Diablo III on PS4: Blizzard Reveals Details on Ultimate Evil

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Diablo III on PS4: Blizzard Reveals Details on Ultimate Evil

The High Heavens and Burning Hells have waged war for immeasurable years, their charred husks littering the battlegrounds of the Eternal Conflict. And on August 19th, this legendary battle continues on PS4 in the form of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition.

In the first part of our exclusive behind-the-scenes series, Blizzard discusses its herculean effort to build the Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4 — from refining every moment of action to maximizing the potential of DualShock 4. The team even explores new features that were included exclusively for the PlayStation versions.

Diablo III on PS4: Blizzard Reveals Details on Ultimate Evil

If you already began your quest against Malthael in Diablo III on PS3, don’t forget you can continue your progress and bring your hero into Ultimate Evil Edition when it launches next week. Best of luck, Nephalem.

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  • This looks awesome. 4 player local co-op is going to be sweet. I have fond memories of Diablo 2 on PS1. More games need local multiplayer. Kudos to Blizzard!

  • Please tell me the day 1 patch gives me a constant 60fps.

  • I SOOOOOO CAN”T WAIT. My body is ready!!!! Cmon next tuesday already.

  • Tell Blizzard they better patch up the PS4 version, the XBO version runs without any drops, the PS4 version is dropping almost everytime.

  • looks great and i alreadly preordered. So question, if I have a character on my PS4 and i go over my friends house and play on his digtial copy can i sign in and get my character progress at his house?

  • I remember you always talking about Diablo 3 on Podcast Beyond over and over and I was thinking how could it be that good?! Well you were right ryan! #RyanWasRight

  • Pre-ordered on PSN last night.

    I. CAN’T. WAIT.

    I literally can’t wait. My nethers are going to explode.

  • @4
    What are you talking about??? They have only shown PS4 footage and everytime I see it, it runs at a locked 60 fps..

  • @4 nevermind my last comment. I now see what you mean on digital foundry. Well they did say they have a day one update so maybe that will fix it

  • Hey Ryan,

    I can’t wait to play my Barbarian from my PS3 on the PS4 version. I will be pre ordering this game digitally for me and my two teenage sons this week (That’s right 2 copies of the game, because I bought them their own PS4 at launch so they won’t be bugging to play mine).



  • looks boring

  • Really excited for Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition! I’ll pick it up when I get the moolah, which will be upon release! (Hopefully)

  • Didn’t get an official answer last time, trying again:

    All PS4 games can be Remote Played on Vita, with the Vita taking over as the controller, controlling the player’s character.

    Can Diablo 3 be Remote Played with the Vita (or Vita TV) controlling a second char? (Main char still being controlled by DS4. The Vita shows the same screen as the PS4. Basically couch co-op but each player has own controller and own screen. Some games, like Lego ones, can do this.)

  • i really hate that these ps4 ports of games already released are being charged at full price. Why couldn’t Sony offer a discount for those of us who bought the ps3 version digitally on psn? Kind of like the $10 next gen upgrade that the ps4 launch games had.

    Heck i’d even settle for a simple discount on the ps3 version of Ultimate Evil Edition, since Blizzard chose not to offer Reaper of Souls as a cheaper stand-alone expansion. I’m just so sick of the double dipping these greedy companies are trying to place on us. :(

  • I’d love to play this, but I already bought it once on the PSN. No double-dipping for me either.

  • Can’t wait to play this, never played this series before.

  • Did u hear about Robin Williams? So sad, I grew up with many of his films, Mrs. Doubtfire is an all time favorite since I was a small child. I had the pleasure of meeting him due to my father’s job as a make up artist. The even more amazing thing was that he always knew of my existence since I was first born. He and my dad worked on Awakenings back in Nov. 1989 when I was first born.

  • And how is that relevant to this article?

  • lmfao^^^^^

  • 1 more week to my Crusader build.

  • I bought and played the hell out of Diablo III already on PS3. My understanding is that The Reaper of Souls can be considered “Chapter 5″…so, basically the original game had 4 Chapters of gameplay and those that have already purchased it are now “hijacked” to purchase this so they can play 1 new chapter, just because it was “too complicated” to make available for a reasonable price for DLC.


  • If I buy the ps4 version will I still be able to play online with friends that have the standard ps3 edition? (Obviously only chapters 1-4 & no new features)

  • I am so pumped question will there be a leaderboard in the future

  • No stutx you can only play with people that have the same system

  • 1 more SWEET WEEK! anticipation is all the way through the roof with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • im even trying to finish Dungeon Hunter on Vita just so i can dedicate my time grinding through Diablo III, nothing compares, Dungeon Hunter was just a placeholder for me

  • Nice Work!!

  • Will the exclusive gear from the PS3 version be in the PS4 version? Like is that in there already, do I have to play the PS3 version and import the gear with my character to be able to wear Drake’s Ring in the PS4 version?

  • ok pre-ordered on ps store and now have two files in queue 20 gig plus and 30 gig plus please tell me its a mistake?
    us ps store lists game to be just over 20 gigs so why do I need to download close to 60 gigs?
    can you please offer some clarity

  • Any idea when pre load begins also at what point do we choose language pack so as not to download 60gigs?
    Still show 2 game clients in my download Que.

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