Crimsonland Launching August 19th on PS Vita

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Crimsonland Launching August 19th on PS Vita

Hi all! It’s awesome to return from summer holidays to announce Crimsonland for PS Vita. It’s launching August 19th, and will be cross buy with the PS4 version. A free trial will be available as well.


As some of you may know, the Crimsonland at hand is a remastered version of the first game 10tons ever made back in 2003. It’s definitely a genre cult classic, and the remastered game was launched for PS4 in July. A whole lot of people really appreciated how gratifying and addictive old school top down dual stick arena shooter can be even in this day and age. We also got surprisingly numerous calls for a Vita version, and we’re definitely happy to deliver.

Crimsonland is a simple game. You’re a space marine guy, and a huge horde of monsters is coming at you. Shoot them all, and don’t die! You’ve got a 60-mission campaign to clear, but that’s just the beginning. Completing the missions merely unlocks the weapons and perks you need in the five endless Survival modes, where you’ll face an endless onslaught and a sure death, but hopefully a cool score for the online leaderboards, too.


Combining weapons and perks in Survival is what Crimsonland is all about. How would a sawed-off shotgun with poison bullets, regeneration, and dodging work? Or how about plasma cannon, faster reload speed, extra ammo capacity, and longer powerup duration? Try’em, and find your favorite playstyle! Be warned, though: you won’t get your favorite weapon drops and perk tables every time. Curveballs by Lady Luck are a factor in Crimsonland, so it’s good to be ready to adapt.

Oh, and the game is a bit hard. There’s some blood, too. Check the game out and let us know what you think!

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  • Surprised to see no comments, considering folks were asking for a Vita version. I’ll be adding it my collection come Tuesday :D Thanks Jaakko and 10tons Ltd team!

  • Awesome, really like these kind of games, so day 1 for me

  • I’ve held off on getting the Steam version because this seems like a great fit on the Vita!

    Thanks for having a free trial so we can see how it controls/plays before committing….wish more indie devs did that!

  • Day 1 for me as well. I love Crimsonland and its gonna be awesome to play it anywhere i want.

  • Started playing on P4. Thought this would be better on Vita. Checked Trophies and found the Vita on the listing. Stopped playing PS4. Ready for it on Vita.

  • Awesome! Really glad I get to finally support 10tons and all involved. DAY ONE!

  • It looks pretty nice. Glad to see so many good titles coming to psvita :)

  • Can’t complain about the game, since I haven’t played it.

    But it looks like more of the same old formulas the Vita is having… So is a no for me.

    I actually hate the fact of having a strong engine portable gaming device in my hands loaded with game that would easily run on a cellphone, maybe for free.
    Even Monster Shooter 2 has better graphics and is free…

    What’s Sony’s deal? Do they want to make us loose interest on the console? Let us flash it then already.. it’s obvious you don’t even care.

  • I’m hype for this finally a game i can play with the wife and enjoy!

  • Was that image intentionally supposed to be a mix of Duke Nukem and Doom covers?

  • buying this day 1

  • Very excited for a new Vita game. Not familiar with the 2003 version, but this remastered version looks like fun. Keep Vita games coming pls! The platform deserves, and needs it!!!

  • Is there a Plat trophy available in this game?

    • No, unfortunately. There’s 21 Trophies in Crimsonland, and all of them are bronze.

      In our future releases we aim to include higher value Trophies the best we can.

  • Can’t wait to play this on my Vita!

  • I feel sad for all those INDIE developers they work hard to release games on vita but gamers are loosing their passion on Indie games. I don’t blame indie developers nor the gamers,I BLAME SONY. It’s like eating only snacks everyday every month with no hope of eating HEAVY MEAL. Indies are good time killer if you are waiting or expecting for AAA. Since the announcement of SONY PLAYSTATION PRESIDENT about their lose interest in bringing console-like quality games, vita community in the west is slowly dying.

    Vita community is not asking for console-quality games every month for the VITA. I believe that only AAA every month is bad marketing strategy but at the same time all indie every month is bad too. SONY HAVE TO STEP UP AND BRING US western AAA games, like vita spiin-off version of the following games:
    3. last of us
    Any spin off version are appreciated even if it will took a year or 2 for just 1 game is enough.

  • I feel like I remember playing this game many years ago on a PC somewhere and enjoying it a lot. I’ll probably pick it up for my Vita at some point if the demo’s good.

  • *losing

  • I agree with hazel about having some sort of first party support. You guys really were pretty shameless in ditching this hardware, and just letting third party keep it on life support.

    The only Gamescom blip about Vita was how Tearaway was bringing a new game to PS4 and ditching Vita.

  • @8: Shoo, tired of morons bringing up mobile, you want to play a twin stick shooter on a touch screen be my guest. Sell your Vita and stfu.

