New inFAMOUS First Light Trailer Revealed

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New inFAMOUS First Light Trailer Revealed

It feels like I was just on the blog announcing inFAMOUS First Light at E3, a brand new standalone DLC to inFAMOUS Second Son, and I’m happy to be back to talk about all the progress we’ve made. We are officially in the final days of the project and it’s really exciting to debut our latest trailer at gamescom.

New inFAMOUS First Light Trailer Revealed

Creatively, this was one of my favorite projects to date. First Light features the origin story of my favorite conduit from Second Son, Abigail “Fetch” Walker. It’s always a challenge to create an origin story, but we found Fetch to be a really engaging character and wanted to explore her past a little more. After being captured by the D.U.P, Fetch is taken to Curdun Cay, a conduit prison up in the snowy mountains, where D.U.P leader Augustine sets out to train her to become a ruthless killer.


The biggest feature we are unveiling at the show is re-playable Battle Arenas with worldwide leader board support. This is an exciting new game type for Sucker Punch and the inFAMOUS franchise, and you’ll catch a glimpse of it in the trailer. As part of the single player narrative, you’ll find that Augustine uses these arenas within Curdun Cay to train conduits into killers. Fetch is put through the paces in these arenas, taking on wave after wave of challenges to sharpen and upgrade her powers. As you play through the game, you can then go back and choose to re-play the challenges to compete with scores on worldwide leaderboards. This is a level of interaction with your friends that we haven’t explored before and it’s SUPER exciting. As an added bonus, if you still have your copy of Second Son, you will be able to play as Delsin in these Battle Arenas.

BattleArena Concept

In addition to the new Arenas, you’ll meet new key characters, Brent and a street-smart dirt bag, Shane. Players will also get to explore the open world of Seattle while unleashing Fetch’s new and highly personalized neon powers. Fetch’s melee is extremely fast and Dash now has an interactive component that will require you to navigate through neon gas clouds to maintain the higher speeds. You’ll also be able to gather skill points to increase her powers sets, and we’ve included lots of new upgrades. In the trailer, you’ll also get to see the fx spectacle of Fetch’s neon power bomb. Finally, while speaking of FX, First Light explores a snowstorm environment that is key in experiencing Fetch’s story.



I must say that its’ been a pleasure working on the project and we we’re excited for you to play First Light in just two short weeks! First Light will be available for download through PlayStation Store on August 26th for $14.99. Also, if you pre-order First Light, you will receive this D.U.P. inspired costume for Fetch to wear in the game!


So whether through Facebook, Twitter or here on the PlayStation.Blog, I look forward to hearing what you think about the game so far!

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  • The light of first, it burns more then I thought.

  • Butchered that one, I should have put. “Ah, the light of first, it’s more infamous then I thought.”

  • yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss. i still need to beat Second Son

  • Did I hear this has a platinum?

  • Another missed opportunity. I should have put, at the end of my last one, at least I also got second son.

  • Will there be a disc version as well?

    • Unfortunately not in NA. However, there will be a physical blu-ray edition available in EU only on September 10th.

  • Just finished placing my preorder. Looking forward to this!

  • Looks like a seriously kick honey kind of game. To this point I have played them and enjoyed them all. I hope to see more like these from sucker punch in the future.

  • I am super excited for this, but haven’t pre-ordered it yet. I am waiting to see if there is a Blu-Ray version of the game in NA. Any word on this guys?

  • The Arenas sound like a cool addition to the franchise! Really looking forward to learning more about Fetch. :D

  • I’m liking the snowy environment and potential of Curdun Cay and hope we’ll be able to explore these areas, but I still can’t say I’m very excited to play as Fetch. It took almost the entire game to warm up to Delsin as a character, and the other conduits were for the most part irritating and unlikeable throughout. Asking us to play as one of them seems like more of a struggle than a point of excitement. The battle arenas seem like an interesting, arcadey touch, though, so I’ll be happy to take Delsin for a spin through their trials and see how they play.

