This Week in PlayStation: Gamescom a Go Go

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This Week in PlayStation: Gamescom a Go Go

Whew! Gamescom 2014 is behind us, but it left an abundance of new announcements in its wake. A few personal highlights: An up-close look at Bloodborne gameplay, Tearaway Unfolded coming to PS4, new videos for Driveclub and inFAMOUS First Light, the debut of Michel Ancel’s new project WiLD, the reemergence of Until Dawn (now a PS4 exclusive), Journey and The Unfinished Swan coming to PS4, and The Tomorrow Children from Q-Games.

Hohokum is finally out on PS4, PS3 and Vita, and it was a big chunk of my gaming week. It’s a beautiful, indescribable experience that I urge everyone to go into with an open mind. I also checked out the first couple hours of The Swapper, which has immediately hooked me with its clever, intimidating yet approachable puzzles. People are going to be talking about this one.

Quick Final Fantasy XIV update: Titan EX is hard. Like, really hard. I’ve probably spent close to 10 hours trying to take him out thus far, but my group always seems to wipe shortly after the adds phase. Any tips?

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Hohokum, The Swapper, FF14
  • I’m watching: Parks and Recreation
  • I’m listening to: Hohokum soundtrack, Lorde

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  • I’ve been having a hard time finding what Vita games were announced at Gamescom. Could anyone help me? Previous years this conference has been the place for interesting announcements for the Vita unlike E3.

  • how do I know if my diablo 3 is downloading /?

  • how do I know if my diablo 3 is downloading /?ps4 pre-load,,,,…

  • What go go go?

    PS family is taking part by Sony,what happened to new PS Vita games? Why do you want to kill it slowly? Stop greedy and money and buy exclusive games for Vita,you know what I am talking about.

  • I love my Vita, I love how I have a 64 GB memory card that can hold tons and tons of games on there such as PS1, PSP, and PS Vita games. I agree the system should have more exclusive titles including ones that are considered AAA, but I don’t mind decent ports of fun games.

  • Hey Justin!

    A suggestion.

    I know that Nick is basically the code-collector – but there are some serious games coming out this week.

    The Last Tinker.

    (Yeah, I’m not doing the drop for Captain Kauai but there are games coming out!) Why don’t you guys do a code giveaway? I want to buy one of the games but a) my son just bought the Sly Collection and b) my 32GB Vita memory card is nearly full. Plus, money.

    (begs for a Counterspy code – which seems slightly like Shadow Complex which ROCKED)

    • Thanks for the suggestion! Not sure whether we’ll end up with codes for those games, but if we do I’m sure we’ll figure out something to do with ’em! :D

  • Playing: Finished both endings of The Swapper and got all throphies. Waiting for Diablo 3.

    Watching: Nothing right now, looking forward to Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill For.

    Listening: Dweling of Duels July Free Month.

    • Oh, I didn’t know The Swapper had multiple endings — not sure if that’s considered a spoiler or not! :O

  • Gamescom was good but also a little disappointing. Once again like E3 I’m left wondering what the majority of Sony’s 1st party studios are working on. Sony Bend, Foster City, Sony London, Media Molecule (That Tearaway port don’t count) Guerrila games new IP, Sony Santa Monica, Polyphony, Quantic Dreams and Japan Studios. All of these studios have been quiet for too long on what they are working on and I wish we could start getting some announcements.

  • Can’t wait for Tearaway Unfolded. And on Titan Ex try having the off tank pull them to the right and have a caster (Blm or Smn) limit break them.

    • Yeah I’m BLM so I usually nuke the adds after tank pulls; it’s more an issue of eight people all executing with no errors haha. Those AOEs don’t mess around.

  • You know what would be cool if PlayStation blog had a ps4 app like ign….

    Just a thought

  • Justin is always playing FF 14: ARR ;)

    I’m playing: Tales of Xillia & Remember Me
    I’m watching: The Leftovers
    I’m listening to: Daft Punk

    • Yes, I am! It’s a fantastic game, and this is coming from someone who has never really liked MMOs before this year.

  • I’m somewhat surprised there has not been a blog post yet for episode 130 of the Blogcast; I’ve seen it uploaded to places like iTunes and Libsyn already.

