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PlayStation Store Update

PlayStation Store Update

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Title Plus Price Regular Sale Price Original Price
Crimsonland (PS4) $7.19 $8.99 $13.99
Crimsonland (PS Vita) $7.19 $8.99 $13.99
Draw Slasher Bundle  (PS Vita) $2.50 $4.99 $5.99
Hotline Miami (PS4) $7.99 $9.99 $9.99
Hotline Miami (PS3) $7.99 $9.99 $9.99
Hotline Miami (PS Vita) $7.99 $9.99 $9.99
R-Type Dimensions (PS3) $4.49 $4.99 $9.99
The Last Tinker: City Of Colors (PS4) $14.99 n/a $19.99
Discounts Ending 8/26
Surgeon Simulator
Soul Sacrifice Delta
Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami
Title Platform Sale Price Regular Price
Catherine PS3 $9.99 $19.99
Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars PS Vita $29.99 $39.99
Crimsonland (Cross Buy) PS4 $8.99 $13.99
Crimsonland (Cross Buy) PS Vita $8.99 $13.99
Daylight PS4 $9.99 $14.99
Dragon’s Crown PS3 $19.99 $49.99
Dragon’s Crown PS Vita $19.99 $49.99
Draw Slasher Bundle PS Vita $4.99 $5.99
Persona 4 Golden PS Vita $19.99 $29.99
Pinball Arcade -(Trial): Pinball Arcade: Season 1 Bundle (Cross Buy) PS3 $14.99 $29.99
Pinball Arcade -(Trial): Pinball Arcade: Season 1 Pro Bundle (Cross Buy) PS3 $19.99 $39.99
Pinball Arcade Season One Pro Upgrade PS4 $4.99 $9.99
Pinball Arcade Season One Pro Upgrade (Cross Buy) PS Vita $4.99 $9.99
Pinball Arcade Season One Pro Upgrade (Cross Buy) PS3 $4.99 $9.99
Pinball Arcade: Pinball Arcade: Season 1 Bundle (Cross Buy) PS Vita $14.99 $29.99
Pinball Arcade: Season 1 Bundle PS4 $14.99 $29.99
Pinball Arcade: Season 1 Pro Bundle PS4 $19.99 $39.99
Pinball Arcade: Season One Pro Bundle Pack (Cross Buy) PS Vita $19.99 $39.99
Rock Of Ages PS3 $1.99 $9.99
The Cursed Crusade PS3 $2.99 $19.99
Trine 2 PS3 $1.99 $14.99
Zeno Clash 2 PS3 $1.99 $14.99
App Updates

Amazon Instant Video (PS3/PS4)

  • We just made an exciting update to our app for PS3 and PS4 that lets you watch the 1st episode of hundreds of TV shows for free. Start watching by clicking any TV show in the “First Episode Free” section on your home screen.Click here to see the hundreds of episodes.

Crackle (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)

  • The new season of Crackle’s original series Cleaners premieres August 19 with more smarts, sass, swagger and sex appeal than ever. Gohere for more information.
  • New courtroom drama, Sequestered, is now available. Check it outhere. Watch it for free, only on Crackle.

Crunchyroll (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)

  • Crunchyroll is the official destination for the largest and latest lineup of popular Anime. Watch hit shows like Naruto Shippuden, Sailor Moon and Sword Art Online II in HD. Gohere for a free trial.

DailyBurn (PS3)

  • Get your body ready for the summer with DailyBurn and your PS3. Sign uphere to try 100% FREE for 30 days.


  • EPIX is now available to AT&T U-Verse subscribers.
  • Now available, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


  • Watch True Blood season 7, episode 9 “Love is to Die.” Check out a previewhere. New episodes every Sunday at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT.
  • Watch The Leftovers season 1, episode 8 “Cairo.” Check out a previewhere. New episodes every Sunday at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT.

