Dreamfall Chapters Coming Soon to PS4

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Dreamfall Chapters Coming Soon to PS4

Hi everyone. My name is Ragnar Tørnquist and I’m creative director at Red Thread Games — the Norwegian indie studio working on Dreamfall Chapters; a Kickstarter-funded, story-driven episodic adventure coming soon to PS4.

We founded Red Thread in October 2012 in order to make what we call “games with soul” — mature, story-driven games with emotional and thematic depth, with heart…and soul.


In February 2013, we turned to Kickstarter with an initial goal of $850,000. One month later, we exceeded our wildest dreams by receiving almost twice that: an incredible $1.5 million! Through the amazing generosity and support of our fans, and with additional funding by the Norwegian Film Institute, we were finally able to begin work on our first game.

Dreamfall Chapters is a game about choice and consequence, about how the actions you take and the decisions you make — no matter how small or seemingly insignificant — touch the people around us, and how our lives in turn are shaped by the choices made by others.

It’s also the continuation of a saga that began 15 years ago with The Longest Journey, a point-and-click adventure telling the story of April Ryan, a young art student with the power to ‘shift’ between parallel dimensions: Stark, the world of science, and Arcadia, the world of magic.

Dreamfall ChaptersEYEship

Dreamfall Chapters takes players on an emotional journey spanning these same two worlds; one a neon-lit cyberpunk vision of the future, the other a colorful and magical fantasy realm.

The story follows Zoë Castillo, a 20-year old woman living in a dystopian European megalopolis controlled by giant corporations, two centuries into the future; and Kian Alvane, an Azadi apostle and assassin who has turned on his own people in order to join the rebels in Marcuria, an Arcadian city populated by humans and the increasingly marginalised magicals.

Dreamfall Chapters

Our characters must work to uncover the secret behind a dreaming disease that threatens to tear reality to pieces. Their journeys will connect and intersect, and, through their eyes, players will explore parallel realities, experience a deep and gripping storyline, and meet a diverse and colorful cast of characters.

Most importantly, you — the player — will shape these journeys through the choices you make and the actions you take, and you will share your decisions with your friends and with everyone playing the game.

We’re storytellers, and we believe video games are the ultimate medium for telling engaging stories. We want the story to be a fundamental and integral part of the gameplay, rather than just the backdrop. Through exploration, discovery and dialogue, through choices and actions, we want our players to connect emotionally with our worlds and characters. And by giving them — You! — the opportunity to shape your own journey through the game, we hope to make our stories uniquely personal and deeply affecting.

Dreamfall ChaptersKian in Friar's Keep

And, like any good story, Dreamfall Chapters is best experienced with other people — good friends or family sitting next to you on the couch, acquaintances or total strangers playing the game elsewhere and sharing their choices and stories with you — and we’ve built our game and story with that experience in mind.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey into dreams!

To learn more about Dreamfall Chapters, visit our website at http://www.dreamfallchapters.com.

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