PS4: 10 Million and Going Strong

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PS4: 10 Million and Going Strong

PlayStation Nation: Thank you!

We just announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold through more than 10 million units worldwide –- and more than 30 million PS4 games have been sold –- since its launch less than nine months ago. It’s a remarkable milestone that reinforces PS4’s record-breaking pace and the movement it has created among players globally in defining next generation gaming.

On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you for your support and passion. You’re the reason that PS4 is the #1 next generation console in the world and we’re grateful for your continued enthusiasm and for always pushing us to new heights.

Rest assured that the PS4 journey has just begun, and we’ll continue the momentum this holiday season with blockbuster titles, including Destiny, DRIVECLUB, Grand Theft Auto V, inFAMOUS First Light, Little Big Planet 3, and NBA 2K15, and innovative titles including Grim Fandango, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Minecraft.

In addition to our expanding gaming library, we’ll also continue to enhance the PS4 system’s network features to offer more breakthrough gaming experiences. Upcoming features include the ability to upload game footage directly to YouTube, and also “Share Play,” a new feature that allows players to invite a friend to a game—even when they don’t own a copy of it.

I look forward to sharing more details about new games and features coming to PS4 that clearly demonstrate why PlayStation is the best place to play.


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  • perhaps you should tell Squenix, they seem to have been unaware of that fact.

  • You guys are doing a fantastic job so far, keep it up! Looking forward to hearing more about Uncharted in the future as well! Tell Nathan it’s time to get back in the game, kick open some tombs, and show the competition how it’s really done.

  • suspend/resume feature?

  • And yet you lost the Tomb Raider franchise???

    Still, I will not buy a PS4 until I can view media via USB or even play my Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack CD on it.

  • how about some actual games for PS4 plus service instead of all the cheesy Indie games. or perhaps some support for playing PS3 games on the PS4 digitally that doesn’t involve renting stuff I already own :D

  • Congrats with the incredible number of 10 million PS4 consoles sold. May the future be bright and greatness continues.


    BTW thank you for killing the Vita. I’m now convinced to sell it or trade it for a 3DS. That’s really sad, it had an awesome potential and some great games. That’s the 1st console I’ve ever preordered, and I fully regret it.

  • Well deserved! I hope to join you soon. Btw DAT FİRST COMMENT! LOL

  • Dang i’m glad I have a PS4, but not one mention of Vita at gamescom…how disappointing. I’m a huge Vita fan, best handheld on the market IMO. Was hoping for at least a minecraft bundle to help sales.

    After this holiday, I don’t see vita getting very many games at all :(

    I don’t want to believe it, and it hurts to say it, but stick a fork in it folks, the Vita is dead.

    R.I.P. PS Vita

    b. 2/15/12 d. 12/31/14

  • Thanks for killing the Vita, Sony.

  • First Robin Williams and now Vita. T__T

  • “playing PS3 games on the PS4 digitally that doesn’t involve renting stuff I already own :D”

    Easy, keep and play them on your ps3…

  • “offered”?

  • Honestly lots of people should feel duped by Sony with the treatment of the Vita.

    If I was a sensationalist I could say because of the bait & switch with the Vita I’m no longer going to support Sony and get rid of all three consoles and buy a xbox one.

    But I’m not, to me it’s just really sad. I’ll probably continue to buy games for the Vita till it dies.

  • I’m proud to be a PS4 Gamer! Gratz Sony!

  • That means there’s roughly 5 million disappointed gamers out here (myself included) once you subtract the fanboys & blind sheep that is. Once the blinders are off you start to see the system for what it really is, and expensive paperweight! But that’s ok, ignore everything those 10 million people want in software and in games, Keep giving us crappy indies, and only what you want us to have, when you want us to have it, as well as all the recycled games from last gen that everybody already bought once. Unlike others on here My parents don’t buy my games, I do! As well as trying to raise a family in this crazy world we live in I do not have the luxury of paying double or (Double dipping) as some fools call it. This is NOT the best place to be for gamers as a whole. Pffffft!!!

  • @Sonny: Too soon.. and just… don’t joke like that.

  • Sexy. I hope you guys will PUSH this info to developers to try and secure more playstation exclusive games. Let them know that making a game for 1 system lets you optimize that game the most (look at Naughty Dog!), and making it for the ps4 will better your chances of it selling more since the PS4 is the top dog!! :)

    Oh, and since you’re rollin in cash now SONY, some of us would like to see Syphon Filter, Jak n’ Daxter or Crash Bandicoot (someday;), COLONY WARS, and others make a comeback!! :)

    PS: Oh, and SOCOM too… you know, the game that was THE most popular online game in the ps2 days (more people online than HALO…), the game that was great until the developers on PS3 started CHANGING what the game WAS…. the game that was voted on your “playstation share” website as THE most requested game by all playstation fans…

    Either have the sense to bring back SOCOM the way it should be brought back, or have even BETTER sense and fund H-HOUR (the game that IS the successor to socom and is being directed by the man who CREATED the original Socom 1 + Socom 2 games). H-HOUR got funded on Kickstarter… so… pick it up SONY… I think I gave you enough reasons here to do so.