    Also, it seems that the Gamescom coverage may have skipped over the release date announcement for PlayStation TV. (It’s reported eslewhere as being released in North America on October 14, and in Europe on November 14.)

  • Playing: soul sacrifice delta, project diva f and dbz battle of z (all vita games)
    Watching: sailor moon remake, hunter x hunter 2011, yu yu hakusho and souten no ken
    Listening to: l’arc~en~ciel, tm revolution and tons of anime op/ed and videogames ost

  • When will we get a post about the new PS4 headset you guys showed at Gamescom. There wasn’t any announcement but people were using it on the show floor. You can even see the player using it in IGN’s 9 minute gameplay video of The Order. Can you please post details about it?

  • Playing: Akiba’s Trip (ps4), Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin! (Ps4), Fatal Frame (ps3)

    Watching: doctor who season 7

    Listening: transistor and child of light ost

    Sadly there were no Vita announcements at gamescom nor any ps3 ones. Unless you count the ps4 games that happen to be on the vita as well. Which is strange cause big vita games come out is Japan all the time. And we aren’t even getting a lot of those localized here. God Eater 2 would do great here, and I am horribly stuck in the crafting menu, and would like an English version. And there’s a new Corpse Party that got released. Can’t get scary game of the family friendly 3ds.

  • You know what didn’t happen at Gamescom? New Vita games. It got completely ignored and Sony haven’t acknowledged the (once more) disappointed Vita fan base. Can we at least get some kind of acknowledgement? We’ve been trying to make our voices heard across both the US and EU blogs and we clearly are just being ignored.

    What big Vita games can we look forward to after Freedom Wars and Oreshika hit? Nothing is in the pipeline. Yes, I’m aware there’s a whole truck-load of games coming, most that have been announced since the dawn of time, but where’s the new stuff? People have been waiting on the likes of Hohokum and CounterSpy for what seems like two years, with the former only just dropping recently. Give us something NEW to look forward to, please.

    I know I won’t get a response, but I’ll speak up all the same – I and many others are hugely disappointed at the way Vita was swept under the rug at Gamescom. Ignorance is not bliss, Vita can do better than this.

  • booo! Gamescom had no New Vita games… boooooo!

  • @SaW_Marcello. It should show up in the notification/download list. I had to start it from my library on the ps4 psn store.

    Anyhow. I agree with the rest of you gamers. More vita love is needed. This Fall I’m looking forward to freedom wars, sword art online, and disgaea 4. I’m getting Akiba’s trip for PS4 though. My backlog has piled up since I’ve been in between vitas. Just got blazblue on sale too.

    I’m looking forward to attending TGS and picking up a blue import vita in Akihabara! I hope Sony show some the Vita some major love then. I bet a Yokai Watch or new Monster hunter would ignite Japanese vita sales, and spark global sales as well.

  • @ 16 EXACTLY, it bothers me so much that they couldn’t even give a release date for Oreshika and Freedom Wars at the very least or something like Gravity Rush 2 is actually coming to Vita so we actually have ONE game to look forward next year…..

  • I’m playing: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, The Last of Us: Remastered.

    I’m watching: Ferguson Chaos being developed in Missouri, Need For Speed, Netflix (various movies)

    I’m listening to: —

  • I’m super excited for Bloodborne and Tearaway Unfolded. Was wondering though, is there any chance of Sony Japan working with a team, like Level-5 on bringing back The Legend of Dragoon?

    Would buy a remake in a heart beat and I think RPGs are where Sony is lacking most. With a remake, you all could usher in new fans and make the old fans happy. Giving it a chance to become a huge success and be the RPG defining franchise it could have been so many years ago.

  • Counterspy can’t arrive soon enough!!! I love AAA games, lately though, indies are the way to go. Looking forward to Cuphead. Also, any chance of bringing Scott Pilgrim to the Vita as a digital download?

    I’m playing: P.T. with the lights on
    I’m watching: Kitchen Nightmares
    I’m listening: To my dog snore, Lisa beathing creeps me out!

  • Just throwing this out there, but what ever happened to the Xenosaga trilogy? It would be cool to see a HD remaster for that some time in the future.

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