Tales of Xillia 2: The Story So Far

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Tales of Xillia 2: The Story So Far

Hello everyone,

We are less than a week away from the North American release of Tales of Xillia 2! Everyone here at Bandai Namco Games America Inc. is beyond excited to finally have fans get their hands on this great game. However, we know that maybe not everyone who is interested in Tales of Xillia 2 has played last year’s Tales of Xillia. Well friends, I have good news; we are going to provide you guys with a complete recap of the first game and get everyone caught up-to-speed with the video accompanying this post.

Tales of Xillia 2 follows the story of Ludger Kresnik and Elle Marta, a year after the events from Tales of Xillia, as they set off on an epic adventure to reach the Land of Canaan. Along the way Ludger and Elle will meet up with the main cast of characters from Tales of Xillia who will serve as your party members in the game. Special optional side stories will play out through the game with these returning characters, giving players insight on what has been happening to them over the past year. It’s not imperative that you know all the ins-and-outs of the first game’s story to understand and enjoy Tales of Xillia 2, but if you want to be totally caught up with everything by next week, we have you covered.

And we aren’t done with the Tales of series this year quite yet! We still have Tales of Hearts R coming out November 11, 2014 for PS Vita, as well as more information about the next Tales of game for PS3, Tales of Zestiria, later this year as well.

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  • And thanks for supporting the Vita. Tales of Hearts R will be Day 1 purchase for me.

  • i cant wait to play this,as it is i’m currently replaying symphonia chronicles and i’m also excited about zestiria and hearts.btw,will you guys have the digital version of hearts thru the ps store?thanks

  • Don’t want to add Vita into the list?

  • I loved Tales of Xillia and can’t wait to play Xillia 2! And Tales of Hearts R. :)

  • i’m excited for this game but i find it really obnoxious how Namco treats NA. We weren’t even given a chance to get the free preorder dlc that both Japan and EU did. I bet the dlc will be on the psn at launch and they will overcharge for them like they usually do.
    Stuff like that makes me just want to rent this game from gamefly instead of paying the full $60 to support them. :/

    • Hey Ryumoau. We absolutely love our fans. I’m guessing the DLC you’re referring to is the Costumes? That is included in the NA Collector’s Edition. It’s available in a few different ways in EU, but neither territory will be selling it post-launch. I very much appreciate your feedback. We always want to understand what’s most important to people to craft the best pre-order bonuses, collector’s editions, etc.

  • I skipped the Xillia series because there is no japanese audio… seriously… the game looks like an anime, having a japanese audio should be mandatory, but well…

    but don’t worry I bought Symphonia Chronicles and Hearts will be the next since Hearts will have japanese audio \o/

  • Also really disappointed by Namco’s recent trend of bringing games over her without bothering to dub them. Like the the recent DW Gundam Reborn, One Piece Red, and the upcoming Tales of Hearts R. Stop assuming all your fans are hardcore japanophiles and put actual effort in giving us an english language option.

    • Sometimes bringing a game over without a dub allows us to bring over titles that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Finding and adding great voice talent to a game makes the localization process longer and harder. (And definitely worth it sometimes!) It’s definitely something we’re trying out. If everyone hates it and no one buys subtitled games then maybe it’s time to re-consider! We’re open to feedback.

  • @7

    sigh….people like you are the reason Namco has become so lazy recently. Go import the japanese version if pointless foreign language options is the only thing you care about.

  • So excited for this! preordered the Collectors Edition the day it was announced im at Gaius and Muzet right now gonna finish Xillia 1 tonight and then be a giddy child until it comes out thank you Namco Bandai for the amazing games!

  • agreed, what kind of silliness is that, they put all that work into dubbing it, and you wont buy it because it doesnt have the japanese audio?

    Go import it.

  • Hi Nick (and hello again, J)!

    Will you guys be working up a similar PlayStation Blog post soon about next week’s release of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment for the PS Vita, to perhaps include the recent news about the major update coming in September?