  • Thx for killing the Vita. Hope you keep bleeding money and since you show the middle finger to the psv owners im showing the middle finger to you.

    Time to sell my indiestation 4 and upgrade my pc. Screw you SONY

  • Thats Awesome! Now maybe you can focus n making more AAA games rather than relying on indies. Indies are awesome but i didn’t spend $400 to only play indies. Make a Heavenly Sword Sequel, revive L.A.I.R., make a new PASBR but with all of the fan feedback, help out the VITA! Please do more than just getting us timed exclusive indies. Also Tomb Raider…sad news

  • I was hoping SCEA would at least localize more JPN Vita games if they don’t plan on doing something on the machine.

    Legend of Heroes Crossbell Arc Games? Phantasy Star Nova? God Eater 2? Even if you don’t own this franchies, you could always make a deal to their respective owners and bring them ashore.

    Come on Sony, PS4 is successful as it gets, so concentrate on Vita as well!!!

    Congrats to PS4 though!!

    I’ll wait for a revision and a price cut, then again i’ll probably buy one once MGSV PP and UC4 comes out!

  • Would still love the option of playing a music CD, or media playback (either usb or dlna) like the PS3 could do. That OTHER system is now supporting it (announced), .MKV compatibility included!
    I just feel like an idiot for selling my ps3 to help fund my ps4. Obviously should have held onto it because, media-wise, I now have a gimped system.

  • No no, thank you!

  • I’ll certainly support the PS4 as much as Sony supports the PS Vita.

    Fortunately there are several shops that sell second hand games around where I live.

  • Dear Shawn:

    My son and I both have Vitas. We also have a PS4. We own more games on the Vita than the console.

    My son’s eyes light up when he plays his Vita. He brags about its graphics to 3DS-playing friends. He has beaten Sly Cooper and Tearaway in the past 2 weeks. He’s addicted.

    Shawn, the Vita is a grassroots beast and you know it. Please, whether you just want to clear inventory, or well, generate revenue, market the Vita with Minecraft to 8-12 year old kids who want to play the BEST (handheld) version of the game. I implore you. It would be great to see a Vita Minecraft ad instead of the 10,000th one for Skylanders. (just saying)
    An 8GB iPod is $199, has no expandable memory and NO buttons. It is shortly expendable after a few iOS updates.

    I ask you, Shawn: Why not Vita?

    Vita Nation begs for justice for our beleaguered handheld.

    Thank you sir for listening. (even if it’s only Tom Gilmore reading these comments)

    Glenn – ColonelOCorn

  • Congrats, Sony! Lots of really interesting games on the horizon. I’m really looking forward to First Light, LBP3, The Order, Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4, Rime, No Man’s Sky, and Wild… just to name a few. Exciting year of gaming coming up! :D

  • Okay now give us some AAA titles.

  • @ColonelOCorn

    I wish I could Upvote your comment. I love my vita and will continue to support it, I just wish sony would do the same.

  • I bought my PS4 a month later after it was release and it was worth it !

  • Vita ain’t dying. It just won’t hace that much west game’s. Wait till TGS for the Vita games, those games are the one’s we’ll be playing after thry get dubbed/subbed and released here.

    Sword Art Online is to come this month, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 1, Freedom Wars, Minecraft (I believe it didn’t get announced because according to Dev 4K Studio’s, they are still fixing a few bugs)

    Anyways just check here

  • 10 million and how many of them are door stops? According to these people next gen gaming are platformer games. So why go forward when they keep going backwards every month. The whole point of next gen gaming is for the newest games to wow us. Has anybody have been wowed lately? They couldn’t even put up a remote controller for bluray and Netflix. Instead we have to use their substandard dual shock 4 controller. That discharges in only a few hours. Wow that looks next gen right???

  • Bam! just like that *mic drop*

  • awesome :D

  • Everyone that’s sating they’re ready to sell their Vitas…message me price and package details.

  • Bravo!

    p.s: 10M ps4s will not have Tomb Raider holiday 2015 =(

  • You know. I have never seen a PS Vita commercial on TV. Who in Sony is in charge of marketing the damn thing? Not once. I have seen the “Perfect day” PS4 commercial a million times, but no PS Vita commercials. The memory card prices are a disaster and even though it has great games, Sony refuses to make AAA games for it that will attract more gamers. If the Vita keeps making games for the US Market then I will be happy for years to come. If they stop I will feel ripped off. I’m excited about Freedom Wars but Why The Heck don’t we have Gods Eater 2?

  • I am happy with my PS4. I love my Vita but feel that Sony is showing no support for this as E3 and Gamescon has demonstrated. Bring more AAA games to Vita, more open world games and Sports. Get Rockstar, Capcom, EA, and Konami to make games for Vita again. Come on Sony.

  • Keep up the good work!

  • Got 2 of those 10 Million in my home :)

  • I’m disappointed in you Sony, for KILLING THE VITA!

