My Singing Monsters Out Today

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My Singing Monsters Out Today

My Singing Monsters on PS Vita

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce that the hit mobile phenomenon My Singing Monsters is arriving today on PS Vita. And it comes bearing gifts — specifically, the introduction of two exclusive new monsters. A magical world of music and fun will be yours to explore as you collect adorable singing creatures.

My Singing Monsters takes place in a wondrous realm filled with vibrant sights and sounds, and populated by dozens of monsters brimming with personality. These are no ordinary monsters — they love music and live to sing and dance all day long.

It’s your job as a monster-handler in training to care for your very own singing monsters — feed them treats to help them grow up big and strong, and make them happy by decorating your island with decorations they like. Learn the secrets of monster Elements, and breed new hybrids to complete your collection. As your musical menagerie grows, you’ll unlock incredible structures and powers that will allow you to customize your island’s symphony and design.

My Singing Monsters on PS VitaMy Singing Monsters on PS Vita

Only on PS Vita, the new Yawstrich and G’joob monsters will enhance your islands and make them like none the world has ever seen. Plus, there are five new exclusive decorations to spruce things up even more.

Experience the fun of My Singing Monsters for yourself today!

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