New Destiny Trailer Debuts at Gamescom 2014

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New Destiny Trailer Debuts at Gamescom 2014

Hello, again, PlayStation Nation!

If you were one of the brave testers in the Destiny Beta, you might have had your first taste of competitive action in the Crucible. When Destiny launches on September 9th, you’ll have even more ways to prove your skill against other champions of the last safe city on Earth.


This week at gamescom, we’re revealing more details about the battles that will rage between Guardians. Hone your skills against other players in arenas that span the solar system. Victory will earn you special armor, weapons, and gear that you can take with you into every single mode of play.

New Destiny Trailer Debuts at Gamescom 2014

Legends aren’t born. They are made – forged in the fire of the Crucible.

The battle begins in just a few more weeks! We hope to see you there.

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  • My god does this game suck.

    The art style is awful.
    The graphics are mediocre at best – obviously been gimped down to XB1 level.
    The gameplay is dreadfully dull.

    This garbage is destined to be the biggest flop in the history of gaming.

  • I loved the beta, only thing this game is missing is split screen, then it would be perfect.

  • Did the new trailer announce that they’d changed their mind and would allow you to play third person outside of towns as well? If not, then not interested.

  • Friggin’ loved the Beta! Can’t wait for 9/9. The co-op story is the bomb!

    But the Crucible gameplay was hollow and sub-par when compared to other PvP shooters. If the maps weren’t so plain and simple, I think it would make a huge difference. That, and could you speed up the movement/actions while in PvP. I feel like the characters move so slow…

  • ^^^This game is missing more than one thing…

    The beta was fun because it was co-op, but the missions are VERY repetitive and the story is non-existent. Waiting on some reviews to see if the rest of the missions actually have some unique gameplay instead of just unloading thousands of bullets into enemies. For example: how bout using those cool ships we see at loading screens in actual missions? :P That would be tight..some flying missions in space. Anything to bring variety to this game is much needed in my opinion.

    Otherwise, in terms of “competitive” play..I’m getting bored of games filled with radar+aim assist, but this game has an even BIGGER problem on top of those – you can’t even talk to your WHOLE team! You can only talk to your friends that are in your fireteam. So, if you have ANY random players on your team, you WON’T be able to coordinate / speak with them to become friends or to say “hey, we need help at objective C please” …… how’s that for teamwork / competitive play, lol. You can’t talk to any strangers in the tower either, nor can you talk to the enemy at the end of a match and say “good game”. For a game that is all about online / coop play, the mic system in this game is ARCHAIC.

  • Also, I played during the time window on the last day of the Beta. Never got the bonus vanguard title/icon/whatever that I was supposed to get. Played in the Iron Banner and on the moon. Not sure if I was supposed to complete some event or even what got you the reward, as it was never spelled out. Could you explain this now, so guys like me know why they don’t have it?

  • Destiny is my BIG game for this year. (Put 89 hours in on the beta alone! 9964 kills) Ghost edition pre-ordered and can’t wait to go. I’ve already got Wednesday & Thursday scheduled off so I can keep on exploring! I can’t wait until I finally can get past level 8. This is going to be awesome. Keep up the good work Deej & crew!

  • I just want you guys to imagine 1 thing…. imagine the crucible / competitive mode with NO radar. Imagine how many things would open up because of just that 1 change. You’d be able to flank smart enemies, you’d be able to be sneaky, you’d actually have to call enemies out if your team wanted to know where enemies were coming from. You’d have much more communication/teamwork/tactics required. You’d have WAY more strategies than looking at and responding to your radar.

    Too many modern games give us too many assists and tell us where the enemy is instead of letting us HUNT enemies down using our eyes/ears/brain. A radar GREATLY reduces the need to call enemies out or to play carefully. I bring this up because Destiny has the most powerful radar I’ve seen in any game yet. I was in the middle of making a vid about COD and all it’s assists but now I’m including Destiny and BF4 in my video because of all their problems too. There is NO element of surprise in the competitive play in Destiny. Sorry for being negative..I just want games to be better / designers to start making games that challenge and ENCOURAGE gamers to think and work as a true team instead of simplifying these games so many assists.

  • @oo7PorscheMGS

    I do agree that the radar can be abusive at times.

    I wish the radar is more like Counter Strike GO where if you shoot it only reveal your position where you shoot the gun. You can always leave that position, but in the radar of the enemy they can the said position until it disappears again.

    I also would encourage that crouch walk doesn’t reveal your position. That would definitely force people to play smart instead of trying camp in one side and wait till the enemies appear on radar.

    Can’t wait for the game though!!

  • ive had this game preordered for well over 100 days now….needless to say….im more than ready

  • I’m excited for the mutliplayer modes. I have faith that Bungie will balance the PVP modes. I’ve been craving some competive FPS. Kill Zone: Shadow fall has way too many grinding trophies.

  • After playing the hell out of this game in alpha and beta I just want to say a few things about it.

