GUNS UP! Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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GUNS UP! Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Greetings, Commander. Welcome to GUNS UP!, our free-to-play action strategy game for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita that puts you in the role of a General deploying units to the battlefield and working your way toward annihilating your enemy and destroying their base.

This is no walk in the park, though – you’re going to need to manage your resources to ensure that you can send the right troops for the right job. Snipers, heavy machine gunners, RPG carriers, armored vehicles, and even air strikes are there as part of your strategy, so choose wisely. You’ll also use your resources to build and protect your base from other players’ invasions.

Although GUNS UP! is our first full title, we’re no stranger to the industry. We’ve spent the last decade providing high quality art work for other developers on titles such as inFAMOUS Second Son and League of Legends. We’re really excited to bring our vision of action and strategy together in a way that feels fresh and unique to PlayStation gamers. Since the announcement at E3, we’ve been working hard on the beta version and can’t wait to share the experience!

Guns Up!Guns Up!

GUNS UP! is coming later this year and will be Cross-Play across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming GUNS UP! beta and try out your skills as a Commander!

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  • And now for my next trick, I’m going to say the magic words “Free to Play” and my attention will suddenly vanish

  • Great game.

  • Looks great!Can’t wait.

  • “Free to Play” … pay to win

  • F2P doesn’t mean pay to win. Sheesh. It depends on the game. People are so judgemental.

  • I for one am glad this is free-to-play. This is similar gameplay to free Flash games I’ve played on Kongregate to pass the time while watching TV or simply taking a quick break from work. Having a game like that on the Vita sounds great, but if I had to pay for it, I’d probably be hesitant knowing I could get a similar experience for free elsewhere.

    That being said, as long as it’s not pay-to-win, I’m not opposed to spending some money simply to support the devs; I’ve done that in the past for non-P2W F2P games. On the flip side, if I feel coerced into playing just to progress in a game, that’s usually when I stop playing and throw in the towel.

  • *paying (not playing)

    PS Blog needs an edit option.

  • Indie games look good sometimes.

  • Looking forward to this game! I tried it out a couple times at the Sony booth at E3 and liked it a lot.

  • Not one of the free to play games I was looking forward to but I’ll at least try it out.

  • looks good! When is it coming out?

  • I’m putting my bets on this is going to be pay to win like most of free to play games out there.

  • Free to play demo then if u want to progress then u need to pay

  • Free to Play

    Then I’m free not to play it.

    It looks could be fun..but so many people do free to play wrong. Wait 24 hours or pay $1 now etc etc/ PvZ2 did it well. Everything can be obtained for free..but if you want it easier and faster then pay for it..if you want to do F2P thats the way to do ti

  • Looks cool and I want to play a strategy game on Vita, so I’ll give it a try.

  • my type of game. free to play nice. long as its not pay to win. looking forward to it.

  • Free-to-play games are always welcome to PSN, just as long as you don’t shove the game with microtransactions to our throats…

  • I just saw the EU sale,why we can’t have sales like that smh i wish i had a EU account its crazy over there

  • FTP = Pay to win.

    No thanks.

  • I like F2P games.
    And this one looks very cool!

  • Sun’s up….

  • Are you kidding me? FTP or not this game looks fantastic. It’s like I can now play Trenches! on my Vita!

  • FTP? Forgive me while I skeptically walk away.

  • Looks like an kind of awesome game to play. I’ll get it maybe. Question, does this game have a multiplayer mode for PS3!!

  • Looks like a lot of fun.. but Free to Play? No thanks, I’d rather pay you guys upfront and buy the “FULL” game than be bothered with microtransactions and what not for every little thing.

    Please change this decision!

  • Maybe I forgot, but not thinking I have seen so much to read on Sat before.
    CounterSpys’ promo was extensive, although without a plat trophy think I may be in for a serious disappointment in game length.

    But we will see.

    Can’t believe this is F2P , at all, and can totally dig it, if it plays well.
    Not the type to usually pay anything for powerups and extras though.

    Hope to see more strategy based games.
    Can only imagine what a game like FFX could be like, if they added more to it in the sense of attack variations, range, and environment that can change outcome.

    Or this one for that matter.

    Now if a company could make a game like the Total War series, I bet I could even talk my brother into buying a Vita.

    Anyway, look forward to givng this a go.

  • Free to play. I’ll pass

  • Doh. My bad.
    Not even close, you’ll have to pardon me, long week at the close of a summer doing 24/7 with the kids.
    All summer. :)

  • Free to play? Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • Is this MMO?

  • PAID FULL GAME is better than PAY-TO-PLAY while the worst is FREE-TO-PLAY a.k.a. PAY-TO-WIN. Microtransaction on those pay-to-win games are ridiculously OVERPRICE! like Clash of clans’ 129$ for just the gems. LOL

  • Any kind of strategy game on console is great in my book! Glad it’s free-to-play so that I can check it out.
    If I enjoy it, I might even buy in. Looks like laid-back fun!

  • never played a f2p game before, except for a brief obsession with candy crush last year, I will give this a shot. I have always liked games like this: when I was ten C&C:red alert allowed me to pretend that I was stalin, crushing the evils of democracy.

  • Sony has the worst community with nothing but complainers. I don;t have to pay for this game so it must suck. I can’t get a physical copy of a 100 mb game, then I’m not buying it. This game isn’t crossbuy, but I deserve to own every version of a game without paying for them. You people make me sick. Maybe if you actually try the game (it being free and all) you might actually like it.

  • Guns Up! was one of my favorite hardcore bands of the last 25 years. Kinda weird there’s a video game with the same name, exclamation mark and everything…

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