Evolve: Mix and Match Monsters

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Evolve: Mix and Match Monsters

At Gamescom, the Turtle Rock Studios team is excited for people to finally experience what Evolve is all about — mixing and matching characters, monsters, and environments for increased replayability and strategy. It all funnels into the idea that every round is different, and there is always a way to win.

At PAX East, gamers got their hands on the first tier of Hunters versus Goliath in a Forest Environment. At E3, journalists and industry veterans experienced the second tier of Hunters fighting against Kraken in a Desert Environment that was filled with new wildlife species. Now at Gamescom, we are introducing a third environment to the mix with even more wildlife that change the rules of the game. Take the humble Glaciopod, for example. Normally Monsters kill everything they see, but in this environment, experienced Monsters protect Glaciopods because they actually produce food that the monster can eat.


At Gamescom, we’re also allowing players to mix and match Hunters to their liking. This idea is core to the Evolve experience: because every Hunter, Monster, and environment plays differently, changing just one has a notable impact on the entire match.

Consider your teammates: Val, a medic, actively heals her teammates in combat making them harder to kill, while Lazarus must wait for them to die before bringing them back to life. Which one do you want on your team and how does that affect your strategy?

Think about combinations: If Hank shields Lazarus and Lazarus can bring Hank back from the dead, does that become an unbeatable combination? If Val heals Hyde in combat, does that make his Flamethrower too devastating?

All these questions will be answered at Gamescom, and we can’t wait!

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  • Interesting, is the ps4 gonna end up having that beta?

  • copying straight out from other games

  • I’m hoping this has either a beta or demo. I was a moderate fan of Left for Dead, so i’m not sure i’m completely sold on this new project.

  • Does it come to Vita? Then I can purchase it.

  • This looks to be EPIC!

  • this looks promising but I don’t want to get my hopes up

  • I thought at E3 this was a Xbox exclusive? Guess MicroSoft deceived with words again smh, well I’m happy, one of my only games of interest on the box, now I can actually play it lol.

  • I’m excited for this title! A departure from the traditional FPS genre for sure. Knowing the devs, I’m thinking this will have split screen co-op too. I’m looking forward to testing this with the upcoming remote share feature via the firmware 2.0 update. I have a feeling the community will be long lived and will be well supported by Turtle Rock. I’d better extend my PS4 warranty this November, since it will be getting so much use.

  • Well this will be a change up compared to other multiplayer games but not having a beta is not good for PS4 that only sold 10 million consoles and counting. What were they thing by not having a beta for the most popular console.

  • The alpha was boring. That’s why they delayed it so much. Game is in desperate need of major tuning/tweaking.

  • I wonder if there’ll be a monster vs monster mode? I supose it won’t since the game design will surely breaks but it seems like an idea that should have been mentioned in an initial brainstorm, i’m sure of it.

  • It’s too bad this game forces you into first person half the time… I’d be interested in this game if that weren’t the case. It’s definitely an interesting concept, and if there were a way to avoid the first person reliably I might give it a try.

  • show us some VITA love :)

  • This sounded promising but fact it’s just another shooter is really heartbreaking.

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