Hulu (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)

  • America’s favorite team of misfit superheroes is back and more awesome than ever. ‘The Awesomes’ return to take on bigger adventures and badder villains. WatchSeason 2 today.


  • Catch up on all of the latest PlayStation news from Gamescom with the IGN app.

MLB.TV Premium (PS3/PS4)

  • The Wild Card Race is on!!! Watch HD Quality broadcasts of every out-of-market game live or on demand. Sign up here.

Netflix (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)

  • “BoJack Horseman” is about one man (well, horse-man) who peaked too early and must figure out what to do next. Starring Will Arnett and Aaron Paul. All episodes available August 22.

Qello Concerts (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)

  • New Documentaries: Pinky Floyd – The Wall, Alicia Keys: Story Tellers, Beat Makers Documentary, Marvin Sapp: I Win, Herbert Gronmeyer: Live at Montreux 2012, Dave Matthews Band – Europe 2009, Pink Floyd – The Wall
  • Free Music Friday: Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels and Lynyrd Skynrd

Redbox Instant by Verizon (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)

  • Spider-Man’s greatest battle begins! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now available to rent/buy or reserve at the box!
  • Subscribers can now watch the horror hit You’re Next or the hilarious Thanks For Sharing along with hits like Moonstruck, Mad Max and Expendables 2!

Vudu (PS3/PS4)

  • Check out The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

· Watch the first episodes of Food Fighters, Manhattan, Running Wild with Bear Grylls or Rush for free on Vudu.

PS4 Add-ons
Killzone Shadow Fall
  • Intercept Co-Op Maps (Free)
Oddworld New ‘N Tasty
  • Alf’s Mission DLC ($4.99)
Trials Fusion
  • Empire of the Sky ($4.99)
PS3 Add-ons
Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed
  • Falcom Mascot Set (Free)
  • Genshiken Set (Free)
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters
  • Ayane Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Costume Catalog 16 (Free)
  • Helena Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Hitomi Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Kasumi Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Kokoro Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Leifang Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Marie Rose Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Mila Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Momiji Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Phase 4 Maid Costume ($1.99)
  • Tina Maid Costume ($1.99)
Mugen Souls Z
  • 001 Prosperity Set ($2.99)
  • 001 The 3rd Ultimate War (Free)
  • Curry God Flavor Set ($2.99)
  • Fire And Ice Combo Set ($2.99)
  • Honor Student Goddess Priest Set ($1.99)
  • Overwhelming G Up Fever Pack 4 ($2.99)
  • The 2nd Ultimate War (Free)
  • Unlock All Clothing ($2.99)
Mugen Souls Z
  • Ribbon Knight Set ($1.99)
  • Unlock All Physical Parts ($2.99)
  • Unlock All Voices ($2.99)
  • Wedding Ribbon Set ($2.99)
  • The 1st Ultimate War (Free)
One Piece Unlimited World Red
  • Hard Quests For Rare Items ($3.99)
  • Robin School Pack ($2.99)
Rocksmith 2014
  • Duran Duran Song Pack ($7.99)
  • Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf ($2.99)
  • Duran Duran – Ordinary World ($2.99)
  • Duran Duran – Rio ($2.99)
Tales of Xillia 2
  • Custom Order Set (Free)
  • Elemental Booster ($1.99)
  • Gaius’ Judo Uniform ($2.99)
  • HP +1000 ($1.99)
  • Level Up +10 (1) ($4.49)
  • Level Up +10 (2) ($4.49)
  • Level Up +5 (1) ($2.99)
  • Level Up +5 (2) ($2.99)
  • Ludger’s Basketball Uniform ($2.99)
  • Main Quest Attachment Set 1 ($0.99)
  • Main Quest Attachment Set 2 ($0.99)
  • Max Ac +1 ($1.99)
  • Max Ac +2 ($1.99)
  • Max Item Expansion ($1.99)
  • Muzɔ’s Swimming Uniform ($2.99)
PS Vita Add-ons
Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed
  • Falcom Mascot Set (Free)
  • Genshiken Set (Free)
One Piece Unlimited World Red
  • Hard Quests For Rare Items ($3.99)
  • Robin School Pack ($2.99)
PlayStation Vita Pets
  • Vampire Costume (Free)
PS3 Avatars & Themes
  • Amazing Earth: Ocean Animals Dynamic Theme ($1.99)
  • Amazing Earth: Safari Dynamic Theme ($1.99)
  • Ann Marcellino: Cavern Mermaid Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Ann Marcellino: Lava Mermaid Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Ann Marcellino: Sky Mermaid Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Azmodan Avatar (Free)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Belial Avatar (Free)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Diablo Avatar (Free)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Inarius Avatar (Free)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Ithereal Avatar (Free)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Malthael Avatar (Free)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Skeleton King Avatar (Free)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Tyrael Avatar (Free)
  • Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls – Urzael Avatar (Free)
  • Glamour Lounge Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Kerem Beyit: Charlotte Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Kerem Beyit: Fereil Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Kerem Beyit: Troll Hunter Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
  • Lalo Static Theme ($1.99)

