My Singing Monsters Out Today

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My Singing Monsters Out Today

My Singing Monsters on PS Vita

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce that the hit mobile phenomenon My Singing Monsters is arriving today on PS Vita. And it comes bearing gifts — specifically, the introduction of two exclusive new monsters. A magical world of music and fun will be yours to explore as you collect adorable singing creatures.

My Singing Monsters takes place in a wondrous realm filled with vibrant sights and sounds, and populated by dozens of monsters brimming with personality. These are no ordinary monsters — they love music and live to sing and dance all day long.

It’s your job as a monster-handler in training to care for your very own singing monsters — feed them treats to help them grow up big and strong, and make them happy by decorating your island with decorations they like. Learn the secrets of monster Elements, and breed new hybrids to complete your collection. As your musical menagerie grows, you’ll unlock incredible structures and powers that will allow you to customize your island’s symphony and design.

My Singing Monsters on PS VitaMy Singing Monsters on PS Vita

Only on PS Vita, the new Yawstrich and G’joob monsters will enhance your islands and make them like none the world has ever seen. Plus, there are five new exclusive decorations to spruce things up even more.

Experience the fun of My Singing Monsters for yourself today!

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  • Is this F2P like the mobile versions? If not, what’s the price and can you explain what you changed to make it worth it, like decreasing the grind or cost of goods?

  • I second the questions by #1.

    I don’t mind paying for mobile games that were F2P if they’re retooled for it. (like Table Top Racing having 50% less cost for everything) or Nun Attack’s decrease (not sure how much). I’d rather have that than a massive grind if you don’t spend money.

  • Its a PSVita title or a PSMobile? Trophy support? And what is the price?

  • Do I have to start from scratch or is there a way to link accounts?

  • And another question, do you guarantee support for the Vita platform that matches what you do on mobile? I got “burned” by investing my time into Jetpack Joyride on Vita, only to be left behind on features because they stopped updating it.

  • Is this game similar to Viva Pinata? Sounds interesting – I might try it out depending on price.

  • I have been waiing for this since was first announced. I was just playing it on my phone earlier. In answer to some of the questions, yes it is free-to-play, as the phone & tablet versions and am about 99% sure nothing will carry over from the phone or tablet. I don’t mind one bit. This isgoing to be a blast on the Vta.

  • I was told that when this releases on Vita that as long as I didn’t play anonymously on my phone I could login to my cloud save and carry my progress from my phone to the Vita. I’ve looked everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be any place to login to my BBB account on the Vita, effectively meaning I have to start completely over. Can someone tell me where in the Vita app I can login to transfer my progress over? Or was what I was told untrue?

  • I really don’t get the business decision of porting a touchscreen only freemium title to the Vita. How many people own the most expensive portable gaming system on the market and don’t also own a smartphone? I’m guessing very, very few. If I had any desire to play this game, I would have played it by now on my smartphone. A big part of the reason I own a Vita is because I like physical controls. Also, I dislike freemium games which waste your time in an effort to get a handful of suckers, knows as “whales” to spend vastly more money then the game is worth via micro-purchases.

  • The loading in this takes FOREVER. It seriously needs to be fixed. Trying to get where you want to buy something and get back goes through this loading that seems completely unnecessary . It’s horrible. I quite cause it was just taking way too long.

  • Loading times are horrible and they need to either cut to half those gems requirements or offer free gems like the mobile version otherwise impossible 100% unless you spend 100 dollars to buy everything

  • You have 2 choices in this game & it’s already known to those who play it on a mobile phone, tablet or a computer.

    1. Grind it big time: This game is a grind fest but on every version OTHER than the VITA it’s bearable and fun, on the Vita you can only earn 1 gem a day and very few quests give you gems, in the beginning stages you earn a few but once you blow through the quests to get you started they are far and few in-between. In the other versions of the game they make it much easier to earn gems by sharing monsters you’ve bred, doing scratch off’s & the memory game but on the Vita your only option to earn a gem is the memory game which can only be done once every 24 hours & you earn only one gem (if you wish to play the memory game before the 24 hour period you have to pay 2 gems just to earn one gem).

  • Part 2:

    The ONLY other ways to earn gems in the Vita version is to do quests but like I said very very VERRRY few quests award gems and then the final way is to trade in gold for gems and that is a serious grind fest which makes the game frustrating without some kind of steady gem income beyond 1 gem a day & I’m not looking for it to be unrealistic like 10-20 gems a day but 5-6 a day is not asking too much as it doesn’t negate them making cash by selling gems but also doesn’t make the game too easy or frustrating (for example every other version outside of the vita is not frustrating like this version). For example I am level 13 and upgraded my castle a few times and now I need 20 gems to upgrade my castle again but I am currently sitting at 8 so based off the 1 gem per memory game daily it will take me 12 days just to earn 20 gems, now mind you 20 gems is low whereas things in this game can cost upwards of 200 gems so earning 1 gem a day and 5 for a quest that you may see once every 2 weeks is ridiculous grinding.

  • Part 3:

    2. Buy Gems: This is your other option, you either take the first one and grind like crazy and while the gems aren’t insanely overpriced the amount you would need to keep the game on a steady pace would nickel and dime the crap out of you.

    I really would suggest that if you play this, do it very sparingly and save yourself the frustration and play it on the other formats mentioned because your options for not having to toss money out on this at a steady rate is fantastic. It literally feels like you’re being punished for not buying gems on the Vita version.

  • I downloaded last night and I delete it some minutes after. It was my worst experience with PS Vita actually. Free-to-play games has this kind of way to make money: lots of in-app purchases and a gameplay that isn’t very good. It slow and all gameplay is about buy new itens, it doesn’t make any sense! Really bad and I don’t know why Sony and the Playstation division think that PS Vita is just a mobile phone with buttons. I didn’t like it and I hope never more to download free-to-play games in PSN.

  • You can earn one gem a day via the mini mine. You can build a mini mine on each island. So via this method, you can earn around 5 a day, though unlocking all the islands will take a while. The memory game seems to be very finicky. At later stages when you need to touch two monsters at the same time, it doesn’t seem to register. So you end up prematurely losing. Another problem I see is that torches (which when lit give you a better chance at breeding rare monsters) can only be lit with gems. In the mobile version, your friends can light them for free. The rare monsters are very hard to acquire so without those lit torches, I would imagine it would be very frustrating to get these monsters.

    These complaints aside, for a free-to-play game, the concept is fresh and interesting. At one point, I unlocked a cello-playing monster. When his vibrant music was added to the song, I had a moment of bliss. So, if you’re willing to tolerate the typical FTP mechanics, this game is worth a look at.

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