    @15: They won’t because even when sony does do something people ignore it, but whine about indies andJapanese games. So accept that western suppoortfor handhelds is dead (vita got more than 3DS ever will) or sell your Vita.

  • The randomness of this game is a turn off. Trying for high scores on any of the survival modes is so tedious because of it. Campaign mode, which is just 60 levels in a row , is quite repetitive. You move too slow for the amount of enemies on screen. Some weapons are fun to use, though. The hidden mini game was pretty cool. If i didnt find the cheat code, id hhave never beaten grim or hardcore modes. Or got thru the last level with no hits.

    • “Or got thru the last level with no hits.”

      Actually, it’s enough to finish a level with full health. It’s semi-intentionally a bit misleading, as Crimsonland is one of those games where trying different things quite often pays off.

  • No end of Summer Buster Sales????!! Booooooooooo!
    I Should go to Microsoft and hand them my wallet completely.
    But I believe in you. You have until next update to surprise me.
    I feel the need to do some serious impulsive spending.
    And I don’t want crack LOL

  • Definitely buying this day ONE for the Vita!!! I’m glad we are seeing more and more cross-buy games as well because by owning both the PS4 & PSVita the benefits of having the choice to play a game on whatever system I feel like playing it on is absolutely a gigantic bonus!!

    Like another person already stated, I too also held off on playing/buying the PS4 version of this game once I heard about an eventual Vita version. And that’s not because I like playing on the Vita more, it’s simply because I want to save my first experiences with this game on the Vita and then divide up the rest of my playtime between the PS4 & Vita.

  • One quick question about the Vita version… I’m wondering about how closely the frame-rate matches or comes close to the PS4 version. Are both versions at a solid 60fps, or is the Vita version closer to 30-45fps? As long as both versions remain at a rather steady fps and it doesn’t jump around from second to second, it ultimately doesn’t really matter if the Vita version is not a perfect 60fps. Also, how about the graphical fidelity/textures/resolution in the Vita version? How does the Vita version compare visually to the PS4 version? For example, cross-buy games like Guacamelee & Sound Shapes are near exact copies of each other between the PS4 & Vita while a different cross-buy game like Child of LIght looks very toned down on the Vita compared to the PS4 version (understandably so).

    Thank you again for bringing this game to the Vita!! Classic top-down shooters like Crimsonland that take advantage of both analog sticks on the Vita have proven an ABSOLUTE perfect fit for the Vita and I’m extremely thankful that there are others out there who also recognize that fact. The 19th can’t come soon enough… especially since I have to drag myself through the first two days of the new college semester.

    • Crimsonland is 60fps on Vita, just the same as on PS4. The graphics are exactly the same too, just scaled down from 1080p.

      Or maybe I should say “mostly 60fps”? The framerate will eventually start to drop after hundreds of monsters appear on the screen at the same time, but we feel it’s such a sight to behold that spawning more monsters is the way to go :)

  • Twin Stick shooter? yawn

  • Don’t care how good this game is.

    You picked a bad time to release.

    Already bought Rogue Legacy, Hohokum, Counter-spy, Diablo 3, Garden Warfare is also being released, and it feels like 20 other games are being released…

    I have a $300 dollar electricity bill thanks to a sick wife who I’d rather not die from dehydration.

    Kinda tapped at the moment. Been too busy pre-ordering games and taking care of my wife. This is just bad timing. That is to say, way too many games, way too little time, and no money left to spare.

  • Also… if it was $4.99 you’d have a buy since tax after the PSN credit form buying 3 games would help. XD If it’s $15 you definitely won’t get my bid. Not when Gravity Crush is almost half that price.

  • It would be great if Sony instituted EVERY new game has a trial version so we can try before we buy.

    Just a thought, more ore of a wish.

  • No physical release, no sale.

  • What’s the price? I’m interested, despite it being a digital download (seems like it’ll be a small enough filesize–info on that would be appreciated as well).

    The free trial is what piqued my interest to begin with, and watching gameplay videos online helped solidify my interest.

  • I should add to my comment on #29 – I’d mostly be playing this on the Vita. Twin-stick would go great on the subway, as well as with my Hori Trigger Grips for the Vita.

    Mentioning Vita so that developers see that Vita enthusiasm exists.

  • looks pretty good, but until the Vita memory price drops my digital game purchases are all going to Steam.

  • @19: you are no one to insult me or tell me to stfu, since I paid the same amount of money as anyone for this failing console, so I’m free to complain and compare all I want.
    If you are blind enough to see that most of the indie we are getting are overpriced, and worse, than any free Android game, that is your problem.

    Learn to respect other opinions. Being a fanboy and being an idiot are two separate things. Choose well.

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