Hustle Kings Coming Soon to PS4

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Hustle Kings Coming Soon to PS4

We’re excited to be able to announce the return of Hustle Kings as it makes its way to PS4.

For the PS4 release of Hustle Kings we wanted to try something new to freshen up the franchise and we really wanted to focus the game to be a better online experience. With those goals in mind we’ve created a whole new structure for the game and have gone to work adding new PS4 exclusive features and touches.

First things first though, to ensure there was a large online community and lots of people available for matches we made the game downloadable for free so everyone with a PS4 can get it. We’ve done this by creating a core package that includes all the basics you need to enjoy the game, we have a practise mode to get you started, a career mode to put you through your paces and earn you some starting money and the new League mode where you can compete online and rise through the online tiers.

In the League everyone starts out at the bottom and must earn their way to the top, access to higher play tiers comes from winning games and reaching career cash goals, the higher the tier the harder the rules are and higher the stakes so be sure to perfect your skills before you move up to the big leagues because the best players will be waiting!

Hustle Kings on PS4

Hustle Kings Credits (HKC) are the currency that you’ll play with in the game so we’ve tried to make sure that there are loads of ways for players to earn them. We have HKC rewards for completing the career modes, you can earn them by competing online against other players and every day a new daily challenge will be available. The daily challenges give you a limited number of tries to win big at one of our many new fiendish puzzle games; they can range from trick shots to timed challenges, limited shot clear-ups and many more!

To go along with all that there are daily leaderboards, global rankings for the game’s top earners and players as well as activity feeds so you can keep up to date with what’s going on with the rest of the players in the world.

Hustle Kings on PS4

We mentioned before that this is just the core package though. We wanted to be able to appeal to as many players as possible and we understand that not everyone will want the new online HKC focused experience. So at launch we are also offering an upgrade package that will allow you to play classic pool games without the need for HKC, this will let you play games whenever you want without that restriction. Consider it a solution for the more traditional gamers out there.

So we have big plans for Hustle Kings on PS4, lots of free updates for the League, new modes and game types to be added in the future, special events and new in-game items to spend your HKC on. We’ll be back soon to detail prices, dates and more features very soon!

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  • no big plans for vita

  • Haven’t played either the PS3 or Vita versions yet, but can’t wait to try this when I get a PS4 since it’s free-to-play. :)

    @Sharingan_itachi And the pansy keeps whining.

  • So why is it I bought Pure Pool? Kind of shady move. By the way please provide a way to turn off the who’s online banner on the top of the screen in Pure Pool, its the most annoying thing ever!

    • Hey, just to clarify this version of Hustle Kings was not developed by VooFoo Studios. They’ve been hard at work making Pure Pool and another team unrelated to them made this version of Hustle Kings for us.

      Anyone who has purchased Pure Pool should not feel upset as both games offer quite a different experience. As mentioned in the post, this is not the original Hustle Kings.

      Hope that clears things up!

      Sorry for any confusion.

  • O look @1 is crying again.

    Now to actually say something about the post I’m not a huge pool fan but since it will be free to play I’m game.

  • I was kind surprised that HK was cross buy on Vita but you seemed to have switched to a freemium model. Maybe the unlock will be offered at a reduced price for owners of the previous game. Anyways, good luck with your plans for the game.

  • so, you guys are behind pure pool but are offering another pool game under another name?if so,thats not nice because pure pool was launched with buggy and online crashes galore!

    we owners of the first game are still waiting for the patch that your other company voofoogames promised its customers through facebook!

  • Bought Hustle Kings on the PS3, loved it. Same on the Vita, but I’m confused why it’s now being brought to the PS4 when you’ve already released Pure Pool?

    I’m not a Pool enthusiast by any stretch of the imagination, but what’s the difference between the two games?

  • #1 – PLEASE create more tables for Backgammon Blitz and possibly add some music to the soundtrack since the tracks are pretty sparse. I have a super nice, leather and felt backgammon table at home, If I take pictures, will you make it for the game? ;D

    #2 – I agree that it’s strange that HK is coming to PS4 when you just released Pure Pool, which I bought. I also own Hustle Kings on PS3. IMO, that game was/is gorgeous and the physics are great, but it is flawed; First, the AI is WAY too hard, even on the easy tournaments. Second, it’s frustrating that you have to pay (in-game currency) to play against the AI and if you lose you have to go back to grinding just so you can play against them again. I’d really like both of these thing to be addressed.

  • #3 – Graphically, Pure Pool is a clear improvement over HK, but I feel like it’s flawed too. Again, the AI is too difficult. I’m playing amateur tournaments to start, obviously, but when the AI gets their turn, they will virtually clear the table in one go. I really would like a top-down view option like we got in HK, but if you don’t want to do that, can you please at least allow us to rotate the camera when trying to line up a shot? If I am setting up a sharp bank shot, aiming at the opposite rail and trying to hit a ball near to the cue ball, I can’t even see the ball I’m trying to aim at because I’m looking at the rail. You guys want this game to be realistic, and in real life you can turn your head. lol

  • Luv Hustle Kings on ps3 best pool game i played.

