The Playroom: AR Studio Out Tonight on PS4

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The Playroom: AR Studio Out Tonight on PS4

Over at Japan Studio, we’ve been hard at work on new DLC for The Playroom. We’re proud to announce AR Studio will be launching later today on PS4 for the low, low price of free!

Using the PS4 Camera, The Playroom became a way for PS4 owners to broadcast live ‘shows’ through the Live From PlayStation app. This piece of DLC is entirely built around that central concept. With AR Studio, formerly known as Set Maker, you can use your tablet or smartphone (Android or iOS), to turn your living room into a broadcasting studio. Fill your sets with images or photos stored on your smart device, or draw your sets from scratch. You can also add various special effects to the screen like interactive smoke and lasers using your DualShock 4 controller. You will need to download the PlayStation App for your smart device, which you can get for free on either the App Store or Google Play.

Since our first reveal at E3 In June, we made a few additions to make an even better experience:

  • We added a ton of screen effects to make your video or broadcast more atmospheric, including Retro, Arty, Futuristic or Psychedelic effects. It’s all there for you to experiment with. My favorite is the vintage effect.
  • You can now also play your own MP3s by loading them on a USB memory stick, and we’re also throwing in a whole bunch of pre-set music tracks and sound effects for you to use.
  • We’ve improved the masks feature to include a few cool Sony classic heads for you to wear. Special thumbs up to the Helghast mask, popularized by Killzone, which hooks up to your DualShock 4 light bar. Totally awesome!
  • Speaking of DualShock 4, we’ve added controller effects like interactive colored smoked and a confetti canon for live celebrations.
  • Next, if you have recorded videos on your PS4, you will be able to play them back inside a dedicated projector. This is a really cool feature and great way for you to do live commentaries over your recorded game sessions and maybe even give out some advice to those watching you.
  • Finally, we’ve included a rating system for your broadcasts. We called back on our little AR Bots friends to deliver the results of your live polls. By using the “Interact button”, any PS4 viewers can join in and answer questions you ask them. It’s a great opportunity to run all sorts of contests or even host your own quiz show.

The Playroom: AR Studio

The Playroom: AR StudioThe Playroom: AR Studio

So whether it’s gaming, music, sports, cooking or just chilling, you can now make awesome shows right from your PS4 or just share a video on social networks or with friends and family.

AR Studio will hit PlayStation Store later tonight. Just download the add-on and it will automatically be added to The Playroom.

Let us know what you think as we are always listening to you! We hope you enjoy it, and we can’t wait to see some of your AR Studio live broadcasts on Live From PlayStation.

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  • I’m pleased to see this free update go live. It is appreciated. It will be interesting to see what the PS4 Playroom broadcasters do with this update.

  • I was wondering when this was coming out, keep it up Sony.

  • Nice!

  • nice work sony keep more awesomeness coming.

  • I would had love this when I was younger… still I’m going to give it a try.

  • Oh! I forgot something…I sometimes see people pointing their camera at a TV while playing retro consoles and even pinball machines. Is there a way, in software, you can allow the user to flip the cameras mirror image? That would be helpful for broadcasts.

  • lmao the black guy at 1:20

  • I wonder if people realize how revolutionary this is. The Playroom has turned into what could be the most significant application in Playstation history. I love the voting idea and I hope that this is a sign of things to come for other interactive applications. Well done Sony!

  • Nice… I have yet to get the cam for my PS4. I will have to pick it up soon I know that.

  • Lmao 1:20

  • will we be able to have control of the video that’s playing? Pause , rewind . fast forward? This could be a great instant replay tool.

    • I don’t think you can do that for live broadcasts, but you can do that if you are watching an archive of the live broadcast. Also, you can use the PS4’s video recording feature to record your live show and then post that on facebook.

  • It’s always great to see new features, but I probably won’t be using this any time soon. What I’d like to see is another track or two for the Ninja AR Bots. It has great potential as a party game, but it’s simply not fun for people who already know every twist and turn. Having at least one other track should help fix that (Or a procedural generator for the level design).

    Other than that, all I really can think of is two-player My Alien Buddy. That game’s fun, but I’d like to show more people it.

  • This add-on is something that I see as a huge thank you note to broadcasters on Ustream and Twitch utilizing the PS4 as their primary content creation station. Please tell me that this includes a much-needed camera pan and zoom feature, or that one can be patched in – for something like this, it’s sorely needed.

  • Nice update. I dont broadcast much. But i watched those who do, and this should be great.

  • You have listened to the consumers and responded with a solution on MP3 playback. Well done Sony! This helps reinforce why the PS4 is king in my living room and many others! Thanks again! much love!

  • This is great! Exactly as #13 said.

    Voting is fantastic. This really helps seriously legitimize using a PS4 for broadcasting. Broadcasters rejoice!

  • Ah, there it is! I was really wondering when that update would come, since you guys did say “this summer”!

