PIX the CAT Announced for PS4, PS Vita

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PIX the CAT Announced for PS4, PS Vita


Hi everyone! PIX the CAT is coming to PS4 and PS Vita with a mission: to make your thumbs sore! After Pix’n Love – Rush (PS Minis), the infamous blue cat is back for an intense scoring arcade game loaded with surprises.

Writing these words means the world to us. It means that the game we’ve been making for the last three years is coming out!

Our strategy at Pastagames is simple: gather XP and gold by making cool games for others (Rayman Jungle Run, Panzer Bimbo, AR Rescue…) then spend it all on our homegrown productions. We empty the bank account and start the cycle over.


PIX the CAT is the game that saw the most cycles. For the first time in years, we’re playing it solo! No publishing or editing to hold us back from our many kinks and obsessions! Naturally, we’ve ended up being obsessed and kinky about everything, even the new Pastagames website. But most of all about getting players sucked into the game from head to toe.

The Arcade gameplay comes from our initial desire to build a hectic 2D level-based scoring game that offers constant flow without any kind of scrolling. We wanted the blue cat to ride the maze and save ducklings from levels displayed on different dimensions. As PIX extends his tail, he’ll straddle over multiple dimensions at the same time. We went for a game of Combo, Boosts, Perfects, and FEVER TIME!

We now have powerful enough tools to display infinitely small details. So we tackled the technical challenge of showing the levels within the levels — Russian Dolls style! Our goal was to build a game where your sensations grow and intensify as your skill improves. Flexible gameplay where speed and tempo adapt to each player.


This is where the On & Off production schedule turned out handy. We quickly needed to get the game into as many hands as possible to collect feedback while working on other projects. We had to take a very close look at players improving. So we took advantage of the Off periods to have a custom arcade cabinet built for PIX the CAT. Its purpose and destiny were fulfilled in bars, hands-on parties at our studio, and game-conventions over the last two years.

The cabinet turned out to be the best thing we have bought. Ever. Watching some of you play regularly and others only for a few games was an amazing tool to build and polish our gameplay throughout production. Once the backbone of the game was ready, we’ve packed PIX the CAT with surprises! Things to lower your heart-rate in between Arcade thrills. Things to make you raise your eyebrows. Things to make you raise one eyebrow…

The one surprise we can tell you about right now is: “The ARENA! Up to four players send their PIXBOT into battle knowing it will probably not come back! Come have a go at this PS4 exclusive local multiplayer battle ARENA!”


It’s a blast releasing a game for PlayStation because the machines are well designed, the controllers very precise, and the people we work with at SCEE sure know how to make our lives easier! It was a very natural transition from the arcade sticks to the PS4 and PS Vita controllers and the display abilities of both consoles shine the best light on our handmade PIX the CAT.

Come one. Come all. The Grid of Infinity awaits…

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  • Ha, baby ducks following Pix the cat, how cute. :)

    Could a port of the Arkedo Series to the Vita be possible? Need it on the go.

  • This is the same Pixel the Cat from Arkedo Series correct? If so, I’ll be getting this :D

  • Day 1 based on the gifs alone

  • Fractalnesting maze-ception, frantic babyduck/catmom psychedelic colorpulsing downtherbbithole crazy arcade action game? Sounds like a nobrainer. I wanna play it.

  • Cool more of the same for the powerful ps4 just what we don’t need

  • This looks awesome! I’m getting this for sure.

  • This looks great!

    Tell me more about the Arena:

    1. Do players actively control their PIXBOT, or do they have to program commands ahead of time and let it run autonomously?

    2. How many arenas are there?

    3. Can you create your own arenas?

    4. Are there any sort of powerups / customization options for each player’s PIXBOT?


  • Dude, it’s just another Pac-Man clone an –ooh. Ooooooh, wait. Oh okay, that’s nice. That… Yes. Okay, I dig this. Bring it on.

  • This game looks fascinating, definitely grabbing this on day one, gonna’ play on Vita!

  • I’m super excited for this but I still don’t understand how it’s still not standard practice yet to list at the end of each blog post about a game its release date, price, and platforms. Even if they’re all TBA. If I don’t know when it’s coming out, I’m just gonna immediately forget about it.

  • Wish Pixel was on PS Vita too. (and it bums me out that Ubisoft didn’t put Rayman Jungle Run on Vita, would be perfect)

    nyhoo, definitely looking forward to this.

  • Pac-Man on crack! Looks hella fun!

  • Youhou I bought a 250$ console to play Pac-Man!!! Yeah (irony inside!)

  • This looks fun.

  • Now this looks like good times just might te this wen it comes out.

  • Hell yes. I love games like this.

    This is a REAL game. A REAL. FUN. GAME. Not an interactive movie that lulls you into a stupor with stale special effects. This looks like a game that will actually STIMULATE, EXCITE, and CHALLENGE the brain. That’s what real gaming is all about. Participation, graduation, and celebration.

    DAY-1 BUY, without hesitation.

  • Another reason to leave my Vita collecting dust…

    I get it, they don’t care for actual support, only ports, perv Japanese games, and indies.
    But I don’t see the reason for not having a good long story game, with a lot of things to do, fun gameplay, tons of replay value…

    Damn.. I don’t even care for graphics anymore, although Vita can handle the best of them, just a game with content, something that keeps me hooked for months..
    Remember the word “GAME” ?

  • 100% agree with #3
    I cant imagine how awesome this will look and play like on the VITA’s OLED screen.
    Do you have any sample soundtrack for this game?
    Day 1 purchase for me sir!

  • I have been wishing Pac Man Extreme would hit vita but this game looks even better! Scoreboards, great graphics, and great gameplay from what I could see, theres tons of rooms inside each room like an enigma wrapped inside of a conumdrum. When is the vita release date?

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