  • @14…& everyone else. Really u guys are ridiculous & foolish. Bait and switch? No, not even close. Sony gave u everything u could’ve wanted with the Vita – ie Great launch titles, AAA 1st parties, GREAT indies,HD Collections, ability to play digi psp games, Trophies, cross-play/save, remote play ect. Vita has a spectacular catalogue of games to the point that i have GravityRush, Uncharted, DrgnsCrwn, OlliOlli, SS Delta, Limbo, Sly2, MGS collection & MANY more great games that i haven’t touched sitting in my backlog bc there just too many quality games to play. Look at the AAA games that Sony poured $ into Tearawy – less than 350k copies sold, KZ Merc -400k sold, SoulSac- 400k, GravityRush – undersold, Resistance – 320k & nobody bought the solid GoW collection or the AMAZING Sly collection which is y they didn’t release the Ratchet collection in physical form. If u guys actually bought these games then Devs would actually want to dev 4 the Vita – hence more AAA games, more ppl buying Vita ect. Do u know how much $ they spent on KZ Merc? Merc is excellent, it’s PS3 quality. They promoted Tearaway, had the real studio make it, it was exclusive, critically acclaimed, but nobody bought it.

  • U guys also are to blame because u perpetuate this stupid nonsense that “Vita is dead” & “there are no games to play on it” & u guys have been saying this FOREVER. How can u be a Sony supporter & Vita owner & constantly trash the device u should be supporting & promoting? Don’t u realize that as a Vita owner when u trash the device u own it turns off potential Vita buyers from purchasing it, thus hurting you & the device in the process. U guys sound like xbots with all the trashing u do, perception is reality & u guys have helped create a horribly inaccurate perception of the Vita. Congrats on making Vita the “uncool” thing, way to anti-market & smear a GREAT device. Maybe u guys should buy a “powerful” 3ds so u can play Pokeman & mario party 27 & all those other ugly pixelated kiddie games – i’ll stick with my OLED screen & my PS3 quality games like Unchrtd GA, KZ Merc, Sly, DrgnsCrwn, VIRTUA TENNIS 4 wte, Forgotten Memories, Freedom Wars,

  • Anyway…. over 10m PS4’s & about 10m Vitas out in the wild. PS4 outselling xbone 2:1, PS3 outselling 360, & week to week Vita is outselling 360 – it has only just begun. Congrats Sony. Go out n buy Driveclub oct. 7.

  • Sony, it’s about time you come clean and publicly release the official Vita sales figures. We haven’t heard anything from you guys since January 2013. Within that same period of time, you’ve given us multiple updates on how well the PS4 is doing, from 4 million, to 7 million, and now 10 million. Where are the Vita figures?

    You’re only making your consumers feel more uneasy by maintaining that cloud of secrecy.

  • Haha Tyler if you read your post #42 and pretend you are writing it to Shawn, it’s actually pretty funny. (just saying, it is)

    The whole point of my comments is/was to say:

    Sony, people spend $200 like it’s nothing on iPods and iPads every other year. People drop $200 upgrading their phones to the newest version. Neither of which have expandable memory. (Apple devices)

    Why not market the heck out of a killer app (the Vita), that lets people use Remote Play, that lets people play great games (especially with Plus!!), that will let kids that LOVE Minecraft have it on a dedicated, powerful handheld with better graphics, better interface and ecosystem (PS4 integration) than any other handheld version out there??

    By never mentioning it at E3 and now Gamescom, Sony basically declared it dead, not the people that have bought them and use them daily! My 9 year old told more people about his Vita last week than we heard at Gamescom. Get it? wink wink

  • Good 10 million is a lot of PS4s….but come on you talk about GTA V and minecraft as if they were new games….this is some bulls***…..anyway I’ll be getting a PS3.5 soon…..can’t allow a backlog to grow too big like I allowed with PS3.

  • Sony,

    I waited on posting anything to make sure I really thought about this before I expressed my opinion.

    I don’t like Shawn Layden.

    When I found out who was the new SCEA president and watched him on the E3 stage, I began to regret my PS4 purchase. My first impression of him from E3 was not very pleasant. His stage presence is extremely off-putting. The attitude coming off him reeks of an old complacent Sony many gamers grew to dislike from the later PS2 early PS3 days. He comes across an egotistical, pompous ass. Kind of like Reggie Fils-Aime. “We know what gamers want. We know what is fun.”

    Drop. That. Attitude. Because, you don’t.


  • …continued from post 47…

    From afar, I look at Xbox and PlayStation brands’ leadership to draw an overall picture of who offers the better ecosystem for my business. Obviously when MS announced their original plans for their new console, they angered many gamers. Over the past year, with new leadership, new outlook, the proposition is looking much better. Under the fresh mind of Phil Spencer, Xbox brand has been saved. Now I have the dilemma of which brand do I want to support from this point on.

    I see Phil Spencer and I see a gamer.
    I see Shawn Layden and I see a suit.


    Disappointed gamer.

  • Congratulations! PlayStation 4, the worst console to ever sell real fast since the Wii!

  • 10MM sold…

    ….and we still can’t play music CDs or MP3s…

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