Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Out Today on PS4, PS3

Malthael, the Angel of Death, has descended upon Sanctuary and now threatens the very existence of humanity. Luckily, the world has heroes like you to solve such troubling affairs.

In Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition, the story of Diablo III is expanded with an all new Act V. In the third part of our exclusive, behind-the-scenes series, Blizzard explains how Malthael’s arrival fits into the larger Diablo narrative, and what new modes Reaper of Souls brings to the iconic loot-collecting adventure. This includes the brand new class, the Crusader, a “knight in battle-scarred armor,” who charges into the thick of combat without hesitation.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Out Today on PS4, PS3

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition launches today on PS4 and PS3. For those of you that originally started your quest through Sanctuary in Diablo III, know that your hero’s progress carries over to Reaper of Souls. Don’t miss a single step, and enjoy your quest. Good luck, Nephalem!

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  • I forgot that this was coming out today on ps4. Forgetting about this has to be the ultimately the evilest thing I could have done.

  • I’m considing getting the game but I’m not that sure yet I think I’ll see some gameplay before

  • Downloaded this last night thanks to the preload option. Game runs super smooth and looks fantastic. Feel free to add me for co-op!

  • I had never played D3 before. Played a bit of D2 back in the day though. Loving it so far! Started a bit slow, but now it’s really picking up. I rolled a Crusader. I love the Vita’s remote play feature on it. I didn’t have to stop playing to take one of “those breaks”, if you know what I mean. ;)

  • Vita’s Remote Play feature is the biggest reason I’m looking forward to this game (going physical copy though). I have the PC version but being able to go portable would be glorious.

  • diablo 3 is amazing game on ps4. .i am playing it right now.. i has alot fun either too

  • I bought Diablo 3 digitally on the PS3 last year. How can I get Act V without rebuying the entire game?

  • ZzzzzzZ

  • Heading out to pick it up now. Think I’m gonna roll me a Demon Hunter to start with, since my main on the PC version was a Monk and I feel like doing something different.

  • @7

    You can’t.

    However keep in mind that the cost of re-buying the whole game as Ultimate Evil Edition is the exact same price as buying the expansion on PC. You’re not getting a better OR worse deal by having to buy the game again.

  • I know the save transfers (PS3->PS4) but will people with PS3’s be able to play with people with PS4’s?

  • I’m really looking forward to playing this after work!

  • So happy! Playing as the Crusader and loving it! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to import my PS3 Demon Hunter. I have my PS3 still but I don’t have the Diablo III disc anymore. Not to upset as I am looking forward to playing as a new Demon Hunter after my Crusader play through. Such a beautiful game. Thanks Sony and Blizzard for making 1080p 60FPS happen!

  • Playing as a Demon Hunter and loving it! The game starts off way too easy so I bumped it up to Hard and it’s a lot more fun. Can’t wait to try some co-op tonight.

    Let get ready to play diablo 3 and reaper of souls.
    Long live the greatness
    Long live the greatness

  • @Ryan, any word on whether Console version has same legendary drop rate boost that PC got back in May? I play on PC currently and can’t wait for patch 2.1. If consoles have Legendary boost and 2.1 patch isn’t too far off from PS4, I will snag it.

    • Great question, Mai, and I’m not sure. You might want to hit up Blizzard on Twitter or forums to confirm.

  • The pre-load worked perfectly. Diablo was ready to play at midnight and I played for almost 4 hours. It’s really fun. If all digital pre-orders work this well, I will buy more PS4 games this way.

  • @17 Yup, I was very impressed with the Diablo 3 preload. I also preloaded PvZ Garden Warfare and it was actually available three hours early! ^_^

  • Diablo 2 is probably my favorite PC game of all time. Was never able to play D3 because of my hardware, so I jumped in this for PS4 and played for about an hour this morning before work. It’s amazing and pretty much all I can think about right now.

  • Is the battle.net on maintenance right now? Try to transfer my characters and it won’t let me?

  • Hey Ryan do you know if battle.net is doing maintenance on there site?

  • I transferred my hardcore monk from ps3 to ps4.Their health dropped from 13k to 640. Is this a bug? None of my items with purple gems seem to raise my heath. My vitality is over 1000.