    I’ll remain hopeful that the team decides to pull something off in a similar vein to Festival of Blood. That remains one of the most memorable DLC experiences of last-gen, and I’d love for SP to “kick back” and have some fun with the gameplay engine with something insane and flashy instead of potentially filling in all of the conduits’ backstories via serious-toned DLC with mild distractions packed in for allure. I could see SS’s engine out-performing Sunset Overdrive’s flamboyancy with a little creativity and imagination behind it.

  • Now that’s how you do an alternate costume, not just a single part of it (vest) but the entire thing.
    Looking forward to playing this in a couple weeks.

  • They should do a DLC for Eugene’s backstory. He’d be more interesting than Fetch imo.

  • I hope Eugene is next, I think he’s pretty interesting too. Can you post the trophy list? I like to see ’em before release!

  • @Rockefellow

    If I have one complaint about SS it is that the other conduits didn’t get enough development, which is part of why I think it is easy to not be as interested in them. SS pacing was a bit too fast I think. And each character really deserved more time interacting with Delsin. It didn’t help that they became nonexistent after moving on to the next area/conduit either.

    I think this DLC is a good chance to see some more development of these characters (Fletch anyways) that had interesting backgrounds. Which I think is a good opportunity for the game.

    • Thanks Bad_Brains. We’ve enjoyed digging into her character and trying to find the best ways to tell her story.

  • Will Delsin have access to all his powers in the Arena? Or just neon?

  • Any info on play time you could share? Couple hours of fun? More?

  • They said around 4-5 hours I believe.

  • Will there be a photo mode in this as well? Please?

    I wish we got a retail release too. Shame.

  • Fetch is awesome, I loved taking out the drug dealing trash with her in SS. Not a fan of preordering through Sony NA with their horrible all sales final crud, but I will be picking this up sooner than later.

  • Appreciate the replies Jason. Looking forward to playing as Fetch on the 26th!

  • Any word on how big the game is? SS was 20GB, so I’m assuming this will be about the same. Will all of Seattle playable in this or just the first half of the map? Lastly, will SS have to be installed in order to play as Delsin? Or does owing the digital version/having the disc in the system make him available to play?

  • Infamous Second Son was my first infamous game, and I enjoyed I tremendously. It’s the only game I’ve put the effort into getting a platinum trophy for because of how enjoyable it is. I’ve already pre-ordered this and am really looking forward to it! Thanks, the trailer just made me that much more excited for this!

  • This sounds awesome! Great work. The only thing that makes me cringe is when you say that you will have to find neon clouds to continue going fast. ? that’s why neon was my favorite power because you could go so fast without needing to hop from thing to thing. It was better than fast travel. I’m bummed that this requirement will be in place. Everything else sounds awesome but this is a bummer.

    • Great comment! To be clear, the core movement of Neon actually still has the awesome ability of endless dash. Fetch simply has the ability of using these Neon Clouds to boost her speed tremendously more than Delsin.

  • Tempted to buy the EU physical copy.. but I already preordered it digitally!

  • Can you guys release some nice, high-res artwork/wallpapers/keyart for this game?

    Also, it’s so interesting that this game will have a platinum trophy! Hopefully no unnecessarily difficult arena trophies though… Those suck so much… lol

  • EEEK, still haven’t played my day 1 copy of Second Son!

    Is the arena thing competitive multiplayer? That would be new for Infamous. Sorry, article too long so I just skimmed. :-(

  • Will this have a custom sound profile for the gold wireless headset?

    • If I’m not mistaken, it will use the same sound profile work we did for ISS, utilized for First Light.

  • Is there any morality system in First Light?

    As cool as Fetch’s powers are, I questioned basing a prequel around her, as all the important decisions in her life would be predetermined. I felt like something along the lines of a post-Paper Trail Celia game would have offered more meaningful decisions, choosing to turn over a new leaf and atone for her mistakes, or to embrace the brutal serial killer that she is.

