Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Exclusive PlayStation Pre-order Extras Detailed

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Exclusive PlayStation Pre-order Extras Detailed

Mordor is a treacherous land. It has no shortage of bloodthirsty warriors waiting to take their shot at you, and for those of you that pre-order Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for PlayStation, some of the greatest champions of the Dark Lord’s legions will be unleashed.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Exclusive PlayStation Pre-order Extras Detailed

Today we’re extremely proud to announce that in addition to The Dark Ranger (which includes the Dark Ranger character skin, and the Test of Power Challenge Mode), you’ll get the PlayStation Legion Edition missions when you pre-order Shadow of Mordor on PlayStation 4, starting today.

In these exclusive missions, you’ll go head-to-head with the deadly Blood Hunters, and the fearsome Flesh Burners, two of the most savage Warbands in all of Mordor (and two groups of hunters determined to personally bring your head to Sauron).

The Blood Hunters are master assassins, dispatched at high value targets of the Dark Lord. They travel in packs, and can smell your blood on the air. Hide from them if you choose, but they will find you. Should you eliminate them you’ll earn the Stinging Blade Rune to aid in your fight against the mighty Uruk hordes of Mordor.

The Flesh Burners are a band of elite archers that enjoy nothing more than to hear the screams of their victims as they writhe in pain over an open fire. They’re masters of the crossbow, firing innumerable flaming arrows at their foes. Should you be able to take them down, you’ll gain The Black Arrow Rune.

The Legions of Mordor await you, only on PlayStation. Don’t miss your chance to get hands-on time with Shadow of Mordor at Gamescom, and drop by our booth in Hall 9.1, Aisle A, Booth #021!

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  • this game must be terrible, thats why they re no comments

  • Would have been interested if this had co-op like previous LOTR games…

  • I am interested in this game, probably won’t get it at launch but I’ll pick it up eventually. I love LoTR

  • I’m pretty interested in this game but frankly I’m getting sick of being bribed to pre-order just about every game that comes along.

  • This game is going to be an underrated gem. It’s not getting its proper dues. You can quote me on that after launch

  • I already preordered. Will I still get this? The “starting today” language is unclear. Thanks in advance.

  • What if I already pre-ordered it on ps4? Do I still get it?

  • I haven’t heard much about this game. @6 may be right – if this game is an absolute gem, it’ll definitely be underrated in the gaming community. :/

  • @Dragonchasers I feel ya. I made my last mistake with Watch Dogs. Never again.
    Since this doesn’t even have multiplayer then I’ll grab it around March 2015 then it will be $35 new, $20 used or something (hopefully).
    The pre-order bonuses for most games are the same old shait. At least this one has some missions thrown in the package, which is cool but still nobody died from not playing missions and by the time price gets lower so will the DLC and you’ll end up having the same experience for much less.

    However I have to say this game is impressive. I watched the livestream @ E3 and it got me excited about it even more, but not so much to want to pre-order and pay full price.

    Now I ain’t no ungrateful gamer, I would gladly pay full price but there are so much cool stuff coming in the next months and even up to February 2015 that my wallet wouldn’t be able to stand the heat :)

  • As for it being an underrated gem, I agree. AC style movement+Batman style combat+Red Dead’s writer/director+Lord of the rings+Troy Baker+nemesis AI system= Something special.

  • Pre-order digital content is goddamn B.S.

    All it does is ensure I’m NOT going to buy your game and wait for the eventual “GOTY” version – or buy it used for $15.

    Want me to support you and buy your game at launch?

    Put the goddamn content on the goddamn disc and don’t gouge us with goddamn DLC.

    It’s not exactly rocket science, you greedy, thieving bastards.

  • Couldn’t agree more Einhander138, plus theyre saying preorder numbers are at an all time low…Gee maybe because we’re sick of being nickeled and dimed for a couple more hours of gameplay that should be available to everyone anyway

  • Trailer was great….I’m getting Shadow of Mordor that’s for sure…not a LotR fan but finally a good LotR game.

  • so is this just for the digital preorder? because i preordered a physical copy and the retailer said that for now it’s only the dark ranger dlc…

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