    1. I felt that I spent Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too much time during loading screens. Absolutely sick & tired of seeing that spaceship in the clouds. Way too much staring at clouds in this game.

    2. Why did the people behind the game made all female human character to look like a bunch of tranny’s? All human females have these very broad faces that make them look like a man.

    3. I will be very very disappointed if the multiplayer does not have CTF! CTF is a mode that actually makes teams cooperate as team unlike all team base modes where its just kill whatever that is not on your team.

  • tick tick tick tick….

    86,400 seconds in the day.

    *obsessing too much*

  • I read before that online matches will make you leave the lobby than search again after a match. I hope this isn’t true or I misunderstood the whole idea. Overall I liked the multiplayer of the game even though some times it wasn’t fun.

  • @FredPunella Biggest flop in the history of gaming? Don’t be an idiot. Ever heard of Superman 64 or E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? You must be a Call of Duty fanboy. Go play your crappy FPS elsewhere, loser.

  • Destiny’s competitive multiplayer was very weak during the Beta.

    Don’t buy it for that, if you’re thinking about buying it at all. The competitive multiplayer needs a massive overhaul. It’s astounding this design came from the guys that made all those Halo games.

    Far too many one-hit-kills.

    – body-shot lethal Sniper rifles
    – quick-swap Rocket Launchers
    – three different classes each bringing their one-hit-kill Super Charge abilities into competition; that’s two potentially multiple-kill one-hit-kill Area-of-Effect attacks and three shots of a long-range aim-assisted one-hit-kill Ghost Gun

    That doesn’t even touch super-effective carnage that manages to not take one hit to kill, like regenerating Grenade abilities, vehicles, and very effective twitch Melee attacks.

    Super Abilities do not belong in a competitive multiplayer environment, and none of these multiplayer modes address that.

    When it’s easy to kill, and easy to die, neither of them mean anything.

  • @Hooligantuan You are 100% right. All of that crap takes away the competitiveness. I was really disappointed that the multiplayer was so weak. I know that Bungie is trying to integrate everything in the game into your character, but all that does is make it look like the multiplayer was tacked on. I was really hoping for a more traditional setup like they have in Halo.

  • I gotta say I wasn’t expecting much of this game…sounded overrated and I really thought it was going to be bad,not my fault though,devs record aren’t good so…….but after playing the beta….damn I got addicted,this game’s great,now I’m buying it lol.Anyway I didn’t have the chance to play The Crucible….but it looks nice.

  • @ 2 BLITZ2278 – Damn I agree….Destiny needs a split-screen option.

  • Split-screen would be amazing, and very welcome,

  • This game is going to be game of the year to every1 thats complaining about the beta you do realize its a BETA so u saw maybe 10-15 percent of actual game. As for ppl complaining about radar maybe they’ll have what every single FPS has and put a hardcore mode pvp… But yeah they’ve only spent 500 milllion and 10 years developing the game, so thank god you all chimed in with you high school logic and came up with another reason for me to shake my head at your parents for not aborting this unplanned imbreed circus baby at the jump so that 16 years later yo parents feel bad and buy u a used ps4 from their meth dealer and give it to u so that you can leave retarded comments like “they should take out the radar”. Rofl… Sorry…

  • ^^^^ ?? So you’re THAT upset and pathetically immature just because I suggested what many hardcore gamers think about a lot of these games? (that they have too much aim assist, too much radar assist, and too many assists of other kinds as well). And yes, I passed High School and College as well ;) I’ve heard about “hardcore” modes, I’ve been playing true hardcore online shooters for over 16 years now….. believe me the thought already came through my head that they’ll have a “hardcore” mode, but my argument is that more modes need to be “hardcore” rather than it being the exception. PLUS, games like battlefield 4 have a “hardcore” mode but that “hardcore” mode still has aim assist as an option.

    I don’t know about you, but there is NOTHING “hardcore” about aim-assist. So that is why I am speaking up… so we can let developers know what true hardcore players want – before they do it wrong. They already got the mics wrong in this game (you cant even talk to your whole team……).

    So yes, I will continue to speak up. If you don’t like it, keep making a fool of yourself with your immature comments ;)

  • Oh and Graffity, if I have a suggestion for YOUR parents… maybe they should enroll you in a “debating” class… so you’ll learn how to debate like an educated human being instead of attacking people with dumb+disgusting comments just because someone believes in something different than what you do. And by the way, go re-read my comment (if you even had the attention span to read the whole comment to begin with)… the game has more problems than just the radar system. Again – if you don’t like to hear the truth, then too bad ;) Better stop reading my comments or you better come up with more immature disgusting responses to make yourself look like an idiot…you’re doing a good job of it so far. ;)

  • Cool might get it wish there was splitscreen though that would be awesome

  • It’s ridiculous that Bungie is opening up their servers at 12am regardless of Time Zone but Sony is locking game access til 12am PST for the Digital Editions of the game. The ridiculous part is on Sony not Bungie!

    Lets start a petition to get Sony to change access to be user time zone not 12am PST unless you live in the PST time zone.

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