99 Bricks Wizard Academy Coming Soon to PS Vita

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99 Bricks Wizard Academy Coming Soon to PS Vita

Hello, PlayStation.Blog, we are WeirdBeard Games, a five-man indie studio from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We’re happy to finally introduce ourselves, though we’ve been around for almost seven years now.

When we started our studio we had a dream of making games people want to play, and bringing those games to consoles — but we didn’t want to be a starve-up. So we spent our time making all kinds of games for all kinds of clients while working on our own concepts. We’re very proud to be able to pay our three full time employees a good salary and still have a roof over our own head. :)

99 Bricks

Doing it our own way for almost seven years may seem like a long time, but that makes it even sweeter that our dream is coming to reality. We’re super excited to announce that we’re bringing 99 Bricks Wizard Academy to PS Vita!

99 Bricks Wizard Academy is a magical physics tower building game. The tetromino bricks are not used to create and clear lines, but as building blocks. You have to stack them with care otherwise your construction will crumble.

We love using a twist on a well-known concept to create new experiences. Luckily people who have played 99 Bricks Wizard Academy also love the playful way they have to re-wire their brain to use the tetrominos in an all-new way.

99 Bricks99 Bricks

99 Bricks has been with us since we released the original flash game in 2008. In Wizard Academy, we’ve taken the 99 Bricks concept into a magical and colorful world. As a wizard apprentice you will develop tower building skills and learn special magic powers needed to complete the challenging classes on your way to becoming a true wizard.

Originally released on mobile in a portrait orientation, the largest challenge has been making sure it plays just as well or even better on Vita. We think we’ve met this challenge head on and are going to deliver an experience that’s right at home on PS Vita. We’re hard at work improving the UI, tweaking the gameplay where necessary, and giving the game some extra polish, to bring you a version worthy of the Vita platform.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @WeirdBeardGames for updates, screenshots, and more!

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  • Reverse Tetris? Or is it inverse Tetris? Who cares, it looks fun!

    PS – First!

  • Nice twist. Will it support buttons? (especially in menus, lots of mobile games even if they support it fail to add button controls to the menus)

  • Hi! Can you guys put a PSVita gameplay video in the post? I had to watch one in Youtube.

    It looks interesting! Really! It reminds me a game that i enjoyed a lot in PSP, Babel The King of the Blocks.

    Few questions:
    1 – Is possible to add some lines in the tetrominos, showing the individual blocks? Just to have a better idea of the size of the tetrominos.

    2 – Multiplayer, like “make you tower resist more time than your friends’ tower” or something like?

    3 – It will be possible to play the game in a vertical orientation, like in the PSVita game SunFlowers?

    4 – Price?

    5 – There’s a “natural effects mode”, where the wind, rain and thunders affect your gameplay?

    6 – DEMO ? (Please!)

    7 – Will it support buttons?

    Thanks for reading.

  • Played 99 Bricks on Kongregate years ago. Fun and frustrating for sure. I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

  • Is it Tetris?

  • Looks good. Love new concepts.

    Please do not make this free to play.

  • Looks… Interesting. Please make a demo :)

  • Awesome! I play this on my iphone all the time! Such a great fun game!!! Any word on price?

  • I will need to see more abou this but this could be a good game Ihope this will have a demo.

  • Love the art style, very cute.

  • Wow, Tetris. It was amazing in 1984

  • first table top racing and now this, had both for free on my cellphone, and now it will cost 10 bucks AND has greath chance to have the same micro transactions ( table top had the same ones ) the android version has , i really want games that make the money i spend on vita whot :(

  • Hello Everybody,

    Some answers to your questions:

    @Elvick_ yes we will definitely support buttons. We adjust the layout and interaction to make it feel right for Vita
    @Malkavilis, wow lot of questions, so here goes:
    1. we don’t show lines in the blocks, but in the background we show an indicator where your block is going to touch the tower.
    2. no ‘real’ multiplayer support for now, but we do have leaderboards and achievements
    3. we are aiming to make it in normal horizontal position, to give the best feeling to the controls.
    4. can’t tell you that just yet
    5. there is wind in the game which you have to take into account. And Icy Isaac turns your bricks into Ice.
    6. No demo (yet), but you can try it out on iOS or Android
    7. and yes again, it will definitely support buttons
    @xClayMeow, good to see some players of the first hour :)
    @italodancemp3, no it’s 99 Bricks
    @FriedConsole, we won’t make it F2P

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