    And on a side note, can it be confirmed if SAO:HF and Tales of Hearts R will also be compatible with the PlayStation TV, once that device is launched in North America this October? (I’m led to believe that the both currently run just fine on the Vita TV over in Japan.)

  • It’s a very rare game that I can bear to play more than once and you have to replay ToX1 to get the plat. I loved it and therefore pre-ordered the CE for ToX2 long ago.

    After many, many months, I’m going to pop Dark Souls 2 out of my PS3 to replace with ToX2 next Tuesday. Can’t wait!!!

  • Actually, I had another look, and it seems that Tales of Hearts R is not explicitly listed as a Vita TV-compatible game on the Japanese PlayStation Sore. (SAO:HF is, though.)

    Would ToHR have to be patched for Vita TV support over there before it could be made playable on the PSTV in the West?

  • I’m not a Xillia fan really, in fact I missed the first one, but maybe this is good time to start with it. Personally I’m more excited about the last Atelier game released recently in Japan (Atelier Shallie), let’s see if we can have it in the US and EU in March 2015 as the others.

    Ohh and I can’t forget Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 2.5 coming in December, so I would clearly say that still there are many interesting games exclusively for Playstation 3

  • what’s a sword art online hf again

  • Glad to see these games coming out. Xillia was my first Tales game and I loved it. Sadly I couldn’t find a CE of Xillia 2 available around me.

  • @ J. Kartje

    i guess what i’m most referring to is how EU is able to get those costumes from simply preordering the base game from psn store, while we get no such option. I’m not interested in paying for the overpriced collector edition, so it would have been nice to see those costumes added as a preorder incentive for the regular game here. The game is already more pricier than i remember Xillia 1 being when it released last year, so its baffling for it not to have any preorder bonus.

    • I believe the games are released at the same price. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I understand the want for more free stuff when paying full price though. Feedback accepted :)

  • Already have pre-ordered and am excited for it. My only regret was that I couldn’t get the collectors edition, but either I am going to enjoy this game and after I am done with ToX2 then I will begin play Tales of Graces F, and Symphonia Chronicles. On a side note does the regular edition of ToX2 come with anything extra like the first ToX did?

  • I loved Tales of Xillia and got the collectors edition with that sick Mila statue. I want this, but cant warrant a purchase for my ps3 :/ bring this series to PS4!

  • I’m pretty stoked! Still kinda disappointing that Hearts is on the Vita (should have released on the 3DS IMO) but at least I get to play Xillia 2. Hopefully Zestiria comes out sometime soon.

  • Love the Tales series been playing since the snes days um um um the good old days. just have a few requests

    1 please bring the ps1 lassics to psn so we canbuy them

    2 the trophy system for the recent Tales games needs a little revamping. You almost force me to play as every character in Xillia to get a platinum rather than just asking me to try them out. Making earning them a grinding experience rather than one of love.

    3 more tales game in general because you can never have enouh of a good thing

  • In Canada GameStop and EB Games are the same store. Yet for some reason in Canada we still don’t have Tales of Hearts R available to preorder. When can we preorder it? I have too much games for PS4 and Vita to preorder and I won’t get it unless I get the physical.

  • I’m with Ryumoau on this one; Its not uncommon knowledge that Bamco doesn’t release their release incentive DLC (look at Naruto or Soul Calibur, or even Tales itself with Kyle/Rutee/Judas and Cress/Stahn), but with Tales specifically, the previous releases had set a trend for costumes for preordering (Graces with the first set above and Xillia 1 with the second set). Naturally many, including myself, had faith that would be the case for the Emil/Yuri/Asbel costume set here. Not only is it highly disappointing that that isn’t the case especially after the prior releases, but it’s infuriating that it took this long just to get confirmation that these ones are -only- available through CE, and not through preordering. I’m still getting the game, its fully paid off and all, but seriously, the fact that it took THIS long just to hear once and for all that they are purely CE exclusive is pretty lame.