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  • Will there ever be a demo for diablo 3? I’ve never played one and I REALLY want to try it!

  • Hell to the YEA!

  • I was hoping Mineraft PS4 would be out today.

  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare $40 for one of our PS4’s or I can pay $30 and have it on both of our families PS3’s… Decisions, decisions.

    When are we getting cross-buy for the Ratchet & Clank collection for the Vita??? EU got it! Where is ours?!?!

  • I’m receiving Tales of Xillia 2 from gamefly tomorrow, so it will be my game of the week. I was also interested in Diablo UEE but i’ll wait for a price drop.

  • Needs better sales. hope we get a flash sale soon :/

  • @wesj36. There’s a demo on the PS3 that came out last year.

  • Already downloaded Diablo 3 and Garden Warfare on PS4 last night thanks to preloading. Both are great! This is one of the best (expensive) updates in a long time. Would also love to get Xilia 2 but there’s no way I have time for it before Destiny comes out.

  • just got xillia 2, wouldve got sao hf but since there is no dub there is no point in wasting my money

  • Hotline Miami Gives me an Error Saying I can’t buy it.

    I’m not “Eligible”. Yet the store says Cross-Buy.

  • Is Reaper of Souls coming alone anytime?, cause i already have Diablo 3

  • Missing the plus sales…. I like the format.

  • Sword Art Online! Finally! My .hack// withdrawals can be subsided a bit.

  • Also, the PC Store says It’s Free because I got the PS3 and PS Vita Versions back when they were on the PS Plus.

    In case that is what is giving me the Error.

  • what grace. you killed the ps vita. you can’t even put pre-order system on like japanese store

  • Pinball Arcade Season Pass, is that cross buy for Vita or cross buy for PS4?

    I want to buy it on PS3 and also have it available for my PS4…. Any info would be helpful from the community?


  • 20 usd for Persona 4 Golden, I want that game but not a very good sale price.

  • Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment is mine! Gonna play it in a minute. Hotline Miami i’ll finally try now that i have it on PS4. And i have my eye on Rygar. Tempted by the Pinbll Arcade bundles, too. SO MANY GAMES.

  • great update

  • When do we get PS4 Themes, the blue background is boring.

  • @16 I’m pretty sure Pinball Arcade is NOT crossbuy. I believe if you had a season on ps3 there was some kind of discount to RE – BUY them on PS4. If you have Zen Pinball, many of those tables could be imported to the PS4 version for free.

  • If I got Hotline Miami for PS3 and PSVita via PS+. Do I get it for PS4 as well. For some reason it says it do not have any of them even though my PS3 and Vita copy are still in my download list.

  • Can you please start listing games added to PS Now in these posts? Noticed a couple new titles went up today

  • Still waiting the old ps+ games. Any info?

