CounterSpy Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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CounterSpy Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita


“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to lead the C.O.U.N.T.E.R agency to keep the world’s top two superpowers, the Imperialists and the Socialists, from their dastardly plan of blowing up the moon!”

The team at Dynamighty has been working on CounterSpy for well over a year and a half now, and we cannot wait for you to accept your mission. With the game out today on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, we’re so happy that all of you now have the opportunity to work for the C.O.U.N.T.E.R. agency.

It’s been a long journey and we at Dynamighty have a cadre of our very own development ‘agents’ that all contributed to the game. So from Myself, Mark, Mark 2.0, John, Devin, Ryan, Grace, Bob, Chris, Ryan, Jamie, Jeff, Swifty, and Jean plus all our friends & fellow operatives that helped shape this game… we hope you enjoy our creation!


Making games is a privilege. At times terrifying or exciting, often times both. We thank you, our fellow gamers, because its thanks to your support that people like us get to do what we do. Shipping our game makes all the hard work worthwhile. See you on the leaderboards!


P.S. We also look forward to seeing what you all can do with #PS4share, whether that’s creating your own screenshots of the game or even your own GIFs. If you create something particularity spy worthy, don’t forget to tweet it over to the @dynamighty Twitter account, where we can see it and share the best ones that were passed along to us.

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  • This Game reminded me of Evil Genius when I first saw it. Preloaded already :)

  • Been looking forward to this since last E3 (2013). Congrats on getting it “shipped!”

  • i already download and installed it yesterday but some stupid reviews gave this game is bad score like Polgyon SMH

  • I really like that teleporting guard in the second GIF. I also like the fact that his bullets magically regenerate and your score randomly drops for no reason.

    But seriously this game looks way fun, I might end up getting it.

  • Looks cool, huh? So did the Vita, and sony ruined it.
    Don’t bother buying counterspy if you own a Vita. It’s the same ridiculous situation with Wipeout and Killzone: Mercenaries, the game will take forever to load. You see, if you play this on consoles, you know for a fact it will load much faster, than you play it for longer, whereas on Vita, 50~75% of your gameplay will be about you facing the ‘loading…’ message and you’ll get tired of it much faster.
    sony doesn’t bother addressing this situation because they can hide themselves behind the encryption excuse so they’ll never fix the Vita’s memory/cartridge reading speeds, so forget about it. Oh and BTW if you pre-ordered a PSTV you’ll see what I mean.
    There are plenty of reviews all over the Internet which states the loading times is a let down. So don’t support this game. And don’t feel ashamed if you’re feeling like not supporting the Vita, sony always does that, shamelessly.

  • I just preordered the game and it was 14.99, why????!!!!!

  • interesting art style.

  • Looks great, will give it a try later on today after I play DIIIRoSUEE for many more hours!

  • So I see that this game is reordered for my PS3 and PS4 but when I search for it on my Vita I can’t find it. Anyone else having this problem?

  • pre-ordered and looking forward to playing!

  • Awesome

  • I can’t wait for like two months so I can get it for five bucks :-)

  • Looks like a cool game but the price seems high to me. Also I am scared to buy it and not like it that’s why I wish a demo was available before purchase.

  • Will the soundtrack be available to purchase or free download?

  • Hmm I can’t play it. It says “The application has not reached its start date and not available yet.” It’s 9:40AM pacific time LoL. When will it unlock?

  • Boooo Sony! I absolutely hate that PS+ discounts are only being offered as pre-order incentives for this month. I wanted to wait for reviews to jump on this (and as I suspected, they’ve been average), but now the price point is beyond what I’m comfortable paying. I’m finding little value in the Plus service lately…

  • The game is fun and controls great the reviews are all CR4P. But why is there a day1 title update (ps3) of 1188 MB??? I dont pre-download in advance to get such CR4P its been downloading for an hour (MY DOWNLOAD IS FINE BUT PSN ISNT) and it gave me an error now trying to download since another hour. This is NOT how I expect a purchase to go down. In addition this game (like all the PLAY cr4p) DOES NOT SUPPORT CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS. The music in Counterspy is excellent. I love this game already, but why not let me have my own music in the game with the game sounds? Sony is such a jerkcompany.

  • Ok last comment was a bit harsh ^^ Anyway it worked finally to get the update (ps3) and it looks and plays even smoother. Awesome! Its also much better than the Swapper and Hohokum. It looks way cooler and better than Rogue Legacy (which is also an amazing game).

    Two really great IND games that easily would have been full price games on ps2 or even former consoles .. .

    Great work @ devs!

    P.S. That custom mp3 soundtrack feature really should be included especially in games like Terraria, Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, Counterspy.. Only a few have it like Minecraft(GIANT SUCCESS) or Guacamelee.

  • I went ahead and pre-ordered all of the Summer Sale games. Ready to give this one a go.

  • Played it at my friends a few minutes ago and it really didn’t entertain me at all. I really like the concept and art, but the gameplay is pretty lackluster.

  • Having a great time with it on my Vita, a little slice of Metal Gear and old Castlevania with Cold War Styling makes me actually happy. Loading times are Abysmal on Vita though.. Still spend alot more time playing than waiting so its not too bad a wait

  • Can i know why the ps3 version looks like in standard definition? kinda like vita version up-scaled. Even the aspect ratio kinda funny (widescreen but not 16:9). is there any plan for future fix? currently play the vita version

  • Great game, really enjoying it so far.

  • Played it for the first time last night, and really like it so far. I love the atmosphere, and how tense it can get. To me, it falls into that category of, if it looks like a fun game to you, you’ll probably like it.

    It isn’t world-changing, or anything, but it is a lot of fun with good exploring elements, an interesting passive multiplayer/high score element and something that requires quick thinking and strategy. The shooting is a little tough, and the firefights are my least favorite part of the game. But, ideally, we’re not getting into firefights very often.

    This is the first time (since portions of Hitman) that I’ve played a game where I’ve felt like James Bond. And I love ’60s spy movies.

  • I’m having a great time with game on my Vita.

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