Get Alf’s Escape Now in Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty on PS4

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Get Alf’s Escape Now in Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty on PS4

Alf's Escape

Hi, this is Brett Lewis (lead artist) and Matt Glanville (game designer) from UK-based developer Just Add Water.

We recently finished up work on Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, a full ground-up remake of the 1997 classic Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. We’re now here to talk about a brand new bonus chapter for the game, called Alf’s Escape!

In Alf’s Escape you will once again play as Abe on a daring mission to rescue Alf, the fez-donning, tea-drinking Mudokon we first met in Abe’s Exoddus. It takes place in a completely new, never-before-seen area of RuptureFarms, features all new challenges and puzzles, and sees Abe lead Alf to freedom through a series of grueling death traps.

Whether it’s sprinting through a slaughterhouse, being chased by tomorrow’s tasty snacks and menacing meat saws, or lobbing well-aimed grenades across vast chasms overlooking the Stockyards, there’s a long list of reasons no Mudokons work in these parts of RuptureFarms (Except for Alf, but his line of work is a little different!).

And of course, it wouldn’t be Oddworld without a generous helping of humor and charming characters, so we recorded brand new dialogue for Alf with Oddworld creator and original voice actor Lorne Lanning!

During development of New ‘n’ Tasty we made several significant revisions to the formula, and as we played with those ideas, thousands more sprung to mind; what if we had a puzzle like this? What if this triggered that? But we still wanted New ‘n’ Tasty to stay faithful to the original game’s experience and offer the players an evolved version of the adventure that started it all.

We saw Alf’s Escape as the perfect opportunity to explore those ideas.

Towards the end of New ‘n’ Tasty’s development we realized we wanted to do a little more with the game. Being fans ourselves since ’97, there were so many things we would have loved to add, and one of them was to see more of Alf. We first saw him in Abe’s Exoddus as one of Abe’s pals on their mission from the Three Weirdos. Alf was rescued by Abe during his fight against RuptureFarms and we wanted to give that rescue some special attention.

Alf's EscapeAlf's Escape

Alf is holed up with his own business: he managed to get his paws on a few barrels of SoulStorm Brew, and if there’s anything a Slig likes more than knocking down Mudokons, it’s knocking back brews.

We toyed around with some high-level concepts that we had, pulling ideas from the bank we’d built up across the project; let’s make THIS guy sneak past the Sligs, let’s make Abe indirectly responsible for Alf being chopped into tiny chunks. From early on, we really liked the idea that players would spend a lot more time with Alf than they did with any of the other Mudokons they rescued. This train of thought lead us to the final result; a manic escape across multiple levels filled with deadly traps and creatures.

You can download this whole new chapter Alf’s Escape now! It’s free if you pre-ordered Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.

We’ve had a lot of fun revisiting RuptureFarms, expanding on things we were unable to do in the timeframe of New ‘n’ Tasty. We hope you enjoy Alf’s Escape, and we hope you’re up to the challenge!

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is available now for PS4 on PlayStation Store, and is coming soon to PS Vita and PS3 with cross-save support.

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  • no thanks. should have came along with vita

  • Fantastic. Glad to have any reason to revisit this game.

  • @1 In case you didn’t know Itachi if you pre ordered it on PS4 you got this DLC for free along with the PS3 and Vita versions. So it is coming when the Vita version comes out.

  • hell ya , it is great I have been playing it for a while . This game is made for the big screen I think playing it on my vita would take away from the games great visuals , any way good job guys .

  • Never played Oddworld before, knowing the nostalgia it has hope it’s a great game.

  • Still waiting for the Vita version!

  • What?!?! If you let Alf out he will eat all our cats!

  • Trying to download the DLC Als`s Escape but i get this error :

    CE-32928-4 This content is already being downloaded. Oddworld: New’n’Tasty. You can manage your background downloads by selecting [Notifications]>[Downloads]

    I think its stuck or something since i don’t see it in the Notifications -> Downloads and after i pre-ordered the game i have scheuduled the game and that DLC for automatic download. Is the DLC avalable or it’s still not online ? Why i am getting this error

  • Just did :

    Safe Mode -> Rebuild Database .

    Library then tried downloading Alf`s Escape DLC it still says Installed but when i click on the + and then the Download button it says

    CE-32928-4 This content is already being downloaded. Oddworld: New’n’Tasty. You can manage your background downloads by selecting [Notifications]>[Downloads].

    I am not one of the people who like to complain and the game is great by itself but so far i had over 8 crashes , one dead Save file and lost like 4-5 hours to redu. Also couple of the trophies were horribly glitched. This is so far the buggiest game i have seen on PS4….. And now that… ?

  • Dang it #7, you stole my comment :p

  • Well first up I’m glad that I pre-ordered the game never played this kind of style of game but I like stealth and sneaking around. It has the concept of metal gear which is amazing!!! But for those complaining about where’s the game at for the ps vita if you don’t have patience to bad because your going to have to wait. Nothing in life is going to happen when you want Tito happen Lol.

  • This is not the Alf I thought it was going to be.

  • For #7 and #10 I am certain we all thought the same thing LOL

  • @DanteAMT

    I am facing the exact same issue. Were you able to find a solution to this?

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