  • And why is there no bundle for the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Maid Outfits DLC? Really? You guys really been good with the bundles. I don’t wanna spend extra on the singles.

  • Please more minecraft add ons , I love them all, can’t get enough, texture packs rule, and if you guys ran out of ideas look online to get inspired , please and thank you

  • Has Sound Shapes Hohokum DLC been delayed? I was under the impression it would be available today.

  • @7 gothguy666 I looked for it but couldn’t find it. They must have removed it for some reason

  • Why can’t access Hotline Miami the PS4 ver? Its says that I already purchased this game, yet I can’t get it.
    Help? Please.

  • Persona 4 again? This is a joke, that game is always on sale

  • R-Type is tempting, but I’ve purchased so many games lately…. I’m probably going to get it anyway.

  • Second week in a row they said that the Sound Shapes DLC would come out and it didn’t… annoying.

  • Hi I owen Hotline Miami on PS3 & PSVITA, now i’m trying to download it on PS4 and I get an Error. please advise

  • Nothing for me this week…


  • Nothing this week.

    keep hoping for The last of us DLC sale(PS3)

  • eh. not too trilled with this weeks discounts but I’ll definitely be getting sword art online

  • When is the Sound Shapes DLC coming? Do we seriously need to buy Hohokum???

  • I’ll import the chinese/eng version of Sword Art ADHOC … coz you know… there’s no online for this game :3 … btw, thanks for the plus discount on Conception ^^

  • @27 dontwaketheKIDS. Yeah, that’s what the SS twitter feed said last week. What is going on?

  • I’m not sure how to feel about the Robin Williams collection. I’m sure the intention in the right place, but monetizing because he passed away seem kinda messed up.

  • Hotline Miami is messed up… I bought the game a long time ago and now it does not show for me as a purchased product anymore…

    You gotta fix that… its awesome and I wanna play again on my PS4… (already played on my PS3 and Vita)

  • I picked up my Tales of Xillia 2 CE a couple hours ago and got the pre-load of Diablo 3 last night. Too much great stuff to play, but different consoles so I can play nearly simultaneously, lol.

    I’m picking up the vampire costume for my PS Vita pet, thanks, buying a Diablo 3 avatar and all of the ToX2 add-ons. Great update for me this week, thanks!

  • Just fyi, Sword Art Online has a free costume set available. It isn’t listed under Vita Add-ons, but it IS on the store.

  • Not surprised that the Vita compatibility problem continues, but can we please get a least one new PSP or PSone game on the Vita store per week, as a token gesture of goodwill towards Vita owners?

  • Tales of Xillia 2
    Custom Order Set (Free)
    Elemental Booster ($1.99)
    Gaius’ Judo Uniform ($2.99)
    HP +1000 ($1.99)
    Level Up +10 (1) ($4.49)
    Level Up +10 (2) ($4.49)
    Level Up +5 (1) ($2.99)
    Level Up +5 (2) ($2.99)
    Ludger’s Basketball Uniform ($2.99)
    Main Quest Attachment Set 1 ($0.99)
    Main Quest Attachment Set 2 ($0.99)
    Max Ac +1 ($1.99)
    Max Ac +2 ($1.99)
    Max Item Expansion ($1.99)
    Muzɔ’s Swimming Uniform ($2.99)

    Most of this is not in the store. Maybe just the HP +1000 but everything else I can’t find.

  • Surprised that the Playroom add-on didn’t make the list since it came out today. I will be downloading Hotline Miami and streaming Wiz Khalifa Blacc Hollywood.

  • Bought the season pass for Trials Fusion yet Empire of the Sky still says $4.99

  • Why not an Infamous Second Son price drop?

  • EA dlc robbery is getting more ridiculous

  • #48 Infamous is 40 bucks at gamestop right now, but if you want a better deal than yeah, just wait some more.

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