  • As others have said the preload went smooth though I font totally get the time zone concept for the unlock?? seems a little dumb since midnight release here wouldnt start @ 3am…. But digitally it does. played before work for a couple hours. love it, never played diablo 1 or 2… But this will definitely keep me tied till destiny. add me for coop NervousScarab and put d3 as a message so I know. lets slay some baddies!

  • Why is the Ps3 version 20 dollars cheaper? Also is it cross play? I’m going to bite the bullet on ps4 version but I’m kind of miffed at the price discrepancy

  • I’m excited to play this game on ps4 but i’m going to wait for a significant price drop before i get it. I already bought Diablo 3 full price last year and don’t want to double dip this soon.

  • damn….i don’t get paid until Friday…anyone wanna lend me 60$? :p

  • I play diablo 3 on PS3. Now that the Ultimate Evil Edition is available. Do i download digitally or buy the actual disc? Will it continue to Act V without having to replay everything?

  • Yea, the preload was cool…. but the midnight PST was not. I’m originally from the East coast, but I am in Europe right now…. I couldn’t start playing until 8am! :(

  • Anyone know how to redeem the pre-order bonuses?

    I got it from PSN.

  • yeah i pre order it also digital and ive got the ring. but ive not received the pauldrons or the pet so if somebody could tell me how to get those item.s i would appreciate it ive linked my account to battlenet also but still those items are missing for me.

  • the preorder items showed up in the storage container outside in the first town. I had to close the game and retry a few times before they showed up. hope this helps!

  • I didn’t get the pre-order DLC either yet. I’m thinking we have to progress further in game for them to unlock so not worried yet. That ring they gave us for linking the battle.net account is sweet.

  • @31, Otter, thanks, I’ll try that when I get home. I hope my pet isn’t suffocating in the meantime, lol.

  • Horadrim. Horadrim. Ho-Ho-Horadrim. Who let the barbarians out?!

  • ok thanks ive reload the game of couple of times and restarted my ps4 and still havent received the items. how far was you in the game when u got your pauldrons and the pet ive received the ring and the transmorph they were in my chest the other items still aint there.

  • @35 FEARtheSHOF the pauldrons did show up as a separate download from PSN from the core game, yea? I was only a few levels in when I got them to show up. They are level 1. I activated the Battlenet ring too. There was a little delay on getting it to work for me too, but no more than 30 mins or so. I restarted the game a number of times, but not sure if this had anything to do with helping it.

  • ok thanks i will keep trying

  • Really cool people….Game is a beauty!

  • Any chance there will be a Demo? I’m sure I would love it, but I am worried about my girlfriend enjoying it. With Destiny around the corner and the fact that I still need to beat TLOU (not to mention all the other great games coming out this year), I don’t want to get it if my girlfriend will despise it.

  • This is my first diablo game and i am addicted this game is awesome great job blizzard!

  • $30 worth of more DLC is up for Last Of Us Remastered… I take it you guys aren’t blogging about this anymore?

  • Will there ever be a demo for diablo 3? I’ve never played one and I REALLY want to try it!

  • @ Wes

    Diablo 3 had a demo out awhile back before the first part came out.

    @Ryan and Sony Team
    Thanks for the early store update! Downloading SAO HF as we speak! Keep up the great work guys and gals!

  • Is there seriously no coop play with the same account?
    I want my money back, I want to return my PS4, it is the only reason I got the thing.
    I am over this.

  • I got it last night, like 2 hours before the relase so i got the preorder bonus XD I love you, PlayStation.

  • Im playing diablo 3 Ros with my little brother and im picking up drops and its giving it to him how may i take this setting off?

  • We just got reaper and transferred all data from ps3. On the ps3 we played co-op on the same PSN account. Now it’s not letting us play co op with the same characters we both created on the ps4. Can someone please tell me if I am missing something? This is a huge let down as we want yo continue playing the game either our built up characters. Is there a way we can both play coop with 2 characters from the same PSN account?

  • Looks freakin great on ps4! Anyone who’s on the fence, this will gobble up your time like few other games will. And now Blizzard lifted the paragon level cap so from what I hear it goes well over 800! I’ll be playing this forever.

  • This really sucks… I love D3 ROS but no port to PC to PS4? Really? All my hard work for nothing….. Cmon make it happend…

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