Surgeon Simulator Out Now on PS4, Gets Co-op Play

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Surgeon Simulator Out Now on PS4, Gets Co-op Play

January 28, 2013. That was the day we put the first build of a silly little game jam project onto the Internet for anyone to play. It was a run of the mill game jam project for me, and my fellow teammates, James Broadley, Jack Good and Luke Williams. But the aftermath saw our little medical-themed toy turn into a real grown-up full game.

The development process of Surgeon has been like a constant game jam. We would implement our ideas without a second thought to the game’s overall design. Leaving little details like balancing damage levels and timings until later, just concentrating on what we thought would be cool or fun for the majority of time. For example, once the game was in full production, one of the features I remember implementing first was the notepad in the reception that you can draw on, not exactly essential for the game but fun to make.

This kind of unplanned structureless attitude has continued throughout the entire project. It’s an extremely fun way of developing. It has its caveats and wouldn’t work for large projects with big team sizes, but the development team has always been small so for us it worked out great.

It also gives us a flexibility to take on anyone’s ideas that they may have and just try them. Some examples of things that made it into the game thanks to a flippant comment that was just too awesome to miss:

  • The whole ambulance mode came from a conversation with a sysops chap in the office.
  • Shaving the eyebrows and moustache of Bob, thanks to a comment from our Community Manager.
  • The idea of lasers came from a Reddit user during an AMA.
  • Space mode was shoehorned in a week before the initial release.
  • The Alien Transplants was a suggestion made many times by the community.
  • Finally, we implemented co-op play a couple of weeks before release date, just because it was too good an idea to not do it.

That’s right, co-op play!

Local co-op mode is a new feature exclusively for Playstation 4. It’s live drop-in / drop-out, simply turn on the second DualShock 4 controller and another hand appears as if by magic.

What you do from this point is up to you. Help or hinder, it’s entirely your choice. But remember – if your friend is being particularly useless or annoying, they’re only a couple of feet away from you.

People that have played the original will find this opens up a whole world of possibilities gameplay-wise. A couple of well-coordinated friends may even be able to get some record times that wouldn’t be possible with single player.

Surgeon has had a very unique development cycle, and bringing the methodology to the PlayStation 4 (with all the new toys it provides) has been great. We see a feature opportunity, and we try it out.

We added support for the PS4 camera to allow pad tracking to control the arm, motion for the wrist rotation, analog trigger for analog fingers, the list goes on. In fact now that we’ve got talking, I’ve realized we haven’t used the DualShock 4 speaker for anything, brb.

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  • I watched someone stream this on Twitch last night. I laughed, I cried, I threw up. I gotta buy this game

  • i never thought i was gonna say this but, how about PS MOVE support?!

    • It would be good wouldn’t it :) we have been looking into it (and morpheus!) No official word yet on a release or anything but we’ll see

  • @Froio, the PS Move would b perfect, and its a good controller.

  • Paging Dr. NO_FEAR. We have a code blue stat!

  • Picked this up last night, but have yet to play it. Thanks for the co-op mode addition, sounds like it could be crazy fun or crazy frustrating! Oh and another vote for move support please.

    • Co-op mode has proved very popular in the office :) Hope you have fun with it when it comes out (August 27th)

  • Move support please…and possibly 3D!

  • I played it last night and it was a ton of fun. Playing with a DS4 and motion controls is not very far off from what it would be like to use a Move. It is a very tough but hilarious game, it took me an hour and a half to finish my first heart transplant. My biggest hurdle to overcome was accidentally drugging myself by pricking myself with needles. It’s hard to do surgery when your vision is blurring and crazy colors are taking over the screen!

    I’m looking forward to trying co-op with my wife, if I can cajole her into it.

  • Would be amazing Vita game

  • Thank for adding co-op to the game. I look forward to spending many hours with my friends laughing our asses off trying to play the game together!

  • Haha! Finished my first heart transplant! Once while drugged and once while not under the influence (best time 5:28 and blood level 3950ml). Oddly enough, the most difficult part of the surgery for me was trying to grab and take out the original heart out of the patient.

  • It’s a really fun game i totally recommend it to all of you who haven’t try this is fun and bloody! :)

  • Day Two Purchase! (was busy yesterday)

  • Oh man…this game must be crazy in co-op.

  • any body wanna be my surgery buddy

  • What type of game is this. Do anybody know some “new” ps3 games that’s coming out. Man . . . and I wonder when they gonna put out some “new” ps3 multiplayer games

  • Nice to see another game get a launch discount for early buyers. I was really intrigued by this on the PC but even more so when I heard this was coming out on PS4. Having that 20% off and it became a no-brainer. It helps that the game was priced very reasonably to begin with. So nice to finally see new games go on sale and not immediately have this huge disparity in price with Steam.

  • Am I missing out on something. I connect a second controller and pressed all the buttons and nothing happens. Is there a option I’m missing?

  • Love the game! Going for platinum, but Alien surgeries currently can’t be completed, it seems that completion isn’t triggered when the correct organ is placed correctly, resulting in the inability to complete the game 100%. Also, The Best Doctor in the World trophy unlocks when you A++ all standard procedures and A++ the Corridor heart transplant afterwards. I hope we’ll see these fixed :)

  • It would have been nice to know that Co-op isn’t included until a later update. Seems a bit like false advertising to promote the co-op of a game and make no mention on the post that that main feature isn’t even out yet.

  • I have couple questions for ya!

    Is Remote Play supported on this game?

    Any details for a PS Vita release?

    What’s going on with Move support? (:

    Looks like a fantastic game to play. I can already picture me and my friends playing this haha
    It would be super hilarious to perform surgery on a patient whom is conscious and see their facial/physical reactions. Maybe even have the body tweak a bit when they are unconscious :D

    You guys are awesome!

    P.S. Maybe you guys can add more patients, such as…idk…a zombie!? :)


  • Any chance for an online co-op mode?

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