.

  • This will most likely be either $14.99 or $19.99. If you have plus, you might save $2.99 off that. Just a guess.

  • I guess it’ll be free because they don’t mention any price and that supposed to be coming out today

  • LOL… The complain culture of PS Blog comments is hilarious. There is nothing wrong here, so people complain about the tone of the post.

  • Late breaking news I went to the PlayStation store and it’s $19.99 ;-)

  • And that is why they were keeping it a secret….

  • $14.99 for Plus members.

  • Wow. Had no idea this was coming out so soon. Will buy, but perhaps not today. Getting Counterspy first and then after I finish that I’ll pick this up. Game looks great, will definitely get it.

  • Downloaded and installed! 1.4 GB….thanks for the heads up snakeeyes211.

  • I may get this to play with my 3 year old. Looks really good, hope it has the great super hero feel he likes.

  • 14.99 for Plus? That’s so incredibly perfect I don’t even know what to say. Done. A million times done (not really I don’t have that much money). Good sirs, you have another sale.

  • I’m downloading it now but won’t play it till later. Thanks for bringing what looks to be a great platformer reminiscent of the good o’l days of 3d platforming to Ps4. Viva la revolucion!! Can’t wait to play it.

  • Downloading should be installed and ready to go once I get home. Now just gotta get through work and night classes :(

  • Thanks Jason Sorensen. Looks great :)

  • Sooo, according to a dev (“coru”) on Steam forums, this isn’t actually a platformer, and that the team thinks of it more as an action-adventure??? And you’re selling this as a platformer?? Uh…is this or is this not a 3D platform, i.e. you run around levels, leaping from precisely placed platformers and collecting things or not?

    (Also: 3D platformers are dead?? Yeah…someone better let Nintendo know about this…)

    • What makes The Last Tinker so interesting is that it has elements of multiple genres fused together; there are significant classic platformer elements combined with fighting, puzzles, and more. At the same time, the control scheme has to feel intuitive and easy to pick up, which makes for an interesting design challenge!

      Regarding 3D platformer games in general: there’s been a general sentiment that they haven’t been as prevalent recently in the PlayStation lineup compared to yesteryear — and we hope Tinker will really help bring this genre back to the forefront, since there’s clearly a lot of pent-up demand for it.

  • Is it true the game doesn’t have a jump button?

  • @drepsx3 Yep, there is no jump button.

    The game is sitting in my cart, and I am having a hard time committing to ordering because I know First Light is coming out next week.

  • Does it have a platinum trophy with it being 19.99 I’ve been interested in this game!

  • It does not have a platinum. Loot/Jason can you comment on why Sony wouldn’t allow you to have a platinum? It will hurt your sales, especially at $20.

    • Hey there, Macello!

      Without getting into details, there are specific requirements involved for games to have a platinum trophy. That said, there’s a good number of trophies in the game, and some of the higher-ranked ones do require a fair amount of extra effort. In particular, for PlayStation Plus members who can get the game at $14.99, we hope it’s a pretty good value. :D

  • I don’t think it’s entirely practical to assume the sales of this game is directly representative to “pent-up demand” or a wider desire for 3D platformers– in fact, that’s downright foolish. I’m definitely part of the crowd who loved platformers growing up on various consoles and loves to play new ones when they pop up, but the actual quality of a game– its mechanics, gameplay depth, and technical performance, among other things– matters a lot more to me than simply saying “3D platformer” and “beautiful graphics,” and expecting fans of the genre to swallow it up mindlessly is going to lead to inherent disappointment.

    Reading reviews for this game’s prior PC release lets potential players know that it isn’t even directly representative of classic platformers, and while it might be bright and pretty, it’s not what many people who call themselves fans of the genre actually desire to play. One of the main draws of 3D platforming is the actual running and jumping and exploring, and lacking a jump button (or letting the character automatically handle jumping and momentum) kills that spirit entirely. That’s not to say this isn’t a good game in its own right, but why talk it up to being something it isn’t?

  • 2/2 I’ll ignore the fact that the developers don’t even seem to acknowledge this as a “3D Platformer,” and rather an adventure game, which is entirely different– and rather sad if Sony groups these genres together and makes assumptions about which games to invest in and how a demographic reacts based off of their own mistaken categorizations. If you’re going to buy this game, make sure you’re doing it because you’ve researched it and enjoy what is has to offer, whether that be its graphical style, gameplay, or just to tell the devs you appreciate their efforts. Don’t be misled into thinking it’s a classic 3D platformer, though, because you’ll likely find yourself disappointed if you go by that definition.