    PS: I know this is a long shot, but could you please release the Tales Series PSN Avatars next week too? I know EU has ’em; I’ve seen posts accompanied by, off hand, Luke, Lloyd, Kratos and Sheena, and I’m sure there’s more. Why not let us in NA have them too?

  • “Sometimes bringing a game over without a dub allows us to bring over titles that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.”
    I wholeheartedly approve of this. Keep it up, Bamco.

  • 1. The collector’s edition is twice as much and I have ZERO interest in paying $60 more for some cheap crap statue, a cheap stopwatch, a very small art book and song songs from the soundtrack just to get 3 costumes.

    2. PLEASE continue releasing games with just subtitles since your Dubs are horrible in everyway. They make games take years to come out in NA and they are usually not dubbed very well ( read that as your voice actors suck )

    Refusing to sell pre-order costumes is stupid. People still get the lame other junk so you don’t have to worry about making those willing to pay twice as much cry about everyone else getting the costumes.

    To all of you who want the dubs : LMAO your funny

  • I can’t wait for Xillia 2 to be released next week. The first one was really good and enjoyable every step of the way.

    I also can’t wait to play as Gaius in Xillia 2! :D

  • Hey Namco. First off thanks for localizing Xillia 2, Hearts R, Zestiria and SAO! They’re all day one for me. Hopefully they all sell well so Innocence R may be localized as well! I wanted to ask if there were any plans to bring the Tales avatars to PSN. I’d love to have a Lloyd Irving avatar! Thanks again for everything.

  • Great, another localized Tales. By the way, does NBGI has any interest to bring Extreme VS series to the west?

  • Ohh, I’ll state this fact. Releasing games without a dub option kills alot of potential sales. I’m only getting Hearts r to support so next time Vita’s games will be dubbed. A game with no dub shouldn’t be sold at full price as well example. $39.99 (higher in canada) is standard vita full price games, I’d expect $29.99 or lower if that’s the case like Freedom Wars etc.

  • I’m extremely excited to be getting this game next week. I just finished replaying Xillia for the 3rd time (and finally getting my plat) just for the occasion.

    That being said I have to agree with some of what’s being said here as Xillia had a limited edition as a pre-order incentive here in NA, but Xillia 2 has gotten nothing in the slightest extra for pre-ordering in NA.

    On the subject of Tales of Hearts R, I was letdown at first hearing that there would be no dub. I’ve come to terms with it because it means I will still get a chance to play it and I might not have otherwise. The reason it bummed me out though was because the announcement was made around the time that Freedom Wars was said to also not getting a dub for its western release. This struck me because both games were potentially huge games for the Vita and this decision felt like it would just alienate some potential buyers thus hurting the overall sales in the long run.

    I’m hoping this no dub thing for Tales is just for Hearts as I don’t know if I could handle it for console release games.

    I rarely post any comments on things, but I thoroughly enjoy the Tales series and want to throw my feedback out there whether or not it gets much attention.

  • @26

    Yeah ok, let’s see how sales change with the series if they removed dubs entirely

    Anyways, I agree with a lot of what is being said here as well, Graces f had the costumes available as a pre-order bonus/Day 1 sort of deal for NA, Xillia had a Limited Edition available with the costumes, yet all Xillia 2 has for North America is the costumes included only with the CE, which is still $30 more than the Xillia 1 CE retailed for, while Europe is getting a day 1 edition with the costumes (and a steel-case among the soundtrack selections CD)

    I just don’t think it’s necessarily the right thing to do, for the people that have stuck with the series through the days of non localizations into now or for the new fans of the series who haven’t experienced the earlier titles yet.

    They should be offered as a pre-order bonus or a Limited Edition/Day 1 that has the codes.

  • Cause too many characters.

    And I also hope like @31 that Hearts R isn’t indicative of future Tales games with the no dub, ideally I’d like dual audio, but I do have a suspicion it’ll affect sales.
    Granted, you’re probably expecting lower sales with Hearts R cause A) it’s a Vita title, B) you had no intention of bringing it over originally, C) are doing it as a Gamestop exclusive for the physical release.