    While it’s a neat (and free!) update, it does really only serve those who broadcast. I would like to see more ‘games’ in the Playroom, or just more games in general that uses the PlayStation Camera!

    Also, this just means that there’ll be even more Playroom streams on Live From PlayStation, which brings me to asking once again to let us sort/filter/block games/broadcasts on Live From PlayStation! Would be great to browse through without having to see something non-game related. Not to say that Playroom streams are bad; Just rather see others play games!

    Keep the updates coming, Sony!

  • **You can now also play your own MP3s by loading them on a USB memory stick, and we’re also throwing in a whole bunch of pre-set music tracks and sound effects for you to use.

    does that mean the PS4 now supports MP3’s, AUdio CDS??

  • I not out yet? I don’t see it on my system

  • My kids bought the camera and I will not let them broadcast thank you comment field on broadcasts. Is there going to be any new motion games or at games or just anything more directed that they can have fun with?

    • Yes, for sure. First of all, Playroom has had three new DLC’s become available since PS4 launch – so check them out if you haven’t already. The yearly iteration of Just Dance is a great game to play with the PS Camera, and Little Big Planet 3 is going to use the Camera in the same way previous iterations of LBP have used it – you will be able to decorate the LBP environment with pictures taken from the Camera. Camera features for other games will be announced soon.

  • So in order for us to listen to our MP3’s, we have to buy a camera and broadcast to the world our living rooms? What the heck is this?

  • Any more mini games coming? Loved Ninja Bots. Wasn’t Double Fine supposed to make some DLC for it?

  • Well I see the playroom is getting more content I will wait to see if black Friday will have a sale on the camera or some online retailer and I will get the camera eventually. I hope this won’t be it for the camera as far games for it.

  • Keep up the great work!

  • @Elvick

    They did, it’s called My Alien Buddy and it’s free.

  • Off-topic (sorry): Can we expect System Update 1.8 and 1.9 before the announced 2.0 releases?

  • Streaming is a very cool feature. I don’t do it because I’m to shy, but these new features sure make me want to give it a try! Replaying videos on a dedicated projector? How tight is that!

  • So we can play MP3s within Playroom all we want off usb sticks?? This kind of begs the question of why can’t we do this with the PS4 in general right here. It’s a nice feature to be sure but I’m surprised more people didn’t pick up on that particular little addition and question why it isn’t being implemented system wide for the PS4 instead of just in a singular application.

  • Ive never had one viewer in watch my broadcast. So, I gave up.


  • Hopefully you didn’t put The Last Guardian on hold for this…..

  • Oh Yeah! Free DLC on the way ! And please, Sony, make the developers use the PS Camera, this is an awesome add-on that until now hasn’t been well-used (besides Just Dance, no other game actually use it) I want to see some awesomeness with the PS Camera !

  • I’m glad to see they’re embracing the broadcasting instead of banning the playroom from broadcasting.

  • Already put together an .mp3 playlist. Will be downloading if only for that awesome Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo inspired helmet!

  • How about releasing an extension cable for the camera? 6ft. doesn’t work for more than a few of us.

  • @25: Um, really? They made that one? That’s my least favorite. Disappointing Double Fine.

  • @djxtc25 you don’t have to broadcast Playroom, but you do need the camera to use it.

  • I really wish you could set up the sets etc on the VITA. Why not take advantage of the system to do this? Yeah, ios and android, but dude, c’mon support the Vita!

  • This seems like a neat piece of software. Too bad I haven’t been able to use my PS Camera that I bought at launch because of its ridiculously short proprietary cord. Any update on an extension cable?

  • Is this out today or alongside tomorrows store update?

  • Is it out right now?

  • @ 1:20, they all just learned that Rise of the Tomb Raider is only a timed exclusive!

  • “You can now also play your own MP3s by loading them on a USB memory stick, and we’re also throwing in a whole bunch of pre-set music tracks and sound effects for you to use.”..

    Wait what?!
    So why not just let us do this during game play?

  • I cant wait see this update wensit comeing out

  • Releases “tonight?” Yeah, I call BS…

  • @44; It’s only 8:28pm where Sony operates, (PST) Stop acting like the world revolves around your timezone.

  • Awesome @ 11 and still nothing yet. I even waited and waited, plus I was on “Live with Playstion” to see if anyone on Ustream or Twitch have it.

  • Yea, so ” Stop acting like the world revolves around your timezone”
    If Sony America says ,”Out later today”, they should be considerate in choosing a time that can accommodate everyone within the “Today” time-frame.

    12:02 The next day just became today

  • > Expecting Sony to release an update on time.

    You must be new here!

  • Who said anything about them releasing “On time”

    I’m simply replying to a comment posted. In defense of another’s, point of view.
    You know what they say when people assume?

  • No, that’s exactly what you were moaning about: “It’s 12.02, where’s my update???”
    Assuming nothing, you sound like an entitled brat. :)

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