  • When I first heard about this game it was only on Steam. I am glad it is on PS4, since it reminds me a lot of R&C and other great 3D platformers. Can’t wait to pick this one up!

  • This game has some pretty serious framerate issues from the few minutes I played. Feels like it gets down to 15fps.

  • So glad there are people out there who (a) love this era of platformers as much as I do and (b) can actually make games in ways I never, ever, ever times infinity could. Super sold on this.

    • Thanks, billyok! We think Mimimi Productions created a really wonderful, unique gem of a game that fits extremely well in the PlayStation ecosystem.

  • @MakoSoul Ehh

  • Looks like a lot of fun. I’ll totally get this when I get paid this week. Can’t wait to play!

  • Two questions, what was the reasoning of not including a jump button? It really hurts not being able to do so. Awkard as well especially for a game like this. Feels as if you’re restricted. Can we get a patch to fix the framerate? It drops quite often. Hope more games like this come to PS4 I love them and always have since PS1.

  • looks amazing, i cant wait too try it.

  • Really want a new game to play on my PS4 but don’t think this will be it. Thanks for the opportunity to partake. Will continue waiting in hopes of what I truly want to be released…

  • Bought the game, downloaded and installed it, launched it, went into options and viewed the controls… and was immediately disappointed: “hold R2 to run and auto jump over obstacles”!!!?? wth, this “3D platforming” game has the AUTO-PLATFORMING of Assassin’s Creed!!!?? Ok, I’ll continue, hope I am overreacting, but seriously, AUTO-PLATFORMING????

    • Hi, GummyCore!

      Tinker’s a bit different in that it’s a fusion of 3D platforming, fighting, puzzling, etc. Key to this is having an intuitive control scheme, and it’s worth noting that the challenges in the game are built around this fusion concept. (One particularly difficult section, in the Green District, really does require some precision to get through.)

      Our belief is that this fusion of gaming elements, aside from making the game a bit different from something which sticks purely to one genre’s mechanics, will help reintroduce people to a genre which might be a bit under-represented right now. It’s a very different kind of challenge, which we hope people will enjoy!

  • What is the problem with all these PORTS of indies being priced too high? If you really are counting on the sales of this game to bring back an entire genre, you should have priced it better. I have no intentions of buying ANY port or indy at any price over $12. You guys better live ot up now, while ps4 has no big games to offer. Once they do, nobody will be willing to shell out twenty bucks for these games.
    Seriously and profoundly sick of these prices.

  • Yes! You guys have my purchase! Gonna play right after work, thanks for your efforts.

  • Wellp, CounterSpy won this time around. I knew about the gameplay not being similar to your typical 3D platforming but I’m always openminded about trying something different…buuuut then I read way too many comments about the poor framerate. That same issue absolutely destroyed the first Jak & Daxter on Vita for me (still playable on PS3, but the Vita performance is unacceptable), so I’m going to hold-off from spending my money as of now.

    • Our best advice is to check out the gameplay videos on Twitch, Ustream or YouTube, and see how the framerate looks for yourself. ;)

  • Why I can’t find the game from the ps store? I’m from Finland

  • Please people if you are considering buying the game, lease watch this video first:
    Game suffers from some seriously low FPS and I recommend waiting for the game to get fixed before purchasing it.

  • On the Steam forums for the game, they go to some lengths to distance themselves from the community-made tag of ‘3D Platformer’, so this introduction post that lays the 3D Platforming language on thick is kind of amusing.

    Seems like a fun game, I actually meant to get it on Steam awhile ago but it slipped off my radar…I’m likely getting this at some point. However, that wordage won’t do it any favors considering that its core mechanics takes it firmly out of the genre they’re leaning on. (Well, on PS Blog anyway.)

  • Played it for the first time last night and I just fell in love with it. Its so reminiscent of older Platformers like Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Spyro The Dragon, I don’t think I have really enjoyed a game as much as The Last Tinker in such a long time. I hope the game receives lots of sales and support from the community as I really hope to see a sequel one day (even though I haven’t beaten it yet).

  • I’ve been playing this game for the past couple of days. I saw a lot of reviews about framerate, but honestly it seems fine. I haven’t really noticed anything. Nothing compared to games like force unleashed or the first couple infamous games. Anyone playing, when you get to the blue levels it gets really neat with gameplay. Really really well done for an indie title.

    Also a subtle touch that i like, i was playing last night with the lights off and noticed the controller flashes colors when i use different colors in game…that was a nice subtle touch. : )

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