    But considering Zestiria (and other titles?) will be on PS3 and (PS4?), there should be more than enough space for dual audio if possible, but at the very least, all I want is a dub.

  • @9 Oh c’mon stop crying you have 3 tales of with emotionless english dub (Graces, Xillia and Xillia 2).. and still complaining because of one version of the game that is coming in GODLIKE ORIGINAL audio, I don’t want buy products that make my ears bleeding… and I don’t know japanese, but i like the voices… but I agree with you Namco is some kind lazy.. to resolve this problem is just put both audios on the disc, or make the japanese track as DLC simple (paid or not)

  • @34 I’d assume thev’d figured this solution by now. Soul Sacrifice did it right, if they want it as paid dlc make preorders get the jpn track free. Make others buy the dlc. Or make it free like DW8XL does. It isn’t wise and seems cheap/lazy which makes full price seem ridiculous in those cases.

  • The video doesnt capture the experience of the story and all the twists it offers. I guess there is a reason too that it doesnt show the last 1/4 of the story, but in general i am glad they used a little time to make a video showcasing parts of the story.

  • Awesome. Keep bringing the imports Namco. I’ll add this to my backlog eventually, lol. Still working on the first Xillia. I’m all for you guys brining over games with no dubs. I remember the days of ps 1 and many imports never hotting stateside. Great job on supporting the vita too. Let’s get the next Jump fighting game please?

  • @36

    It’s a 2 part video, at least it was on the EU PS Blog.
    Not sure why they didn’t mention it here or at least post the second part.

  • Man i can’t wait to play this on my YT channel. I love the TALES series, NARUTO, PAC-MAN, and J-STAR VICTORY VS even though i had to import it. Also, i’ve been seeing youtubers that support your games get codes to give away to their subscribers. How can i get codes to give away to my subscribers that love the games you guys develop and publish?

  • IIRC I read somewhere that Bandai Namco Europe is putting Tales of Xillia avatars on PSN over there. Any chance of getting some ToX Avatars on this side of the pond?

  • @40 Or any Tales of avatars in general?

  • Excited for this, have had my CE pre-ordered for a while. Kinda disappointed that the regular edition won`t come with the costumes, so for those that want them and don`t want the CE could get them.

    Not sure which one I’ll start playing first on the 19th since both Xillia 2 and SAO:HF are being released on that date.

    Also would love to see some Tales avatars to actually show up here.

  • I enjoyed Tales of Hearts on Nintendo DS (I already beat the game). I’m looking forward to Tales of Hearts R on Vita. I hope this localized version of Tales of Hearts R is compatible with the PlayStation TV.

  • Getting the CE of this. I’m so excited to finally play this.

    Love ya Bandai Namco Games! Please keep giving me localized Tales games. I will support this series forever. <3

  • @ J. Kartje Thanks :) I ordered it. Now I have a Naruto and Tales game from Namco coming next month. You guys are really going to keep me busy.

  • I’m still gonna finish the main story of Milla and then Jude soon.

    I will fully support Tales of Hearts R, this year is going to be awesome.

  • I just wanted to chime in and say that I personally prefer English dubs, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the dubbing in the tales games. I am very disappointed to hear that Hearts R won’t be dubbed, but I will purchase it regardless. I hope that future tales games will continue to be dubbed.

  • Awesome awesome!! I told myself I would Platinum ToX first before playing ToX2 before it gets released and I have reached my goal several days ago lol. Though i would’ve had this done much much earlier if I wasn’t distracted lol. I can’t wait for this!

  • This is gonna be AWESOME!!!

  • Seriously, can’t you guys just bring your games over with both languages? Wouldn’t that solve a lot of these problems? Or is there something that makes bringing over both languages harder than just one? And I for one won’t be getting Hearts R day 1 because there is no dub.

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