  • I bought Hustle Kings day 1 on PS3. So i’m happy to hear you guys will release it on PS4 (hopefully with improvements).
    But seriously, your studio recently released Pure pool…with issues. Now you guys are re-releasing Hustle Kings on PS4.

    Who thought this one up? VooFoo should’ve focused on ONE pool game. I can’t see putting your best efforts on two similar games. My .02

    • Hey, just to clarify this version of Hustle Kings was not developed by VooFoo Studios. They’ve been hard at work making Pure Pool and another team unrelated to them made this version of Hustle Kings for us.

      Hope that clears things up!

      Sorry for any confusion.

  • free for playstation plus… please!!!!

  • Any plans for move support? I played the ps3 one once or twice, and really enjoyed the move controls.

  • I’m confused…didnt you guys JUST release another pool game ( Both of which I bought) . Hope you dont plan on charging me again.

  • Didn’t this just come out under the name Pure Pool?

  • @Sneeches Won’t make sense since it’s a free-to-play game to begin with.

    @Sub-Zero I love how a Lin Kuei ninja like yourself can’t learn how to read. You can’t be charged on a free-to-play game. Is Scorpion mad at you because you destroyed his clan?

  • Move support?

  • No disc, no sale.

  • Seriously, why announce this just a couple of weeks after Pure Pool (from the same studio) released??

  • I must say I am very confused about releasing two pool games by the same company. But since the game will be free that’s cool but doesn’t make sense at all really.

  • Yeah, the more I think about it, the less I understand why you’re releasing two pool games on the same system at virtually the same time. Did Pure Pool’s sales underwhelm and that’s when you decided to port HK? Also, where is the post-launch support? I e-mailed someone a while back (I think it was actually your publisher and not VooFoo) about a bug in Backgammon Blitz, where the music will stop playing completely after a certain track, unless you turn off the jazz music or something. That person said they’d add it to the long list of fixes. But no patch ever came and this was back in mid-April.

  • Please fix the glaring issues in Pure Pool. Whether you can connect to the server or not, it’s annoying getting messages across the top of the screen every thirty seconds. Also the game desperately needs a brightness option. All of my other games look fine on my TV but with Pure Pool I feel like I’m playing at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

    I’m not sure why you needed to make two pool games, but you need to sort out the one you already released before I can even consider buying into a second one. Thanks.

  • I hope you guys have reworked the gameplay.

    I own Hustle Kings, but, it’s hard to get into with people, because of the learning curve. We always end up playing a pool game on my phone with a similar level of skill/precision just because the learning curve is simple.

  • I have to agree – that I see NO point in releasing TWO pool games from the same company. I saw very little advertising for “pure pool” ..and I have to ask – why would I buy pure pool when Hustle Kings will be available for free? Gotta differentiate your products…and that is VERY hard to do with 2 pool games in my opinion.

    Hustle Kings is cool though..I bought it on PS3, will love playing the ps4 version with friends and might buy it later on.

  • So anyone able to really describe the difference between Pure Pool and HK (based on prior release)?

  • will the Move features be coming over from the PS3 version? will stereo 3D be supported on 3DTVs?

    I really liked the soundtrack in the PS3 version of Hustle Kings, will the PS4 version have the same songs with better encode quality?

    will the PS4 version’s online component be playable against PS3 and Vita players?

    • Hey,
      Move Will be coming to PS4, we are looking into 3D and no there are no current plans for cross play right now.

  • Will this be part of a Cross Buy for PS4. I own the PS3 version, and noticed the Vita version is included in that.

    @Gamerz… when people don’t have the same opinion as you it really upsets you. My advice would be to stay away from the Internet.

  • @PanTheMan16 – The lack of camera rotation bothered me, too, until I accidentally stumbled across the controls for rotating the camera. Swipe the touchpad in the direction you want to look.

  • @Rickety_Raw – The differences boil down to Pure Pool being less feature rich than HK. At least in my experience. The physics in Pure Pool seem better, though. Lack of a top down view is a bit perplexing. They said it was to keep the experience more realistic, but I can look down on the pool table in a real pool hall. Maybe not from quite as high an angle, but still…

  • @honkayjeezus What opinion? I just hate Sharingan’s guts, even Mercenary agrees with me. And that comment to Sub-Zero was being honest and joking at the same time since his username is a Mortal Kombat character. But seriously, how exactly can you be charged on a free-to-play when you don’t pay money to begin with? Unless they have microtransactions (Which are entirely optional and hopefully don’t shove it into our throats).

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