    Either way, you’re one of my favorite developers and I have faith in whatever decision you made. I pre-ordered as soon as it was announced.

  • Getting both the Digital and physical copy, need this game in my collection. Played all three inFamous games, here’s hoping for more in the future and hopefully a return of Cole :P

  • Looks really fun, but if you’re gonna do this for Fetch you guys better show Eugene and Hank the same courtesy.

  • I am pretty stoked about this. When playing SS, I was like–they are gonna have Fetch and Eugene playable. Nice touch making it a standalone–and a decent story bit.

    My only comment is that someone who never played SS wouldn’t be interested, but it says a lot about the story for me (a tight wad) wanting to purchase this DLC just to play as Fetch and see her backstory.

  • So if I buy a physical copy from Europe, will it recognize my US save file of Second Son and let me play as Delsin?

  • Love Fetch! Very excited for the DLC and really excited about getting platinum #2. Good for Suckerpunch going with a female lead on this, I am so sick of playing the same scruffy brown haired dude. Delsin was an interesting departure as well.

  • I certainly can’t wait to play as Delsin with the concrete powers we barely had much use for!

  • #33 a US Infamous First Light will only recognized a US Infamous Second Son Save.

    I actually wonder if, the retail version of Infamous First Light (EU) contains the Pre order outfit or if, the outfit is exclusive to the digital pre order edition

  • Wow the dlc has a platinum aye well of course I shall pre-order the game because I have yet to still play infamous second son but the dlc is a step n the right direction so this will be excellent!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for this, Fetch is indeed a great character. And the idea of Battle arenas is really interesting.
    Will there be a another soundtrack ? The OST for Second Son was excellent

  • The trailer and the gameplay showed was great….I’ll be getting this no doubt about it….but I got a question….if this will have a disc release…..does it mean that it will be as big as a full-fledged disc-based game?……..please dont make this as short as Festival of Blood.

    @ 26 butcherknife – Already looking for that header image.Ha nice.

    • This is easily twice as long as Festival of Blood. 4 or 5 hours of content plus the replayable arenas. Glad you liked the trailer!

  • I got this game off a friend you know downloaded from his system, will this dlc work with the game or do I have to buy game under my account

  • however im looking forward to this dlc

  • I didn’t know that I wanted Arenas until you mentioned them. Hopefully they’ll do well, and be transferred over into the main series as well. It could be a great alternative to competitive/co-op multiplayer, given that the PS4 likely wouldn’t be able to handle two people smoke dashing all over the place.

  • Fetch is my favorite character soo far and the looks of it from the trailer, I AM GOING TO LOVE IT!! Can’t wait for first light to come.

  • With not much $ to spend on video games, I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d get it coming into Gamescom. Heard about battle arenas w/ leaderboards & that it has a platinum. Left the web browser on my PS4 and went straight to the PS store and pre-ordered! Can’t wait!

  • Already purchased a few months ago.

  • When I heard “Battle Arenas” I thought my wish for infamous had come true :( Sucker Punch, I hope you guys really consider a TWO player VS mode for this game, or even a 2vs2 mode (online) …imagine how awesome it would be fighting superhero vs superhero in the open city….

    please consider it for your next DLC or next game?? :)

  • dear sucker punch, please make the same kind of dlc for hank, eugene and augustine. i really want to enjoy more of their story and play they raw powers, the next infamous can wait please make this one the most complete one to date. it would be really sad if we don’t get any other dlc and we have to wait 2 years for the next infamous.
    fetch is awesome and all but i enjoyed the other 3 powers more, i want to play as other characters and know their story and get to use their awesome power to the fullest. please consider this.

  • is infamous first light disk game coming out on the date when it is release

  • So, just out of curiosity, is the disc version region-locked? I know that games on PS4 are supposed to be region-free, but DLC is a different story. I’m super-pumped for this, but I still like having a physical collection. Thanks!

  • How many waves will there be in this Battle Arenas

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